after 10/9, here after 10/22, here


The amended 1998 version of the West Berkeley Plan states in the Planning Director's Message, essentially the Introduction, "While [professional planners played a role]  in facilitating the outcome, the work was done primarily in the community by an informal committee that included artists, laborers and representatives of organized labor. residents and environmentalists, manufactures, retailers, office developers, church groups and community service organizations."

I'm reminded of a 1930s Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movie where the kids, often played by 20-year-olds, exclaim something like "Let's make a musical in the backyard." What follows, "produced by these amateurs" is a classy, professional Hollywood song-and-dance film.

But that only happens in the movies. In real life amateurs don't make professional productions.




Eric, a chef at 900 GRAYSON, recommends dinner and drinks at the Missouri Lounge on San Pablo. Go through the bar out back to the grill and check out the menu. Eric recommended the Fatti Melt, two "grilled cheese half-sandwiches," pesto suace with either grilled chicken or steak in the middle and chips or potato salad on the side; the Thai Burger on a Dutch crunch roll, a burger with Thai spices; or the Hot Links sandwich also on a Dutch crunch--both with a side of chips or potato salad.


In the Chronicle's "96 Hours Bargin Bites: East Bay" you find

"900 Grayson If you blink you might miss this small cafe in Berkeley's industrial district that takes bargain food to a higher level. The Carolina cheese grits (Saturdays only), and the Demon Lover, a heaping of spicy fried chicken, buttermilk waffle and . . ."




"Morning, sugar, it's time for a doughnut" Amanda Gold, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"The coffee and doughnut shop of my childhood sat squarely on the route to school. Blocks before the rusted sign was even visible, the doughy, fried aroma would waft into the car, encouraging us to join the line of pre-work suits and hungry schoolchildren before the supply ran out - which was usually no later than 11 a.m."




The other day, Doug Herst stopped by on his way back from lunch with his friend Nathaniel Kahn. Nathaniel produced two movies with which Doug was involved, My Architect about Nathaniel's father Louis I Kahn and the Oscar nominated Two Hands about pianist Leon Fleisher.



I'm told the Heartwood woodworking collective is losing members in these hard times.



"The Industrious Tenant" is a story by Audrey Tempelsman at nytimes.com in which you will find a little mention of our Sally's sister, Suzanna Allen.

"Grant K Gobson had a terrible first impression of his one-bedroom rental. 'It was like a circus in there,' the 30-year-old interior designer said of the San Francisco apartment in Presidio Heights he moved into in 2007. The sea-foam green and lavender walls were peeling and trimmed in a clashing fire-engine red. The hardwood floors were ringed in stains from houseplants left to sit in puddles. "



our Kava emails

Buses etc parked on 8th for weeks

There are a few vehicles that could be abandoned. Do you have a name in the police department I can call?



I forwarded this to several Berkeley PD members and immediately received this reply from our area coordinator, our on-the-ball Ofc Karen Buckheit

Hi Ron,
I got an e-mail from Brent regarding this and will work on it with him. 
Ofc. Buckheit #135




Steven Goldin emails

Good morning. 

Haven't seen you in a while. Are you working on your campaign or something?



As of today, the known longest-here-resident of Little Potter Creek is Vera. She and her husband bought their Pardee Street home in 1962.

That would be before the Regan, Salin, Klise, Auerbach, Woo, Agress, Lipofsky, Elliot et al immigration. RP


Yesterday the average reader spent 1 hour 24 minutes on this site. Really ?




"What makes human muscle age? Scientists from University of California, Berkeley, have identified biochemical pathways that can lead to aging of muscles" report theTimes of India.

"By manipulating these pathways, the researchers were able to turn back the clock on old human muscle, restoring its ability to repair and rebuild itself."




"College Football's Bad News Bears. Gaffes and Bad Breaks Prolong Cal's Epic Rose Bowl Drought; Coach Kapp's Tequila Bottle" is a story by Darren Everson at wsj.com.

"When Joe Kapp took over the football team at the University of California-Berkeley before the 1982 season, he wanted to impress upon his players the need to make sacrifices. So the coach made them a vow: He would forgo tequila until Cal won the Rose Bowl. Nearly three decades later, the 71-year-old is still waiting.

'I've got the bottle right here,' he says.

Talk of curses is uncommon in college football. Most of the great historical jinxes-the 'please-let-them-win-before-I-die' kind-haunt the fans of professional teams, where a rotten owner can cripple a team for generations. The nature of college sports is that the players come and go, so every four years, there's a chance for a fresh start. At some point, if the school commits itself to winning, the pieces will fall into place and the fans' feeling of collective hopelessness will be relieved.

