of the resident and business complex on 4th and Addison




Sally and Richard were guests at the "Gala Opening Celebration" of our Hotel Durant. The opening featured a swing band, wine bar, dessert munchies, grilled specialites, and (argh!) a live "Greatful Dead" jam band. (The hotel has been redecorated by Sally's friend, Steven Miller.) Richard commented that there were hundreds present and that one of the men's room had a red-painted urinal with the Stanford logo at its bottom. The Durant is part of the local chain, joie de vivre hotels.

Brennan's opened in its new location last week--in the converted old railroad -passenger-station behind its former location--with a fancier interior but the same old fashioned food, hofbrau and bar.


a Potter Creek elder emails








"Green Policies in California Generated Jobs, Study Finds" is a story by Felicity Barringer in the New York Times.
"California's energy-efficiency policies created nearly 1.5 million jobs from 1977 to 2007, while eliminating fewer than 25,000, according to a study to be released Monday.

The study, conducted by David Roland-Holst, an economist at the Center for Energy, Resources and Economic Sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley, found that while the state's policies lowered employee compensation in the electric power industry by an estimated $1.6 billion over that period, it improved compensation in the state over all by $44.6 billion.

Built into that figure were increases of $1.2 billion in the light industrial sector, $11.2 billion in wholesale and retail trade, $7.3 billion in the financial and insurance sectors and $17.8 billion in the service sector."


Saturday, in a conversation with our Dave Kruse, Dave mentioned that his very-for-real, Green-redo of the Potter Creek Kruse facility is going apace. "The solar panels are up" Dave said and he estimated the redo is 80% complete.




"Few results seen from Mideast teen peace camps" reports Matthew Kalman, Chronicle Foreign Service.

"Each year, hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers defy the violence and hatred that divides them by forging personal ties that they hope will lay the groundwork for future peace.

John Wallach, the founder of Seeds of Peace, a nonprofit group based in New York that has invited more than 4,000 young people from conflict areas to meet one another, said before his death in 2002 that such people-to-people programs have created "an enduring commitment to building a future of peaceful coexistence."

A virtual peace industry has flourished around these workshops, creating a raft of Palestinian and Israeli nongovernmental organizations. Between 1993 and 2000, Western governments and foundations spent between $20 million and $25 million on the dialogue groups, according to a 2002 report by the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information.

But the programs have failed to produce a single prominent peace activist on either side, most observers agree. And now the first wide-scale survey of Palestinians involved in these peace programs suggests that the enterprise has been a waste of time and money. The unpublished report, a copy of which was obtained by The Chronicle, was commissioned by an unidentified donor nation from Pal Vision, an independent Palestinian youth organization and research center in East Jerusalem that is involved in dialogue workshops."


I got a hint something was amiss while viewing our Viva's video-appreciation of Barbara Lubin's Berkeley pro Palestine-youth group. On camera, in the "west Bank," and in front of Palestinian teenagers, Lubin exclaimed "'bleep' Israel!"

Viva's video is, none-the-less, very worth watching.



More about the "Global financial crisis" from BBC NEWS is here.









Kubik forwards an email from BPD Ofc Buckheit

Hi Bob,

I know you have been concerned with the apparent prostitution in your area, and I thank you for your vigilance in reporting the incidents to the police. As well as having the beat officers take appropriate action, I wanted to let you know that our Drug Task Force conducted a special enforcement operation in the San Pablo corridor this weekend and made several prostitution related arrests (six at last count).  Hopefully, this will deter the prostitution activity in the area.  BPD will continue to focus on the area, but please continue to report suspicious activity if you see it.

Ofc. Karen Buckheit #135 

Area #4 Coordinator,



 Jarad emails

Mark and David's fence was tagged along 9th Street side of their property (they are on the SE corner of Channing Way and 9th Street).
This vandalism is worse than the last time that cost them in excess of $1,000 to repair and we need to stop this criminal activity that is clearly the WSB (Norteno) gang.
In addition, the gang members broke into the locked yard and littered the place with Tecate beer cans. If anyone saw anything that can lead to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible please call our area coordinator immediately. We need to pull together to put a stop to this or we will all end up victims eventually.
Since the city of Berkeley has not effectively addressed our gang graffiti problem I have taken the proactive step on behalf of the city of Berkeley to contact the city of San Jose to discuss their reknowned municipal anti-graffiti code commonly known as "You Tag, You Lose."
The program fines offenders, takes away driving priviledges, and assigns offenders and families of offenders to community service where they are forced to clean up graffiti. I will have a copy of the municipal code from San Jose in the next 24 hours and will make it available to everyone as a model of what has helped San Jose, California reduce graffiti in their city by 95%.
I will also be speaking with SJPD officers that are actively involved in the program. This is such an important and expensive issue for residents and the city of Berkeley itself, that I am offering to do the leg work required to arrange / facilitate an in person meeting with San Jose City Officials and the BPD Chief of Police, City Attorney, City Manager, City Parks and Recreation Department, and the Berkeley City Council so they can learn how the program in San Jose works and how we can emulate San Jose's success. If the city indicates interest across departments in such a meeting I will start work this week to set it a meeting rather than wait for the city to do it since we need to act sooner rather than later.


