October 2003




École Bilingue Halloween parade pictures


"More than fifty years ago, the brilliant and outrageous Saul Alinsky wrote the definitive work on community organizing, Reveille for Radicals, and it became a best-seller in an America determined to translate its highest ideals into concrete deeds."

Border's Book Description
"First published in 1946 and updated in 1969 with a new Introduction and Afterword, this volume represents the fullest statement of the political philosophy and practical methodology of one of the most important figures in the history of American radicalism. Like Thomas Paine before him, Saul Alinsky, through the concept and practice of community organizing, was able to embody for his era both the urgency of radical political action and the imperative of rational political discourse. His work and writing bequeathed a new method and style of social change to American communities that will remain a permanent part of the American political landscape."

My favorite Alinsky story goes something like he brought to a head an Eastman strike by having a Bean-In. Before a Eastman-Rochester concert, he stuffed-full a good number of concert-goers with a meal of pork and beans.




Do our troops in Iraq have the proper equipment? Well, there's a vehicle available specifically for internal security operations and we don't have it. It offers much greater protection than our soft skinned HUMVEEs. It is the Reumech OMC Casspir. A writer for Jane's offers "A unique feature of the Casspir is that it has been designed to give its crew a high degree of protection against anti-tank mines and for this reason the vehicle has a very high ground clearance with the hull having a V-shape to help deflect the blast from any mines." More information and a photo are at Jane's Land Forces.




  Today is Republic Day in Turkey.

Always curious about that unmarked brick-in-earthquake-country building on the corner of 7th and Heinz, I find that it is now occupied by XOMA. For what XOMA Limited does, check out this Forbes company detail page. The short version is biotechnology and drugs. (Ah, will Berkeley's fascination with drugs never end?) Forbes page gives this data: 2910 Seventh Street, Berkeley,  CA, 94710, Phone; (510) 204-7200, Fax; (510) 644-0539. For investing info, email investorrelations@xoma.com (If interested in investing in the drug industry, this is safer than commercial growing, and of course legal, but probably not as profitable.)



Today is Czech Republic National Day and Greek National Day

Adams and Chittenden's thankfully still-brimming-full hydrogen cylinders almost upright.


And some Adams and Chittenden hydrogen cylinders actually upright.

(See my 10/24/03, 10/21/03 and 10/16/03 posts.)





People in École Bilingue's Halloween Parade

Many more people here


"Bring your bikes: Bicycle mechanic-teacher Josh Church and the dozen or so students who are learning repair skills at King Middle School in Berkeley are running out of bicycles" writes Meredith May in her as-usually-informative "School Notes" in the San Francisco Chronicle.

"The Berkeley harpsichord maker lives and breathes the music of another era." writes Jim Doyle of my neighbor in "Harpsichord Heaven" in the San Francisco Chronicle. And I thought it was the S. F. Giants and steam-trains.

Remember, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charle Brown" is on Channel 7 at 8:00 PM, tonite. (It really is more than a tale of thinking outside the box gone terribly wrong.)





One of my neighbor's Aunts has a photo-exhibit at SFMOMA.

Check it out!







The Atlas crew carefully and professionally righting the hydrogen 6-pack.

(See my 10/21/03 and 10/16/03 posts.)


Ècole Bilingue is having it's Halloween celebration

today at their playground across the street

--what wonderful costumes!

some photos are here




Among Potter Creek's "leading" citizens who attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison in the mid- and late-Sixties are; Lipofsky, Regan, Rick, and me. Some of us even lived within blocks of each other, although we didn't know it at the time. (Rick and I even had the same first motorcycles-Zündapp 250s.) Our "leading" citizen went to Marquette in Milwaukee but was raised in Illinois. Regan went to grad school at Illinois and Lipofsky was an under grad there and raised in Chicago.

Regan is breaking ground for his new project on 8th, between Pardee and Carleton. (And, please don't whine about lost parking. Get the City to build and underground-garage with a park on top.)



Scrambled Eggs pages received exactly two-hundred-fifty visits yesterday. Though spirit-guide, Bruce Henry, was most popular, Jerry Victor's Viper pages attracted the second-most visits.

Yesterday afternoon a friend dropped off a loaf of Acme bread. Always ready for a taste of fresh baked bread, I eagerly cut open the loaf and before cutting a slice, took a whiff. Surprisingly, I got a hint of the "chemical like emission" I've noticed when they're baking. "Yeast" offered a neighborhood scientist, "Starter" offered another. In the ten years I worked at the Buttercup Bakery, our breads and baked goods never had a "chemical" hint and our emissions never smelled like those of Acme. What gives?

Monday about 6:00 PM, while driving east on Dwight, at 10th a bicyclist blew the Stop sign and crossed about 12ft in front of my on coming truck. Judging from his heft, he was one of those rubber people who bounce off vehicles. But hell, I just washed my truck.

"Enough to Make You Sick? Something is Killing America's Urban Poor" by Helen Epstein of the New York Times is worth reading.

The Gas Company is installing service to John and Suzanne's on Grayson--their block is closed to thru traffic.

The City is replacing broken sidewalks on Eighth between Heinz and Grayson. A home owner in that block was billed $450.00 for part of the work

Thank you, whoever left a buck and a quarter in front of my door this morning--bought me one cup of People's Green Tea.

Did Rummy f*&k-up? Read his own words.

There are probably no longer any circumstances in which our General Staff offices will tolerate what they believe to be a waste of their people by our civilian leaders.