But then there's Cal. This once-powerful football program, a member of the elite Pac-10 conference, hasn't reached the coveted Rose Bowl since the 1958 season. No other conference school has been absent that long. (Arizona has never made it, but it only joined the conference in 1978.) Every time Cal comes close, something goes horribly, inexplicably wrong."


"Trojans and Golden Bears clash in critical Pac-10 tilt" is a story at seattlepi.com.

"In a game that was supposed to decide the Pac-10 title this season, both the USC Trojans and California Golden Bears are looking for some validation, when the two teams meet up in Berkeley this weekend.

Pete Carroll's Trojans are coming off a 27-6 handling of Washington State last week, but are just 1-1 in league play following a stunning loss at Washington the week prior in the conference opener.

Jeff Tedford's Golden Bears are in a different frame of mind, as they plummeted from sixth in the nation all the way to 24th this week, after being humiliated in Eugene by the Oregon Ducks (42-3) in their league opener. The loss was stunning considering the ease with which California had dispatched its first three opponents."









Yesterday, during a get-together on the side-walk in front of the warehouse with, Merryll, David, Bruce and myself, Merryll mentioned that the Baulines Craft Guild is having an art show at our Berkeley Mills, 2839 7th Street. It opened yesterday, Thursday, October 1st with an artist reception, October 8th, 5PM-8PM.



Cameron emails


A couple of events happening this Friday in the 'hood (I have no connection to either, except I like art and food) ...

23rd Emeryville Art Exhibition reception this Friday, Oct 2  6 - 9pm

Address: 5815 Shellmound Way, at west end of Powell Street RR ramp turn right and right again onto Shellmound Way.... under the overpass on the way to the Emeryville Market Place..... next to Lazy-Boy .... you'll see the cars.

Check out the web site:  http://www.emeryarts.org/


Taste for Art Fall 2009
There's apparently no such thing as a sedate East Bay Express party, as indicated by two years of blowout Best of the East Bay and gay pride celebrations, and March's dizzying tribute to Andy Warhol. On Friday, Oct. 2, we'll hold our annual Taste for Art, which highlights local restaurants, winemakers, breweries, art studios (35 of them), and musicians, in Berkeley's Sawtooth Building (Eighth St. at Dwight Way). The 2009 iteration features screenings from Oakland International Film Festival, aerial dance performances, glass blowing, sword-fighting demos, an interactive poetry tower, and, of course, tons of delicious culinary samplings. 5-9 p.m., $10. Proceeds benefit River of Words, Mo Better Food, and Oakland International Film Festival. EastBayExpress.com

By Rachel Swan
Price: $10
Time & Date: Fri., Oct. 2, 5-9 p.m.
Sawtooth Building
Eighth St. at Dwight Wy.
Berkeley CA 94710
Berkeley: West




Big event at Fantasy last night, live music, valet parking and people dressed-to-the-tens to pay tribute to Saul Zaentz.





Da Boz emails

The Bates Update


Bayer will Stay in Berkeley 
Bayer HealthCare, the City's largest private employer, announced Wednesday it will invest more than $100 million to upgrade and improve its manufacturing capabilities here.  The company plans to modernize a biotech manufacturing plant that employs 1,400 people in Berkeley, thanks to a $10 million incentive package crafted in record time by myself and other East Bay elected officials.


First Annual Berkeley FILM Foundation Fundraising Gala
The Berkeley FILM Foundation (a public/private partnership with the City of Berkeley, Wareham Development and The Saul Zaentz Company) and the Bay Area film industry will honor legendary filmmaker Saul Zaentz at its 1st Annual Berkeley FILM Foundation gala fundraiser n Berkeley, California, on Thursday, October 1.
The Berkeley Film Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, will also recognize the 12 winners who will share $100,000 in grants, funded by this newly established program to support local filmmakers and inspire a new generation of emerging East Bay filmmakers.
The first Berkeley FILM Foundation fundraiser is expected to grow into one of the Bay Area's premier annual entertainment industry gatherings, bringing together the producers, actors, financiers, and technical talent that drive the industry today.  

Two Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Grants Awarded
Berkeley is a very safe place to bike and walk.  When indexed by its high rates of walking and cycling, Berkeley ranks as the safest city with a population over 60,000 in California for both walking and biking.  Despite our ranking, however, we are constantly looking to improve Berkeley's bicylcing and walking experience.
On August 10, 2009 the City of Berkeley was awarded $898,660 of grant funding from the California Safe Routes to School (SR2S) program for traffic safety improvements and some educational efforts at four Berkeley public schools: Malcolm X Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, Thousand Oaks Elementary, and


Berkeley Arts Magnet.
 On September 3, 2009 the City was awarded a $788,055 grant by Caltrans from the California Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) for completion of the West Street Pathway between the Virginia Bicycle Boulevard and the Delaware Street Bicycle Lanes and between University Avenue and Addison Street.