Mark emails

thanks Jarad,
I spoke with Officer Buckheit just now and she is working on having someone come out tonight and make a police report for us, at least. 

I called the BPD on two occasions last night; one for people being on the corner and two to have someone come out to make a report for us.  No one ever came for the report so Officer Buckheit is coordinating for us.  This is "street terrorizing" at its worse.  In this economy we can ill-afford to pay monies for senseless crimes like these.
If anyone heard or saw anything please let us know.
Mark Johnson



"'It Came From Berkeley': Wackiness in context" is a book review by Justin Berton at
"If Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly ever reads local journalist and Chronicle contributor Dave Weinstein's book, 'It Came From Berkeley: How Berkeley Changed the World,' O'Reilly might be amused to learn that the lefty college town originally was founded on religion, as a moral retreat from that Sodom and Gomorrah across the bay, San Francisco.

'Berkeley was always meant to be a place apart,' Weinstein said. 'A really 'oral, quiet place, where intellectuals could meditate, surrounded by nature."
The description still fits, even if downtown is more crowded by men who wear pink tutus while riding unicycles.
But for anyone who has wondered how and why Berkeley became an adjective meaning zany-liberal-smarty-pants, Weinstein tracks down the historical and cultural dominoes that led to milestones such as the Free Speech Movement, bans on plastic foam cups, traffic 'calming' roundabouts and, of course, tree-sitting."


After growing up in socialist Milwaukee until eighteen, I came to Berkeley in my early twenties. For after graduating from the University of Wisconsin, I enrolled in graduate school at Cal. What I found was a fairly ordinary, and by Wisconsin standards, even conservative, college town.

My religious rights as a Christian Scientist were violated by the compulsory physical required as part of Cal's enrollment. I was required to sign a loyalty oath a part of enrollment at Cal--unheard of in Wisconsin. And the real bummer, Evelyn, the woman I lived with in Madison and came with to Berkeley, found that the job she had been offered at the University was no longer available when she showed up in person. Evelyn is African-American. That would be, . . . er, . . . Racist?

Forgot,. . . here "packaged goods" could not be sold within a mile of campus, at Madison, beer was served in the student union.



"Sculpture depicts Berkeley's biggest protests" is a report by Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"Berkeley is immortalizing its greatest protests - from People's Park to disability rights to the tree-sitters' standoff at Memorial Stadium - in a towering sculpture of fist-waving demonstrators on a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over busy Interstate 80."

It's an angry and in your-face-work, and since "what goes around comes around," look for some "good ole boys" to 'torch it,' . . . sooner than later.

Our since-the-Sixties tradition of love and peace has deteriorated into anger and confrontation?










"How does solar power work? Chemist Paul Alivisatos explains how to generate electricity from sunlight" at
"The sun-that power plant in the sky-bathes Earth in ample energy to fulfill all the world's power needs many times over. It doesn't give off carbon dioxide emissions. It won't run out. And it's free.

So how on Earth can people turn this bounty of sunbeams into useful electricity?"




Tina Carpio emails

My husband Lou Carpio is a lineman for PG&E and was working [in Potter Creek] to replace power recently--you gave him your card with your website and said you had taking some pictures of him working. I looked around your website but couldn't find them, but found lots of other cool stuff!  Can you please . . . let us know where we might find the photos specifically?  Thanks!


Check out 5/16/08



BPD PIO, Ofc Andrew Frankel emails: Ron, for the good people of West Berkeley 

Six Arrested in Prostitution
"B" Sting
 Berkeley, California (Monday, October 20, 2008) ­ We call it a "B" Sting when members of our Special Enforcement Unit go undercover posing as customers or "Johns" to curb prostitution (recognized in the California Penal Code as violations of PC 647A/B), along the San Pablo Avenue corridor.  
In response to recent concerns voiced by members of the community about such activity, the Special Enforcement Unit conducted a sting on the evening of October 16th.  The operation resulted in 6 arrests over the course of three hours.   
Although the primary mission of the Special Enforcement Unit is to stem the flow of narcotics in our city, we recognize the impact prostitution has on the quality of life of our residents.  We periodically conduct these operations to discourage these illegal activities.    
If you see what you believe to be prostitution or drug trafficking in your neighborhood please call the Berkeley Police Dispatch at (510) 981-5900.  Calls made to (510) 843-2677 (THE-COPS line) will bring on duty Drug Task Force officers your way.  We look forward to continued collaborations with our community.



