27. Danses Viennoises: Greifendorf, Valentin. Schöne Eva. Lanner, Josef. Die Romantiker, Valse Op. 167. Schubert, Franz. Ländler, Valses, Danses Allemandes. Strauss Sr., Johann. Cachucha-Galopp Op 97. Tivoli-Rutschwalzer Op. 39. Strauss, Johann. Tschechen-Polka, Op. 39. Ensemble Bella Musica de Vienne, Michael Dittrich, direction. harmonia mundi FRANCE HM 1058 (c1981). New Disq Playing Grade 95/95. New Disq Visual Grade 98/98. Cover 98. $45.00. This is a clear, lean presentation of bouncy, zesty music. (If you want , you can dance to it!) *****(*) Ex Harold Lawrence.

28. Elly Ameling Sings Mozart: Exsultate, jubilate; Dulcissimum, convivium; Laudate Dominum; 3 Concert Arias. Elly Ameling, soprano. English Chamber Orchestra. Raymond Leppard, conductor. Philips 6500 006 (c1970). 1st Label. Disq Playing Grade 95/94. Disq Visual Grade 96/96. Cover 95. Harold Lawrence review clippings 92 and 92. $25.00. In September 1970 The Gramophone reviewer offers "And as I said before, I exult and rejoice about this glorious disc." While another English reviewer offers "Regrettably, no texts." **** Ex Harold Lawrence.

29. The English Lute: Music by John Dowland & William Byrd. Paul O'Dette, lute. Nonesuch 7-1363 (c1979). 1st Label. New Disq Playing Grade 94/94. New Disq Visual Grade 95/95. Promotional Cover 94. $25.00. **** Ex Harold Lawrence.





30. Songs by Ira and George Gershwin. Joan Morrison, mezzo-soprano. William Bolcom, piano. Nonesuch H-71358 (c1978). 1st Label. New Disq Playing Grade 94/94. New Disq Visual Grade 96/96. Promotional Cover 94. $35.00. Listening to this record I'm reminded that early in the Twentieth Century Gershwin songs were performed as lieder along with works by Schubert and Wolf. Though Ms. Morrison's delivery is not fully classical, her blend of classical purity with musical comedy pizzazz is fully convincing. ***** Ex Harold Lawrence.

31. Stratas Sings Weill. Teresa Stratas, soprano. Y Chamber Symphony. Gerard Schwarz, conductor. Nonesuch 9 79131-1 (c1986). 1st Label. New Disq Playing Grade 95/95. New Disq Visual Grade 98/98. Insert 94. Mr. Lawrence's New York Times review clipping 92. Promotional Cover 94. $45.00. New York Times reviewer , Stephen Holden writes "The soprano Teresa Stratas, in her second album of music of Kurt Weill for Nonesuch, imparts grand musicality as well as high drama . . . " ***** Ex Harold Lawrence.





32. The Unknown Kurt Weill. Teresa Stratas, soprano. Richard Woitach, piano. Nonesuch DIGITAL 79019 (c1981). 1st Label. Disq Playing Grade 93/93. Disq Visual Grade 95/95. Promotional Cover 94. $35.00. Of this production Harold Lawrence writes "Easily one of the outstanding early digital releases is this Nonesuch recording of 14 songs of Kurt Weill's theater music. The soprano, Teresa Stratas, who made such a deep impression in the role of Jenny in the Metropolitan Opera's revival of Mahagonny, sings 14 songs by Weill in this release, Kurt Weill's widow, Lotte Lenya, was in the audience on opening night and wrote Miss Stratas that 'nobody can sing Weill's music better than you do.' She offered Stratas a number of unpublished songs that she had guarded since her husband's death in 1950. The result was a New York concert in January 1980 in which these songs formed the nucleus of the program. The event attracted the interest of Jac Holzman, Nonesuch's enterprising director. Holzman lost no time in signing up Teresa Stratas and pianist Richard Woitach to commit the concert to disc. The album is a fascinating collection, spanning some 20 years. Teresa Stratas sings with total understanding of the different sides of the composer and the recording, on Nonesuch Records, ranks as one of the best early digital efforts. The Unknown Kurt Weill is a priceless album. " ***** Ex Harold Lawrence.

33. Victoria de los Angeles: Spanish Folk Songs collected and harmonized by Garcia Lorca; Ten Sephardic Songs arranged by Valls; Two Songs by Falla. Victoria de los Angeles, soprano. Miguel Zanetti, piano. Annie Challan, harp. Oscar Ghiglia, guitar. Trio à Cordes Français. EMI ASD 2649 (c1971). Codes: 2YEA 4072-1G 1 GR / 2YEA 4073 3G 1 G. 1st Factory Sample Label. Disq Playing Grade 93/93. Disq Visual Grade 95/95. Insert 94. Inner Sleeve 94. Cover 95. $150.00. Of this record a The Gramophone reviewer observed in January 1972 "Of all Victoria de los Angeles's recorded efforts on behalf of her native country none has been more interest-whetting or pleasurable." ***** Ex Harold Lawrence.

34. Who Shall Rule This American Nation? Songs of the Civil War Era by Henry Clay Work. Joan Morris, mezzo -soprano. Clifford Jackson, baritone. Camerata Chorus of Washington. William Bolcom, piano. Nonesuch 71317 (c1975). 1st Label. New Sealed Disq. Promotional Cover Grade 94. $35.00. **** Ex Harold Lawrence.