Four East Bay Cities Team Up in Nationally Unprecedented Arts Collaboration
 The cities of Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and Richmond will come together in an unprecedented partnership to promote the arts in a new East Bay Culture Corridor (EBCC). The EBCC will formally launch on October 2nd and will kick-start a month of public events celebrating the collaboration. 

The four-city arts collaboration is believed to be the first of its kind in the US and is designed to serve as a model of forward-thinking partnerships that put the arts forward as a proven catalyst for economic development, quality of life and community sustainability. The EBCC will foster relationships between the diverse arts communities of each city, leverage new audiences and resources for the arts, increase the visibility, accessibility and sustainability of arts communities, leverage new resources for each partner city and benefit local businesses through partnerships with the arts.

1st Anniversary of Regional Sports Complex - 81,640 Users to Date!
In September, members of the Tom Bates Regional Sports Fields Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) are pleased to announce the one year anniversary.  Since opening one year ago, the fields have been heavily used seven days a week, starting at 8:30 a.m. on the weekends and 3:30 on the weekdays, and closing at 10:00 p.m. each day.  In the first year 81,640 soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and frisbee players have run across the turf and grass. 
Phase One of the sports complex was completed in 2008 and includes two turf fields and grass fields to accommodate field sports.  In spring 2010, Phase Two will conclude with the completion of a softball field and expanded parking.



Ole guy Paul Volker was Charlie Rose' guest on 9/29 and 9/30. Check out the conversations here.

"Paul A. Volcker is an American economist, government official, and banker. After working as an under secretary in the Treasury Department (1969-74) and as president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (1975-79), he was appointed the chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in 1979. He pursued a restrictive monetary policy to combat inflation but was forced by a stagnant economy and high unemployment to support increased monetary growth during the mid-1980s. Volcker was succeeded as Federal Reserve Board chairman by Alan Greenspan in 1987. He subsequently was successful as an investment banker, retiring in 1996.

In 1999 an official panel he headed that investigated Swiss banks' handling of the accounts of Holocaust victims issued a report that was critical of the banks but did not recommend any changes in a settlement reached in 1998 (see Holocaust). Volcker became chairman of the International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation in 2000 and, in the wake of the Enron bankruptcy, headed (2002) an independent oversight board at Arthur Andersen, the accounting firm that was responsible for auditing Enron. He also chaired (2004-5) the UN's investigation into wrongdoing in the UN oil-for-food program for Iraq. Volcker is the author, with Toyoo Gyohten, of Changing Fortunes: The World's Money and the Threat to American Leadership (1992). "











Personally, I never have meetings under a Full Moon




"Books Inc. is Berkeley Bound" is a booksinc press release.

"Books Inc., the west's oldest independent bookseller, with a history that dates back to the California Gold Rush announced today that a lease has been finalized for a new location in Berkeley, CA, due to open in the fall of this year. This will be the 12th location for the locally owned and operated independent bookseller with eight (8) Books Inc. locations in the SF Bay Area, Compass Books & bzinc in San Francisco International Airport and Compass Books & Café at Downtown Disney in Anaheim. "

Grand Opening in Fourth Street next week--construction photos here. RP



"Thai Temple Sunday brunches will continue" by Doug Oakley, Berkeley Voice. "A Berkeley Thai Buddhist temple won approval Tuesday night to continue a Sunday brunch that draws hundreds and has neighbors complaining about parking, noise, trash and the odor of Thai food."



And"Berkeley adds more parking meters" is also an Oakley report.

"Berkeley will add 420 parking meters to city streets and increase its rate from $1.25 an hour to $1.50, following a unanimous City Council vote Tuesday night.

A ticket for an expired meter will go up Oct. 1 from $35 to $40, a move the council approved in June."





"Medical research grants rain down upon Bay Area" is a story at contracostatimes.com.

"Calling scientific research a job-creating engine, President Barack Obama heralded $5 billion in new government grants Wednesday to fight maladies such as cancer, autism and heart disease while boosting the economy.

Of that money, about $215.7 million is headed for the Bay Area, drawn mainly by research at the region's major universities."





David Bowman emails

Dear Potter Creek people,

The executive committee for the Potter Creek Neighborhood Association will be meeting this Sunday to plan our next meeting for sometime in the next few weeks.