"2 UC Berkeley students arrested in robbery" reports the AP.

"Two University of California, Berkeley, students, including a football player, have been identified as suspects in an armed robbery at a dorm.

Campus officials said Tuesday that 21-year-olds Gary Doxy and R.J. Garrett were taken into custody Monday on suspicion of robbery and attempted robbery.

They were arrested in connection with a Sept. 30 incident in which two students were robbed in the early morning hours.
UC police say the weapon involved was a BB gun.

Garrett, a sophomore, has been suspended from the football team. Doxy, a junior, was dismissed from the team this summer for breaking team rules."



Bob emails that Carol's son-the-chef is mentioned on with 

Morning Glory brittle: here's to a sweet election.
The best thing about bake sales, besides donating to a cause you believe in, is getting to taste homey handmade baked goods -- some of which are now available commercially. At last week's fundraiser, we tasted fudge from Ellelle, available at Little Flower Candy. Then last night we tried brittle with distinctive flavorings from Morning Glory Confections. Morning Glory brittle is an adult-oriented crunchy confection flavored with cocoa nibs, coffee, pecan, chai and curry, made by former private chef Max Lesser, whose wife Susan blogs at Silver Lake Blvd. and the more baby-focused Reservation for Three.



Our Mayor-the brewer is mentioned in the California State San Marcos student paper site in

"Beer of the Week
Bison Chocolate Stout
by Jonathan E. Thompson
Bison Brewing brews and bottles the six award winning USDA approved organic Chocolate Stout in Chino, California. Bill Owens founded the brewery in 1989 with current Berkeley, California Mayor Tom Bates. Since 2002, the brewery has only produced full organic beer.
BevMo retails six 12 fluid ounce bottles of Bison Chocolate Stout for $8.99. The dark brown glass bottle features a buffalo cast in a shadow standing on a grassy field. White, tan, brown, and black colors comprise the label. A black and white bottle cap featuring the company's logo seals a beer with a higher than average 6.1% alcohol by volume."



 200Kon crap?

"'Berkeley Big People' invites mockery" writes Kenneth Baker, Chronicle Art Critic.

Emeryville [italics mine] artist Scott Donahue's sculpture 'Berkeley Big People,' dedicated over the weekend, scores a new black eye on the already battered face of public art in the Bay Area.

Unlike that other nearly irremediable form of public art - architecture - most sculpture in public places cannot justify itself by function. Donahue's piece can, to the extent that it approximately marks the city limits and purports to celebrate its history of activism.

But can bad art celebrate good causes? Not properly.

Donahue's dominant figures, clustered around a likeness of the UC Berkeley campanile, represent protesters agitating for various causes. A seated figure, riffing on Auguste Rodin's 'The Thinker,' gestures toward the city's intellectual firepower, and a violinist stands for its hospitality to the arts.

A series of small vignettes around the sculpture's elevated base symbolize protests, ranging from the Free Speech Movement to the tree-sitters who recently lost their bid to save a stand of old oaks on the designated site of a new university sports complex.
Perhaps from a vehicle passing below on Interstate 80, the sculpture high on the east end of a long pedestrian bridge communicates a flash of appreciation for Berkeley's long contrarian streak. But viewed on foot, up close, it reads as caricature, and thus, as mockery. It turns any thought of activist politics into dismissive thoughts of political correctness.

Whether Donahue intended 'Berkeley Big People' to work this way, I cannot tell. But that is the only sense in which it does work.

As sculpture, 'Berkeley Big People' fails every test. Crucially, it ignores the fact that the best art of the past 50 years at monumental scale has systematically discredited the statuary conception of sculpture.

Consider two examples of local public art that do make that recognition. Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's "Cupid's Span" (2002) on the Embarcadero in San Francisco looks like representational sculpture. But its immensity, its visual echoes of the Bay Bridge and other associations - something about having one's heart pinned here, a reminiscence of Old World colonizers' masted ships - take it far from the literal impression it makes at first.

I do not think 'Cupid's Span' wears as well as some of the team's projects in other cities, such as 'Clothespin' in Philadelphia, but it does have built into it the possibility of visual surprise on future encounters."

passing on the freeway it looks like sticks
closeup, and in Our Town of such great diversity, there ain't much


"Berkeley, California: Merchandizing 'Obamamania' " is found on Swiss World Radio.