Bruce Herman immediately after his extreme makeover.

Bruce was quite traumatized last week when a six-pack of 6ft hydrogen cylinders was dropped a mere 8 feet from him. "Boom, boom," he muttered all during his make over. The hydrogen cylinders dropped-over next to him at Adams and Chittenden Scientific Glass were the old fashion Atlas Welding containers, not to be confused with promising but still impractical hydrogen cells.

Bruce H. has been with us for some four years now, and feeling well after his makeover, wishes all a

"Happy Autumn!"





A story about one of my favorite babes is at MSNBC.com

Harvey-the-mailman dropped by yesterday afternoon with his son for introductions and tour of my motorcycle collection--his boy is one strapping, good-looking young man.

Here tomorrow you'll find some photos of friend and spirit-guide, Bruce Herman, taken right after his extreme makeover.

And I'd like to thank Jerry, the neighborhood recycler, for his morning delivery of the Daily P.

The Daily P. has a story on the Cuban Poster Exhibit at the Berkeley Art Center with a few color photos of the posters including one of the photogenic Che--I always like to remember that he was a biker, too. The Berkeley Art Center is at 1275 Walnut Street and their phone number is 510-644-6893



Never a Yankees' fan, still I have trouble supporting a team named after a fish.

Either there's no crime in Beat 15 or Berkeley PD isn't maintaining their Site.

Mike Taugher of the West County Times offers Bay Area Officials Deem Air Clean by Federal Standards. Then just what is that yellow and/or brown haze?

In the San Francisco Chronicle, Meredith May's Alameda County's Top Teachers are Honored by Superintendent doesn't include any Berkeley teachers.



Mike Taugher offers Pollution Deal Affects Refinery in Richmond
in the West County Times.

I have updated the map on My Neighborhood's Hazardous Users. I've added about a half-dozen users.



At around 5:00PM last night, an Atlas Welding crew at Adams and Chittenden Scientific Glass picked up a dropped-on-its side six-pack of Adams and Chittenden's hydrogen cylinders. It took a augmented crew of three about twenty minutes to carefully and professionally right and load the tipped-over-on-the-concrete-drive six-pack onto their truck. (Photos at 10/24/03 post.)

Mike Taugher of the West County Times offers a view of Governor-elect Schwarzenegger's environment policy.




Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. 




A guy emailed me from France, he thought the readers of Scrambled Eggs would also enjoy his Web Site, France Resources. Certainly the È cole Bilingue staff, students and parents will. And personally, I've always loved the French--they're also just renting.
















Francis often rides his Honda CBR600 to work in Potter Creek.

Francis can also be seen at our local bank behind his desk with shirt and tie .





Who are these people? They are some of Potter Creek's leading citizens and their guests.


Potter Creek and The Bark's Claudia and Cameron and their new book were featured on NPR last week, but my understanding is that their interview was not carried in the Bay Area because of "election" coverage. Their new book's title is the motto of their magazine: Dog Is My Co-Pilot: Great Writers on the World's Oldest Friendship. NPR's Morning Edition spoke with three of their contributors, Ann Patchett, Maxine Kumin and Stephen Kuusisto. Ann and Stephen read from the book, while the Pulitzer-prize winning poet Maxine Kumin read an unpublished poem. After the piece aired the book soared to #7 on Amazon-the highest ever for a dog book. You can find the book at Borders-Amazon Site.

It seems that there is a pastel miniature-poodle newly, now-and-then, in Potter Creek.

In talking to Dave Kruse yesterday, Dave offered his favorite lunch-restaurant and dish. The restaurant is Phnom Penn House in Oakland at 251 8th Street. And his favorite dish is Chicken and Broccoli with spicy peanut sauce. Their phone number is 510-893-3825. And it seems that Kruse' facility was built over an active well that they capped those many years ago. Kruse also helped design and build the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory and he still thinks of it as a particularly fine job.

A chef at one of the restaurants on College Avenue offered that the best enchiladas are found at El Huarache Aztec at 3842 International Way in Oakland. Their phone number is 510-533-2395. A friend, the former manager of the Buttercup Bakery, says that the best tamales she's ever had are found at Borinquena La Mex-icatessen, 582 7th Street, Oakland. Their phone is 444-9954. The Potter Creek version of Mike and Richards Haley's California Breakfast can be found at the Westside Bakery Cafe at 2570 9th Street. For a personal history of the California Breakfast read my 8/8/03 post The Buttercup and The California Breakfast. The Bakery Cafe is a Potter Creek institution, has hardy, fresh food, makes its own baked goods, and is a hang out. If you haven't already, go there!

Kavi's new landscaping was vandalized, the vandals making off with nine plants. This property--his former home--is now for rent-- with newly replaced plants.





Today is Germany National Day



The Potter Creek Hazardous Material Users Map now has one-third of our neighborhood's users posted. There appear to be three times more.

Notice that the school playground on 8th and Grayson is surrounded.







Today is Cyprus Independence Day and People's Republic of China National Day 

A Potter Creek neighbor forwarded this news clipping.

"A man claiming to be carrying a gun robbed a pedestrian late Saturday night at the corner of Eighth and Grayson Streets. According to police, the victim was searching for a house party when the robber approached him, threatening to shoot if he didn't hand over his wallet. The victim complied and the robber escaped in a blue Chevrolet Astrovan."

Perhaps it's time to form a Potter Creek safety committee? Or we could just continue to whine about crime.


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