Please let us know by late Saturday about anything that you would like to have put on the agenda for that meeting.

You can send items to me by reply email or you can find all the executive committee's email contacts at this link.



Get Alex Amoroso, the lead planner for the West Berkeley Project (981-7520) to talk about proposed height-limits in west-Berkeley, specially MUR and specifically Little Potter Creek.

For a later meeting, get Kava to speak on short AND long range plans for junkyard development in Little Potter Creek.

Personally, I never have meetings "under" a Full Moon. Sunday is 14 degrees 21minutes Aries. Whoa! RP


Seems some of those people who made the west-Berkeley Plan are now engaged in re-making it.

Which brings to mind Lipofsky's variation on, It's Good to Study History.

"It's good to study history so when you make the same mistakes over again, you'll be able to recognize them."



They're, they're . . .

meeting under a Full Moon?




In an effort to better understanding living in Potter Creek in the 21st Century, here's the first of Old Normal/New Normal.

Old Normal-Star Trek/New Normal-Battlestar Galactica.








Quote of the day, Galbraith's "Economists were invented to make astrologers look good."


30 to 3?

. . . it's all right, dear,. . . really



Old Normal,"I think I'll just treat myself at Nordstom's/New Normal,"Maybe I'll check out Goodwill--just a peek"




"Meridian International Sports Club" is a review of a Berkeley pub-at sfgate.com.

"There is always room for another sports bar in a college town. Cal alum and local resident Bayani Flores opened his last year in the Koerber Building, located near the downtown Berkeley BART Station.

As befits a sports bar, beer is the beverage of choice, which complements the gastropub menu."



"It may seem that the thousands of people who converged on the University of California Berkeley's famous Sproul Plaza, home of the free speech movement, on 24 September were simply upset about money. Where has all the money gone? Who has taken it away?And perhaps there is no one to blame" is opinion at guardian.uk.com.

"The University of California finds itself with a shortfall of $1.15bn for the next two years, the result of an $813m cut in state funding and another $225m increase in costs for student enrolment. Everyone knows that the state government is dysfunctional, that public funding decreased by 40% between 1990 and 2005 and that this year alone brought another 20% reduction, accelerating the abandonment of the premiere public university by a California legislature fully paralysed by minority rule (a two-thirds majority is required for sealing any budgetary deal) and Proposition 13 (the 1978 ban on increasing property taxes that strangleholds any attempt to increase revenues for public services)."




"Wells Fargo cutting customers' lines of credit" reports Andrew S. Ross at sfgate.com.

"I recently received an e-mail from a reader in the East Bay city of Newark. 'Wells Fargo bank is notifying customers this week that their equity lines of credit are being eliminated,' she wrote."


"Houses lack earning power of post-World War II era" is a report by Peter Y. Hong at chicagotribune.com.

"Experts say value of houses will rise, just not like explosive growth of past years. . . . 'We can no longer assume that housing will be as good an investment for the future as it has been,' said Robert Reich, public policy professor at the University of California-Berkeley and U.S. labor secretary in the Clinton administration."



posts from the past


Daylight Savings ends November 4th, now always the first Sunday in November.

More than you want to know about Daylight Savings is here.


As the rainy season begins you can find more information about our current weather conditions than is good for you at www.wunderground.com


Sally's published again. Her dinning area will be the featured back-drop for pet-presents in the Holiday issue of The Bark. Wednesday, the Bark crew were photographing there most of the day.

Annie K emails


Do you think anyone else besides me and my kids are calling the new Berkeley Bowl the "Berkeley Hole"?

Annie K.


Kava just called it "Now, an 8 million dollar hole-in-the-ground."

Annie asked for bowl photos--coming sooner-than-later. Annie's also putting some time in at The Barb, . . . oops, The Planet.


And, another Annie K email

Thanks for including my family's current name for the B. Bowl in your blog.
And I found this amusing-
"Annie's also putting some time in at The Barb, . . . oops, The Planet."- because I DID work at the Barb, too (in the art dept.) just for a few issues at the very end of its existence, shortly after I moved to Ca. in 1979.
In the nineties I also worked for nearly 8 years at the E. Bay Express as a graphic artist/illustrator before becoming a foster mom/writer. Now I'm back to doing design/production work at the Planet, ...
I continue to write on and off and will have an adoption-themed essay published in the Chronicle magazine next month. (Nov. is National Adoption Month.) I'll send you the link when it comes out.

Annie K.










Quote of the day

God created politicians to make activists look good. Or is it , . . . God created activists to . . . naaw.