"Stop four of our US campaign road trip takes us across the bay from San Francisco, to the Ashby market. It's on the border between preominantly black Oakland, California and the liberal bastion of Berkeley. Reporter Andrew Stelzer says you can measure excitement in the African-American community by the merchandizing of Obamamania."



"Season on Brink Bruins on Horizon" is story originally published on

    "The Arizona loss still stings, but the California Golden Bears must put it behind them. UCLA travels to Berkeley this weekend for a key Pac-10 conference matchup. Cal sits a half game behind first place in the Pac-10 standings but does not control its own destiny. With four of the final six games at home, the Bears can still contend for a top bowl slot starting with a win over the Bruins

California's season has been up and down thus far through the first half of 2008. The win over Michigan State to start the season looked huge until the Spartans were plastered 45-7 by Ohio State this past weekend. They subsequently fell out of the top 25. The opening road loss at Maryland looked very bad on September 13; however, the Terps are now 5-2 and in contention for the ACC Atlantic division title. Nonetheless, last Saturday night's showing in Tucson was arguably Cal's worst performance of the year.

The Bears built a solid 10-point halftime lead only to be outscored 28-3 in the third quarter to lose 42-27. The loss not only knocked Cal out of the top 25, but also it came against a Pac-10 foe, a foe the Bears should have beaten.'



"New Measure Would Restrict Minors' Access to Abortions" reports the Daily Cal.

For the third time since 2005, California voters will be given the opportunity to limit a minor's access to abortion until an adult family member is notified.

Two previous measures, Propositions 73 and 85, were defeated in 2005 and 2006, respectively. This year, Proposition 4 includes an added clause that was designed to protect teens from parental abuse." 



"New National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families:Research and resources concerning the 9 million U.S. parents with disabilities" is a story about "us" at

A new National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families has been established in Berkeley, California under the auspices of Through the Looking Glass, a non-profit organization founded in 1982. The Center will oversee several national research studies concerning parents with disabilities and their families, as well as provide consultations, trainings and publications to parents, family members and professionals.

The research and resources of the Center will address the nearly 9 million U.S. parents with disabilities -- 15% of all American families. Parents with disabilities include mothers and fathers in all disability categories -- such as parents with physical disabilities, deaf parents, blind parents, parents with psychiatric or cognitive disabilities. The Center is funded by a $500,000-per-year federal grant for three years from the Washington, DC-based National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), U.S. Department of Education." 





the email from Jarad, Mark, and Ryan continue with some comments Laura of the Russell Oregon Street group


Well I thought the problem would at least be looked at but after 3 calls to BPD and a talk with officer Buckheit, no one has even called to check in.  It is very disappointing and makes you want ot take matters into your own hands.  Time after time the police tell you to call them but then when something like this happens, and you get no attention, it really reinforces that we have a true problem.  Officer Buckheit, you said someone would call me or my partner to make contact.  He arrived home last night and no one had been there, and no one called him.  He was up until 11 p.m. and left our secured gate open in case some did.  I do not understand this; why do WE have to keep pestering you all to do your jobs.
I'm taking it a level to hopefully at least get a report out of this for our insurance before my graffiti removal people show up today or tomorrow.  And who, by the way, will be cleaning up the City of Berkeley's graffiti on the streets!?
Mark Johnson


Hi Mark,
I just spoke with Officer Buckheit, who said that she took the report and apparently someone will be coming out to the property. She mentioned that she talked to Angela as well, who will be contacting public works to take care of the City property that has been tagged. I'll follow up with PW this afternoon.  By the way, did that light in front of your house ever get fixed?  The City's head electrician said that someone was going out last week to check into it.  Thanks Mark.
Ryan Lau
Council Aide
Councilmember Darryl Moore



and Laura emails about graffiti enforcement programs

Check with the League of California Cities, a couple of years ago this statewide organization promoted the Santa Clara model of graffiti enforcement programs which includes uses "Tag you Lose" for enforcement purposes. 
I provided this information to Lt Hester, now retired but formerly in charge of CSB and Angela Gallegos-Castillo two years ago. At that time the City promised ROC neighborhood group they would augment and amend to include enforcement actions the graffiti abatement program. ROC, the Russell Oregon California St 
neighborhood group has placed graffiti problems at the top of our agenda for the past 6-8 years. 
Laura Menard




from my log

10/19/08--10:05 AM--irritant off-and-on all AM in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse with odor like "ozone-heavy-air" in a spare-the-air day, cough, wear mask.

1020/08--11:49 AM--irritant in front room, dry eyes, dry mouth, light head, turn on HEPA. 7:58 PM--irritant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse with odor like "ozone-heavy-air" in a spare-the-air day, cough, leave.





"Bank-to-bank loan rates fall for sixth day" reports MadlenRead of the AP.