1. The Popular Duke Ellington: Black and Tan Fantasy. Creole Love Call. Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me. I Got it Bad and That Ain't Good. Mood Indigo. The Mooche. Perdido. Sophisticated Lady. Solitude. Take the A Train. The Twitch. Ellington Orchestra. German RCA International NL 89095 (c1984). 1st German Label of RCA Victor LSP 3576 (c1966) . New Disq Playing Grade 96/96. New Disq Visual Grade 98/98. Cover 100. $25.00. *** Ex Harold Lawrence.

2. Rosemary Clooney Sings the Music of Irving Berlin. Rosemary Clooney, singer. Scott Hamilton, tenor saxophone. Warren Vache, trumpet or flugelhorn. Ed Bickert or Chris Flory, guitar. Phil Flanigan, bass. John Oddo, drums. Concord Jazz CJ 255 (c1984). 1st Label. Disq Playing Grade 93/93. Disq Visual Grade 95/95. Harold's review clippings 93. Promotional Cover 98. $20.00. Of this album Fred Astaire said "Rosemary Clooney is as terrific as ever!" *** Ex Harold Lawrence.

3. Sarah Vaughan Sarah Vaughan, singer. Clifford Brown, trumpet. Paul Quinichette, tenor saxophone. Herbie Mann, flute. Jimmy Jones, piano. Joe Benjamin, bass. Roy Haynes, drums. Japanese Emarcy EXPR-1009 (c1980s). 1st Japanese Label issue of MG 36004 (c1955). New Unplayed Disq Visual Grade 98/98. Cover 98. $35.00. This is a Japanese issue of the first Sarah Vaughan 12 " LP. The recording is legendary. ***** Ex Harold Lawrence.



1. Africa: Witchcraft and Ritual Music Recorded in Kenya and Tanzania. Nonesuch Explorer Series 72066 (c1975). 1st Label. New Unplayed Disq Visual Grade 96/96. Promotional Cover 94. $20.00. **** Ex Harold Lawrence.




2. The Art of the Balalaika. The Odessa Balalaikas. Nonesuch DIGITAL D- 79034 (c1982). 1st Label. New Sealed Disq. Promotional Cover Grade 94. $25.00. **** Ex Harold Lawrence.

3. Classic Cole. Jan DeGaetani, singer. Leo Smit, piano. Columbia Masterworks M 34533(c1977). 1st Label. New Unplayed Disq Visual Grade 98/98. Cover 98. $20.00. ***** Ex Harold Lawrence.

4. Flamenco! Pepe Romero, guitar. Mercury Golden Imports SRI 75092 (c1977). Reissue Label of Mercury Living Presence SR 90297 (c1963). New Unplayed Disq Visual Grade 96/96. Cover 98. $20.00. Maybe not a field-recording with yelps, hollers, and groans, still this is a convincing record. Igor Kipnis likes it. "Above all, however, it is the breathless virtuosity and moody intensity of the player himself that really reveals the true flamenco." **** Ex Harold Lawrence.

5. Live at Carnegie Hall. New York Pops. Skitch Henderson, conductor. Harold Lawrence, record producer. Kevin Boutote, recording engineer. Sefel DIGITAL 5026 (c1983). 1st Label. New Sealed Disq. Cover Grade 100. $75.00. Recorded live at Carnegie Hall, April 8, 1983. This is the best Pops Concert record I know-it is alive, fun-filled and "New York-New York." (When these urbane New Yorkers yell, holler and applaud at the end of "Happy Days are Here Again" it's hard not to holler along.) This not high culture, but it is honest stuff, and for me a most convincing illusion. Though a digital Soundstream production, its string tone is remarkably like the satin '60s Living Stereo sound which, when combined with detailed, punchy brass, gives a convincingly real orchestra sound. The performance setting is enormously wide and deep with a sharply focused perspective-all the performers are easily placed left to right and front to back. The perspective is so clear it seems you can pick out individual audience members when they applaud. Though a digital production, its perspective and setting equal those of the best of analogue. This is, all in all, another example of Harold Lawrence clarity and is an absolutely engaging production and a fully convincing "night in Manhattan." ( It is also the most musical digital-record that I've heard. ) *****(*) Ex Harold Lawrence.

6. The Sea Hawk: The Classic Film Scores of Erich Wolfgang Korngold. National Philharmonic. Charles Gerhardt, conductor. George Korngold, record producer. Kenneth E. Wilkinson, recording engineer. RCA Victor Red Seal LSC 3330 (c1972). Codes: BRRS 3819 2S A1 I / BRRS 3820 1S A3 I. 1st Label. Disq Playing Grade 93/93. Disq Visual Grade 95/95. Inner Sleeve 95. Insert 98. Cover 96. $150.00. Recorded in Kingsway Hall, London. (2a)(3a)(4b)(4g)(4i)(5b). Though a beautifully drawn, inviting portrait of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, this record is foremost a celebration of 1930s and '40s films. With the sensitive playing of themes from these great motion pictures, Charles Gerhardt takes us back through these films. They are wonderful. ***** Ex Harold Lawrence.

7. The Tango Project. Stan Kurtis, violin. William Schimmel, accordion Michael Sahl, piano. Nonesuch DIGITAL 79030 (1982). 1st Label. New Unplayed Disq Visual Grade 98/98. Promotional Cover 94. $35.00. This is the first "tango-revival" record in my memory. ***** Ex Harold Lawrence.

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