Understand that when I use "gentrify" I mean it in its value-neutral sense--to refine.

"Buy shit" off that at your own risk.


Merryll just returned from SoCal visitng relatives and movie people and reports Disney is cutting back--twelve moives a year instead of twenty.


Pete Hurney is putting together (curatoring) an ukulele/guitar exhibit for the Oakland Airport. It will be up for four weeks beginning about December 18.



Dave Kruse emails
We will be hosting a press conference on Tuesday 10/6 at 10:00am. They will be here to set up at 9:00am.
Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner is promoting an energy efficiency bill AB 758 (see link below) and wants to hold the press conference at a commercial location that recently went through a green retrofit.
Janell Yates
Vice President
L.J. Kruse Company




our Angela forwards

October 2, 2009

As you know an early flu season with both Seasonal Flu and Pandemic H1N1(swine) Flu strains is affecting our communities now and is expected to continue through Spring 2010.
It is important that community residents know how they can protect themselves from the flu this season-both through preventive actions and vaccinations.  We have attached information about our upcoming seasonal flu clinic (Oct 6th) and our community flu education campaign called WHACK the Flu: WHACK stand for Wash your hands frequently, Home is where to stay when sick, Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, Cover your coughs and sneezes, and Keep your distance from sick people.  .
The Berkeley Public Health Department is working with schools, childcare centers, businesses, community based groups and others in our city to provide education and information about the flu this year.  Some groups are at higher risk of complications from the flu, and every year about 36,000 people in the US die of this illness. Thank you for helping us get the word out to your neighbors, especially those who may be at high risk for complications.
Once the new H1N1 vaccine is available (first shipments in the next several weeks), people will be able to get this vaccine from their health care provider, traditional vaccination sites (pharmacies) and some special vaccination clinics the city and our partners will be setting up.  While initial supplies may be limited, additional batches of the H1N1 vaccine will become more available through Nov, Dec and early 2010.
Please visit our website for posters, flyers and additional information and updates.  Let us know if you would like any hard copies of the materials sent to you or if you have additional question or need more information.

Yours in Health,

Kathy Dervin, MPH
Public Health Preparedness Coordinator



Councilman Kriss Worthington emails

Please email or call the Board to request the transfer of funds to prevent drastic bus cuts.

A.C. Transit has been hit with massive budget cuts and is considering dramatic reductions in bus service.
There is a proposal to avoid most of these cuts by moving millions of dollars from BRT Capital funds to operating funds.
It involves possibly moving up to $35 million in CMAQ funds and $45.6 Million in RM2 funds to avoid service reductions. 

The urgency to stop these bus cuts requires speedy funding.  Kriss W
Please join us in supporting this transfer of funds to operating funds to avoid the AC Transit cuts. 
Berkeley City Council Members Kriss Worthington, Darryl Moore, Linda Maio and Gordon Wozniak,
Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley, Oakland City Members Rebecca Kaplan and Larry Reid,
San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, San Leandro Vice Mayor Joyce Starosciak, Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson,
Union City Mayor Mark Green, Pleasanton Mayor Jennifer Hosterman, Hayward City Council Member Olden Henson.

Write or Call the AC Transit Board

Rocky Fernandez (President





our Ryan Lau emails

Office of Emergency Services (OES) Emergency Radio Communications Exercise
October 17 is the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake.  Please use this occasion as a reminder to take the time to prepare yourself and your family through the 5 Critical Steps to Earthquake Preparedness.  http://www.ci.berkeley.ca.us/uploadedFiles/Fire/5EQSTEPS.pdf
ONE: Make a plan for yourself and your family on how to evacuate and where to meet following an earthquake.
TWO:Arrange for a long distance telephone contact that everyone in your family can use to tell where and how they are.
THREE:Prepare an emergency supplies kit for you and your family, enough for five days for each person.
FOUR:Prepare your home to survive an earthquake.
FIVE:Get to know your neighbors and organize your neighborhood.

In remembrance of this anniversary, the City of Berkeley is conducting a variety of preparedness activities- many focusing on communications during a disaster.  The City's Office of Emergency Services (OES) is inviting all residents and neighborhoods to participate in an Emergency Radio Communications Exercise on October 17 from 900am to 1100am.  This drill will provide participants with the opportunity to practice one method of communications that may be utilized should regular communications be disrupted.
This exercise is open to anyone in Berkeley who would like to practice and test their FRS/GMRS (Family Radio Service/General Mobile Radio Service) radio communications equipment.  If you and your neighborhood/organization have obtained FRS/GMRS radios for emergency communications and would like to participate in this city-wide drill, please:
1.  Provide the required registration information below by sending an email to oes@ci.berkeley.ca.us.  Or call 981-5506 to register.
Contact Person/Neighborhood Organizer:
Contact Person's Email Address:
Contact Person's Telephone Number:
Radio Call Sign (Neighborhood Group Name/Organization Name):
Address or Cross Streets of Neighborhood/Organization:

2.  Have a FRS/GMRS capable two-way radio. 

Please submit your registration information by October 9.  Once registrations are received, OES will send out additional information by email on details for participation.



Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) Community Meetings
Enrollment Increases
Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) is experiencing growth in our K-12 student population, most notably in the last two years of increased kindergarten enrollment.  Many of our schools are currently at full capacity. 
In order to anticipate our facility and staffing needs in the coming years, a study was recently completed to project K-12 student enrollment.
This comprehensive study factored current and historical data about BUSD enrollment together with demographic data and planned residential development in Berkeley.  The data projects approximately 464 more students in the BUSD K-12 population over the next ten years.  The heaviest concentration of increased enrollment is expected in the elementary schools.
Wednesday - October 7, 2009 7:30 PM        Berkeley Arts Magnet Auditorium
Thursday - October 8, 2009      6:30 PM        Malcolm X Auditorium
Tuesday - October 13, 2009     6:30 PM        Jefferson Auditorium
The Board of Education, at its September 23rd meeting, reviewed some alternatives to address this expected enrollment increase.  The Board identified a preferred plan and two alternate proposals; these will be presented at three community forums to inform and provide the community with the opportunity to offer feedback on these proposals. The staff recommendations involve changes that could affect enrollment and space development at all of our schools.  The proposals currently have specific considerations for Jefferson, Berkeley Arts Magnet, and Malcolm X Elementary Schools.
A final recommendation is scheduled to go to the Berkeley School Board at the October 28th school board meeting.
Send comments to the Board of Education:
[ mailto:boardofed@berkeley.k12.ca.us ]boardofed@berkeley.k12.ca.us
Write "Comments on K-5 Zones" in the subject area.
Mail Comments to:
BUSD Board of Ed
2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
Associated Documents available on the website:
 [ http://www.berkeley.k12.ca.us/ ]www.berkeley.k12.ca.us



Winter YouthWorks Applications
New application period for 2009 Winter after-school employment!  Berkeley youth can now pick up applications beginning October 1st, 2009 and have until October 31st, 2009 to submit.
Qualified Youth, between 14 and 25 years old, (Berkeley residents only) will be placed in a variety of jobs, including childcare, recreation & clerical positions within city departments and various community organizations.  The pay is $8.00/hr, and Youth may work up to 15 hours per week.  Most jobs will begin mid-December, 2009 and youth will work for up to 8 weeks.
As part of the Winter after-school Youth employment program, all youth who are accepted are required to attend mandatory paperwork sessions and orientations.  YouthWorks staff will provide all necessary information and paperwork to applicants upon hire.
To apply: Youth need to come in person to the YouthWorks office to sign for and pick up an application and other required paperwork beginning Oct 1st, 2009.  The completed application with Parental Authorization must be returned by October 31st,along with Photo ID, Social Security Card, Proof of Residence, a typed or word-processed resume, and a recent progress report showing a GPA of 2.0 or higher. 
Please note: The submission of a completed application does not guarantee placement into a job, it is a competitive process.  However, we do encourage all interested youth to apply: regardless of outcome, YouthWorks staff will provide coaching and guidance on an ongoing basis.
For further information, contact:
(510) 981-4970
Office Hours:  8am- 5:00pm Monday through Friday (except for holidays and reduced service days for the City of Berkeley)
For older youth 18-25 years old, YouthWorks staff accepts applications year-round, please call or come in for more information.

Ryan Lau
Council Aide
Councilmember Darryl Moore









"More than aspirin: Bayer's focus on specialty medicine" by David Morrill, Oakland Tribune.

" Someone says Bayer. The other says aspirin. The two go hand-in-hand.

Ask 17-year old water polo player Anthony Ong of De La Salle in Concord, and he associates Bayer to Kogenate.


By the way the noise is back--a high pitch squeal** coming from the direction of the Bayer south gate.

**squeal |skw?l| |skwil| |skwi?l|
a long, high-pitched cry or noise




Some "picture books" about Our Town worth checking out are; "Berkeley Postcard History" by Wendy Markel, "Berkeley 1900" by Richard Schwartz and Sandra Bruch, "Jews of Oakland and Berkeley" by Frederick Isaac, and"It Came From Berkeley" by David Weinstein.