"As bank-to-bank lending rates slide lower, the credit climate is looking a bit brighter-at least for stronger companies."













CEID folks

in Bob and Carol's Pumpkin Patch




"Cal football player, friend charged in robbery" reports Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"A Cal football player and a former team member upset at reported racial slurs made by a member of the university's crew team sought revenge by robbing two residents of a dormitory, but targeted the wrong people, campus officials said Tuesday.

R.J. Garrett and Gary Doxy, both 21, were arrested and charged Monday in connection with last month's robbery of two Cal crew team members at the Clark Kerr Campus, a residence-hall complex southeast of UC Berkeley that is home to many student athletes.

The suspects, who are black, decided to commit the Sept. 30 robbery after hearing about racial slurs reportedly made by a white member of the Cal crew team at an off-campus party three days earlier, police said.

A black female student athlete who was at the party was offended by the comments, which someone else relayed to Garrett and Doxy, police said."



"Six Women Arrested In Berkeley Police Prostitution Sting" is a story by Ashley Trott, Daily Cal Staff Writer.

"Six Bay Area women were arrested in a prostitution sting on Thursday after police received a series of complaints from Berkeley residents.

About 10 officers in Berkeley Police Department's under cover unit posed as "Johns" seeking "dates," catching six women who were prostituting themselves, Berkeley police Officer Andrew Frankel said.

Most of the women were arrested on San Pablo Avenue early in the evening of October 16.

Oakland residents Shasha Speech, 36, Chantay Grays, 42, Courtney Holden, 22, and Tianya Gaddis, 18, were all cited for prostitution. Richmond resident Rosa Russel, 19, and Berkeley resident Sandra Bates, 52, were also cited.

Police say no pimps were arrested in connection with the incidents."


Jarad forwards his email

I read your article on the prostitution sting along San Pablo Ave
These issues and more are what I was communicating to you for your September 21, 2008 article titled "Community Concerned by Recent Shootings."
I have deep respect and appreciation for Ofc. Frankle and feel he is one of the best officers in the BPD. His prior work as area coordinator for West Berkeley speaks volumes to his committment & integrity and I feel honored to have worked with him in my neighborhood watch group. However, he is bound by city policy and the city's policy towards prostitution in wrong.
Therefore, his comment stating "prostitution stings are not routine because they feel that the narcotics trade in the city poses a larger threat to residents than prostitution does" reflects the official city position and it is 100% wrong. I haven't always felt this way, but let me explain why my perceptions have changed since living in West Berkeley.
What the City of Berkeley doesn't talk about is that with condoms lying around, residents that have to clean up the sidewalk area are being exposed to HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C, and a wide variety of other infectious diseases. What is also not being said is that prostitution is inextricably linked to narcotics sales and violent crime. 
The city's position on this issue does a disservice to the neighborhoods that are affected by this problem and is another example of the City of Berkeley choosing to intermittantly uphold its social contract with the residents / tax payers in this city until public pressure builds for several months. Bob Kubik has complained to the police regarding this issue and posted comments on Ron Penndorf's West Berkeley site Scrambled Eggs and Lox many times.
We expect and deserve a zero tolerance on this and all crime / quality of life issues in West and South Berkeley. We are tired of occasional suppression actions being used instead of a long-term metrics driven crime reduction strategy for all affected neighborhoods.


Angela emails

Hello, First let me say that I'm sorry to hear that your fence was tagged Mark. It is costly and frustrating to clean-up. I also understand in speaking with Ofc. Karen Buckheit that she is now taking your report and working with you. Typically, my understanding is that patrol are unable to attend to get to get to sites to take reports when they are busy. I understand that Sunday night was very busy.
The police department has and will continue to arrest perpetrators of crime and vandalism. The challenge the police faces,is that it is a crime of opportunity. The tags go up quickly and at night making it harder to make arrests. The West Berkeley neighborhood has historically been plagued with graffiti by numerous tagging groups, including the Norteno gang. According to our Youth Services Division Sgt., Sgt.Louis, ( 981-5717) we are able catch few taggers because of the nature of the crime, lack of resources and surveillance sting don't always result in arrests. A surveillance sting requires upwards to 6 officers which becomes an expensive endeavor rather quickly so while they have been used in the past, it is not the first strategy that the city uses. Decisions about how best to use our resources (i.e.police) are carefully weighed by the Chief of Police and priorities are given to areas where community violence and drug dealing and street level activity occur, as you have experienced first hand.
When taggers are young offenders, Sgt. Lous works the cases and on a case by case basis determines recommendations. She has agreed to take your calls if you have any questions. As a component to last year's City's educational campaign effort, the BPD Community Services Bureau sent out a letter to all principals, requesting their assistance in communicating to parents the consequences of tagging, including the suspension of driving privileges.
In addition to enforcement, graffiti prevention requires a holistic approach that includes youth programming. The city is reconceptualizing how we utilize our resources to get kids, that are getting into trouble and also possibly disconnected with school involved in more productive activities. I am in conversation with McCullen Youth Court to engage those young people that are caught for tagging, among other things. Cleaning up graffiti is an appropriate consequence I would argue AND getting them involved in a community site that offers youth development opportunities is ideal. Youth engaged in activities that allow them to see themselves in a different light helps to move them into more productive and less illegal activity. Exposing them to adults that engage them in positive, constructive (community) work, benefits the young person as well as the entire community.
I spoke to and requested the public works supervisors to send out graffiti abatement crew to go through the 9th/Channing area, including 10th, 8th, 7th and 6th streets for graffiti removal. The request went in today and they are working to get out there within the next two days. Our traffic signs division is responding as well. As background information, the city is replacing our street signs with anti-graffiti removal for faster graffiti removal throughout the city. Please continue to call the public works department when you see tagging on public signs as it is our responsibility to abate. It is helpful to receive the messages re: graffiti as I can forward your requests, if you haven't done so already through our public works customer service line/email.
Jared, I welcome your elegy and your efforts. Please call me to discuss the approach you're suggesting.
Please feel free to contact me at your convenience (email is better than phone at this point) and I'll get back to you. Apologies for not getting back to people until now.


Barbara Shayesteh emails

Hi Ron ­ I mentioned to my friend, who lives on Parker, just below Shattuck, that our house (which we have owned for 22 years) is suddenly showing large cracks in all of the archways and many ceiling/wall junctions.  She said she is having a similar problem at her house and she swears it is because, when the City rebuilt the playing field on Derby between Milvia and MLK Jr. Way, they capped off something having to do with Potter Creek and that has changed the underground water tables entirely.  Have you heard anything about this?  She went to many of the community meetings having to do with the redesign of that area and she is generally sane so I am wondering if anyone else is aware of this problem. 
Also, the City Bulletin today said they have arrested several prostitutes in our area of San Pablo.  All but two of them have been released and they generally don't arrest them because drugs are the priority but because of so many citizens' complaints, this time they picked them up.  I generally see the same woman on the corner of San Pablo and Parker and I always call it in when I see her.  She is there sometimes at 7:30 am and sometimes at 7:30 pm. 
Barbara Shayesteh



"Structural Engineers of Northern California Say Advancements Will SaveLives, Property and Infrastructure WhenNext Hayward Earthquake Occurs" reports

"As part of the commemoration of the 140th anniversary of the 1868 Hayward earthquake -- the first great 'San Francisco earthquake' and one of the most damaging earthquakes in the nation's history -- members of the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California will present important information at the upcoming Hayward Earthquake Symposium. Their presentations on the advancements of engineering knowledge and technical guidelines in the past 140 years will collectively demonstrate that few lives will be lost and total building collapses will be rare as a result of future earthquakes 'if we all work together and get prepared.'

Scientists warn that the Hayward Fault is a 'Time Bomb' that releases huge amounts of damaging energy every 140 years. The next big earthquake on the Hayward Fault will affect the lives of the two million people who live, work, attend school and rely on the utilities and transportation systems in the vicinity."













École Bilingue Halloween Parade, 2008


more photos here


"So long, mystery meat: Top chefs come to Cal cafeteria" is a story by Janet Fletcher, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"Ask most college graduates what they enjoyed about their time on campus and the answer is probably not the food. But at UC Berkeley - a campus in the middle of one of the nation's most acclaimed food towns - the food service team is shaking up student dining.

Thanks to help from several celebrity chefs, Cal students are now getting as broad an education in the dining halls to supplement the one they get in the classroom." 


"Fart gas' link to blood pressure" reports BBCNEWS.

"The gas best known for being used in many stink bombs may also control blood pressure, say US researchers.
Small amounts of hydrogen sulphide - a toxic gas generated by bacteria living in the human gut - are responsible for the foul odour of flatulence.

But it seems the gas is also produced by an enzyme in blood vessels where it relaxes them and lowers blood pressure." 


Sally forwards an email about hooking up your digital converter

This is very funny and unfortunately I relate to her confusion!