"Scholars plan first US Islamic college in Berkeley" is a report at jpost.com.

"Imam Zaid Shakir has high hopes for Islamic scholarship in America - aspirations that include the first accredited four-year Islamic college in the United States. "



"When State Universities Lose State Support" opines Nancy Folbre at nytimes.com.

"The budget of the public higher education system of California has been slashed by over 20 percent, on top of previous cuts. Faculty and student protests kicked into place the first week of classes, reflecting enormous contention over the best way to respond.

What's happening in California is both a harbinger of things to come in other states and an amplification of a national trend."



"California protests take holistic look" is opinion at mndaily.com from our Daily Cal."Community colleges are important to the University of California system."



"First Chapter: A Bomb in Every Issue" is an excerpt from a work about Rampart's magazine at nytimes.com.

"On a bright spring day in 1962, two months before Edward Keating published the Þrst issue of Ramparts magazine, President John F. Kennedy stepped to the podium at Berkeley's Memorial Stadium to address 88,000 eager listeners.It was the largest live audience Kennedy ever addressed and the biggest event in the University of California's history. The occasion was the university's ninety-fourth anniversary, but Kennedy's presence had turned it into something else: a celebration of cold war liberalism at its peak."




"Berkeley High School to open yet another academy -- for green energy" reports Katy Murphy, Oakland Tribune.

"Believe it or not, Berkeley is about to become greener."



"Scam targets California small businesses" is a story at abclocal.com.

"There is a new warning out about a new business scheme that targets people with small companies in California.

Official-looking mailers are popping up around the state demanding people pay a company a large fee or face losing a business. Now the attorney general is investigating because these letters are not official and you do not have to pay.

Scott Davaly set up his own limited liability company to manage his property in Berkeley' The process was quick and cheap.

Every other year, the state sends out a form and you send them $20 and that's it," he told 7 On Your Side. "




posts from the past

10/4/05 thru 10/13/05

At last night's Potter Creek community meeting Kava said of the 2819 8th Street property "I'm going to buy it tomorrow."

Negotiations have been concluded between Berkeley Bowl owner, Glenn Yasuda and Affordable Housing Associates for part of AHA's adjacent property--escrow to close the end of this month. The property--a strip along their north side--will be used for additional Berkeley Bowl parking.


We're quoted on the City of Berkeley website--uncensored! My version of the Potter Creek meeting and a readers impressions of the WeBIAC Forum are there and more. Check it out here.


So, . . . why was that rock thrown through my window last night? For the same reason my American flags were stolen, or hang-up phone calls made? Or was it a childish prank? Well, the male that I saw running away was about six-feet tall, thin, and with a three-quarter length "jacket."


Berkeley PD received three reports of glass-breaking in Potter Creek Friday night--all occurring between 8:00 and 9:00 PM. The car parked in front of the home of our community group-head had half of its windows broken-out. The motor-home parked next to the home of our community activist had its windshield smashed, and a rock was thrown through my window.


It's been reported that the Mayor and most of his staff aren't working these days--vacations, family emergencies,etc. Funny, I haven't noticed any difference.

Well, . . . a rock was thrown through my window.

Ok Boss, . . .

come back to work please.


Was it Mao who said "You know you are successful if you are being attacked?" Or was it Moe?









The average browsing time on 10/6 was 55 minutes per reader.


Time in Berkeley for a "New Radicalism?" The one we've followed for over 40 years is grounded in the '60s and in an "Insurrection" that we--remember--lost. Seems, for over 40 years we've been following a losing culture, strategy and tactics and its leaders.

Definitely time to change.




"Filipino students push for Philippine Studies at Berkeley" reports Marconi Calindas at gmanewstv.com

"Filipino and Filipino-American students of the University of California (UC) in Berkeley continue to push for the establishment of Philippine Studies classes amid a budget crisis faced by the school.

'We are now focusing on getting more Philippine classes while securing our current Tagalog classes,' Lean Deleon said, referring to his group, the Committee for Philippine Studies (Compass)."



"Xinet Introduces WebNative Suite 16.0" is a press release at whattheythink.com.

"Xinet, Inc., the leader in digital asset management (www.xinet.com), today announced the release of Xinet WebNative Suite 16.0. This new release presents expanded versatility with an easy-to-use, streamlined, Web-based graphical user interface (GUI), improved tools for administrators, and new features that greatly improve the management of graphic assets and enhance workflow efficiency."