Mal Sharpe emails

Friday night at Anna's Jazz Island the bailout rolls on as  Big Money in Gumbo continues to spread socialism, capitalism and ism u iz or ism you ain't my baby? This band touches all the New Orleans basses from Louis Armstrong through Professor Longhair and Fats Domino. Tunes you can sing like Jambalaya and Little Liza  Jane and My Bucket's Got a hole in it. Bob Scott from the Willie Nelson Band on Drums, Richard Mayers from The Big Belly Blues Band on Congas, Charlie Hickox, slated to be Secretary of Foreign Affairs, on Piano, Jim Gammon whose trumpet is already playing Taps for George Bush, Dwayne Ramsey on clarinet with the hair Joe Biden wishes he had kept, Denny Geyer on Guitar singing the story of his life "Fools Paradise." and Mal Sharpe on trombone. Mal is bringing the faded Hotel Powell checkbook he bought a the Ashby Flea Market and will be writing out checks for millions of dollars for lucky members of the audience. Last week we gave away 9 million dollars at Armando's great music club in Martinez.  

Anna herself may sing. Get out of the house. 

Big Money in Jazz continues to play at the Savoy-Tivoli and Saturdays from 3-6 and The No Name Bar in Sausalito on Sundays from 3-6.

Live music is better than prozac.



"Jim Krenov long regarded as a master craftsman continues to work from his home wood shop making hand-planes for fine woodworking" is a video on


Jarad emails

From the Oakland Tribune

 Man arrested in carjacking attempt: A 19-year-old Berkeley man was arrested Sunday, accused of trying to steal a woman's car in West Berkeley, police said.
Alexander Davidson faces charges of attempted robbery, three counts of attempted carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, and two weapons charges, police said.
He is accused of spraying a 43-year-old woman with pepper spray, hitting her, pushing her to the ground and trying to steal her car in the 2300 block of Seventh Street, police said. The woman's children, ages 5 and 10, were in the back seat at the time, police said.

The man also tried to reach for the woman's purse, police said.
A passer-by tackled the suspect, who pulled a knife on the man and began swinging it at him. Police were summoned and Davidson was arrested.
His bail was set at $230,000. No one was seriously injured.
Kristin Bender reports.

"Berkeley officers today arrested a second 18-year-old man suspected of participating in a series of robberies near the University of California, Berkeley campus since early September, police said.

Lorenzo Jackson of Oakland and 18-year-old Davon Vigay of Pinole, who was arrested last week, are believed to have committed a string of robberies in the area of Virginia and Arch streets near UC Berkeley, Berkeley police spokesman Andrew Frankel said.

Neither is a student at the university, Frankel said.

Jackson and Vigay allegedly robbed at least 10 pedestrians by pulling up in a car alongside the pedestrian, exiting the car and demanding money or other property, according to Frankel.

The suspects were usually armed during the robberies, Frankel said.

The rash of street robberies led a neighborhood community watch group to keep their eyes peeled for suspicious behavior, and tips from community members helped lead police to the suspects, Frankel said."


Laura Menard, Russell Oregon California St neighborhood group, emails some thoughts and opinions on

1. Bagging Taggers-
Low cost, effective surveillance cameras could be deployed, perhaps DTF has cameras available

2. MuCullen Youth Court would be satisfactory for diversion, the City diversions program do not hold offenders responsible, the city attempts at diversioin have been failures by all measures. 
This recent vandalism costs $1000 to repair, likely to be a felony not a misdeamor crime therefore uneligible for diversion. 

3. Gangs are not taken seriously in Berkeley,  in a city and school climate that denies gangs exist and allows known WSB to wear gang affiliated clothing on school campuses, we have an adult problem. 
Adults do not believe in consequences for offenders, Berkeley practices racial paternism, making excuses claiming these teens have no other choices. 

4. Deploy resources for environmental prevention in known hotspots.
South Berkeley has been subjected to gang graffiti  just as badly as west Berkeley. 
Telegraph area is covered with tagging.

5. Maintaining a gang database with addresses, monikers,associates, cars, territory etc can be extremely helpful in identifying likely suspects. SF gang database is popular with the cops, better than the software available from the state.

6. Santa Clara, San Jose and many other cities have real gang problem significantly larger than even Richmond or Oakland, and yet they have gotten graffiti under control.
Seems to me it is past time to leave provincial Berkeley think and consider new ideas. Climb out of the box. 

7. Restorative justice- neighborhood accoutability boards-  offenders come in front of the neighborhood council, admit their mistake and recieve community service and adult support and direction in reforming their behavior.
This model is puts builds community,responsibility and mutual respect of our neighborhoods. 
Wouldn't that be refreshing and productive. And likely an excellent deterrent. 

Laura Menard

Contra Costa Unified has a truancy response plan, they pick up truant kids in police cars and drive them to school sites where counselors initiate a SART conference-  School Attendance Review Team 
How logical. Berkeley is still discussing 15years later what constitutes an acceptable method of contacting truants, including changing the very term "truancy" to something less offensive to offenders, like attendance assistance program. 
All lip service, no program.



Jarad emails

After speaking with the SJ Graffiti Abatement program staff, I was told that I should speak with SJPD and the officers assigned to graffiti abatement issues.
I've placed a call to them and left a message stating that I wanted to get details of their program so that Berkeley could have a model with a proven track record of success to emulate. I also stated in the message that it was the goal to set up a face to face meeting with SJ City Officials and Berkeley City Officials on this topic so that Berkeley could learn about the SJ program, and find out how to successfully implement it.
I informed them that I was a neighborhood watch organizer and that the city manager's office in Berkeley was already aware of my preliminary leg work to establish a future meeting on the issue.


"U.C. reaches contract accord with cops" is a report in the San Francisco Business Times by David Goll.

"A new three-year contract agreement between the University of California and its Federated University Police Officers Association was announced Wednesday.

The association represents the 10-campus U.C system's police force of more than 200 officers. That includes U.C. Berkeley, the Oakland-based system's flagship campus opened 140 years ago."



"California Energy Supply Vulnerable to Future Heat Waves" is a report at NBCChicago.

"In the near future, large California cities can expect more frequent heat waves because of climate change, warn scientists at universities in California and Texas.

This could mean increased electricity demand to run air conditioners in the densely populated state, raising the risk of power shortages during heat waves, said Norman Miller, an earth scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and geography professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and Katharine Hayhoe, a climate researcher at Texas Tech University."




"Financial crisis 'like a tsunami' " is found at

"Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan has called the recent turmoil in the global financial markets a 'once in a century credit tsunami'.

Speaking before Congress, Mr Greenspan, who stood down as Fed chairman in 2006, said the crisis had left him 'in a state of shocked disbelief' ".











Jarad and Laura email about the 10/28/08 City Council meeting

Please join fellow west and south Berkeley residents at City
Council on October 28. City staff will be presenting the community safety report

This is our chance to get the entire city council's attention to
the problems unique to south/west Berkeley.

I have allied with west, south and southside leaders and we are
asking folks to show up, speak up and support this action
requesting the city put serious attention to these issues.

I will be presenting the petition posted the bottom of this
message. If you agree with the purpose of the petition, please send
me an email authorizing your name on the petition.

Here are the council protocols for public comment. I think more
people speaking even for just one minute will have the greatest
impact. Folks who prefer not to speak can fill the chambers. Please
email me if you intend to show up or speak. Thanks so much.

Action Calendar

After the initial ten minutes of public comment on non-agenda items
and public comment and action on consent items, the public may
comment on each remaining item listed on the agenda for action as
the item is taken up. Where an item was moved from the Consent
Calendar to Action no speaker who has already spoken on that item
would be entitled to speak to that item again.

The Presiding Officer will request that persons wishing to speak
line up at the podium to determine the number of persons interested
in speaking at that time. Up to ten (10) speakers may speak for two
minutes. If there are more than ten persons interested in speaking,
the Presiding Officer may limit the public comment for all speakers
to one minute per speaker. Speakers are permitted to yield their
time to one other speaker, however no one speaker shall have more
than four minutes. The Presiding Officer may, with the consent of
persons representing both sides of an issue, allocate a block of
time to each side to present their issue.

The petition:

We, the undersigned, are experienced leaders from several Berkeley
neighborhood groups and merchants associations, and have come
together to form an alliance advocating for reforms to Community
Involved Policing (CIP). We request that the Chief of Police, the
Community Services Bureau, and City Manager's staff commit to a
series of meetings with this Citizens Alliance for Accountability
in Community Policing (CAAP) the goal is to develop a set of
recommendations to be presented to the city council.

The participants herein have a long history in various aspects of
neighborhood organizing for crime prevention and are uniquely
capable of identifying what works, what is missing and what needs
changing. We understand the importance of a productive partnership
with the police department based in data driven problem solving. We
recognize the first step to successful crime prevention citywide is
the implementation of an operational framework to deploy resources
in a sustainable and equitable manner.

We believe citizens in Berkeley have a right to a safe and healthy
neighborhoods and we are committed to the successful reform of
community involved policing.

Some key issues are:

Berkeley continues to experience an increase in violent and
property crimes.
Approximately 75% of the blocks in Berkeley are not organized.
Drug dealers and other criminals are often better organized than
Effective community policing is based in mutual trust and
partnerships between community groups and public agencies including
city code enforcement, city attorney, and the District Attorney's

Best practice in CIP operations requires three levels for civic
1. Block level crime watch groups
2. Neighborhood Council for monitoring and problem solving
3. Citywide Advisory for discussion of policy and practice.
Thank you for your attention to this serious issue and we look
forward to productive discussions in the near future.

Laura Menard - South Berkeley (ROC)
Jarad Carleton - West Berkeley (10th Street) 





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