" Rational Irrationality" is a report by John Cassidy at newyorker.com. "The real reason that capitalism is so crash-prone."




post from the past


In August, I posted

Sunday afternoon Sally had a party for Norma Finch, Richard's Mom. (Norma who turned ninety-one has just passed her drivers test.) Though the La Farine hazel-nut, almond, chocolate, cherry torte was unexpectedly delicious, Norma's story about meeting her husband, Dan was even more delicious. In the 1930s, Dan, an inventor, was driving around the country with his cousin testing a current invention, a multiple-fuel '36 Buick. (It'd run on whiskey, Richard chimed in.) Seems the boys stopped in Haywarden, Iowa to visit some of cousin's relatives. And, it happened at that time Norma was visiting back home from Takoma Washington, where she was working. During their stay down the street, the boys would often walk past Norma's house. But Norma says that it was her Mother who noticed them and asked Norma to invited them in. Well, she did. So, Norma invited Dan and his cousin in. They came in through the back--the kitchen--door. Lots of good food and talk were had in kitchens. Among other things, they decided they'd meet the next day at the Sand Pit--the swimming hole. They did, and over the days in Haywarden they got to know each well enough that they wrote to each other after they left--Dan went to Harvard and Norma back to Tacoma. After some time away they met again in Haywarden and then-SCANDALOUSLY--took the train together to meet Dan's parents in Glendale.


Dan and Norma








Jarad email (excerpts)


I read your thoughts on "Time in Berkeley for a "New Radicalism?" and I agree wholeheartedly. I was born in the 1960's, but like many people of my generation, I don't relate to the values of my parents. The reason is that I grew up in different times with different social issues than they did. It's boring, it's frustrating, it's ridiculous that our city continues to be steered in directions that are dictated by the distant echoes of a by-gone era.

There's nothing wrong with activism, but if you are going to be active, with all of the real, pressing, and critical problems we face today, how about falling back on common sense and direct all activism to addressing the problems we have right here in our own city,. . .



In an effort to outline a new progessivism, and understanding that the 60's model and its derivatives have failed, I jump back over the '60s to the 1950's thinking of C. Wright Mills, H.H. Gerth, Hannah Arendt and others.

Stay fracking tuned.


C. Wright Mills

and his Beemer


"Commercial Real Estate May Be Next Victim of Recession" is a disturbing report by Paul Solman of the Lehrer News Hour.

"Just two years ago an office space in midtown Manhattan could fetch close to $1.7 billion. Today, the same property trades for about $600 million. A sign the commercial real estate market will be the next shoe to drop in the U.S. economy? "


Judging from the number of workers and work-vehicles, Bayer's 8th and Parker remodel is providing a good amount of jobs.



"Can CA Economy Afford Climate Policies?" is a story at ca.sys-con.com.

"New UC Report Assesses Business-As-Usual vs. Aggressive Clean Energy Policy"




" City Expects Swine Flu Vaccines This Week" by Riya Bhattacharjee of our Planet.

"Berkeley health officials said Tuesday, Oct. 6, that the city is expecting its first shipment of H1N1 vaccines as early as this week.

The first swine flu nasal spray vaccines were distributed in different states all over the country Tuesday.

Although priority will given to groups more likely to get sick and have H1N1flu complications that could lead to severe illness and death, the city's acting health officer, Dr. Janet Berreman, said anyone could get the vaccines through their private healthcare providers.

Berreman said the city would first be vaccinating pregnant women, people who live with or care for infants younger than six months old, healthcare and emergency medical services personnel, individuals between the ages of 6 months and 24 years, and people age 25 through 64 with chronic health conditions or weak immune systems."




"Alternative Berkeley school proposed" is a report by Doug Oakley, Berkeley Voice.

"The Berkeley school board is considering creating an alternative high school or charter school proposed by one of its high school principals for 500 kids who are falling behind.

Victor Diaz, principal of Berkeley Technology Academy, said the school would serve kids from grades six through 12 who traditionally fall behind: students of color scoring well below their white counterparts.

Berkeley schools have the largest gap between well performing white students and students of color in the entire State of California, according to schools spokesman Mark Coplan."




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Bay Area home prices from sfgate.com


Bay Area foreclosures from sfgate.com

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You can find more information about our current weather conditions than is good for you at www.wunderground.com

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Best gas prices in 94710, as well as all of US and Canada, are here at gasbuddy.com

Kimar finds Costco routinely has the lowest price.


Richmond Ramblers' motorcycle club member, Cliff Miller emails a very

useful link

If you ever need to get a human being on the phone at a credit card company or bank, etc., this site tells you how to defeat their automated system and get you to a human being within a few seconds.



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