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"Tag it Berkeley, dogs being dogs and public art" Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross write at sfgate.com.
"Dogs do what dogs do - and in Berkeley, 'dog do' is now part of some very public art.

Decorative medallions depicting dogs sniffing, dumping and humping each other have recently been added to the base of one of a pair of sculptures commissioned by the city on either end of the pedestrian and bike bridge over Interstate 80.

At first glance, one might think the scatological series of bronzes - at the base of the west side sculpture celebrating the waterfront park - is a joke.

It's not.

'I am showing dogs doing what dogs do at the dog park,' said Scott Donahue, the Emeryville artist who was paid $196,000 from Berkeley's public arts program to create the sculptures."


Patrick Kennedy, my favorite Irish builder, emails

It is impossible to parody the City of Berkeley, isn't it?


Dear Mayor Bates,

Perhaps you could return the bicycle-bridge sculptures to their maker and get a refund. 
sincerely ,



"City Hall Announces Budget Cut By a Quarter" is a report in Russia's St Petersburg Times.

"St. Petersburg's budget will be cut by about one quarter to just under 100 billion rubles ($2.7 billion) in 2009, it was announced on Tuesday, with education and investment, capital repair and housebuilding programs receiving less money." 



Berkeley's J. Bradford DeLong comments from the Philippines through the bworld.com site "When an economy falls into a depression, governments can try four things to return employment to its normal level and production to its 'potential' level. Call them fiscal policy, credit policy, monetary policy, and inflation."


our Pete Hurney emails

Rocking the airwaves once again bringing you an hour of ukulele music on KALX. Thursday night - Friday morning at midnight, this week, February the 12th. 90.7 FM
    Or will we be strumming the airwaves as its only the little ukulele?
Out of the area? Stream our broadcast live online at http://kalx.berkeley.edu/listen.htm
remember; chocolate's not just for breakfast anymore



The Berkeley Art Center has named Suzanne Tan its new executive director" is a notice at sfgate.com.

"Tan comes to the center, the city art gallery of Berkeley in Live Oak Park, after spending several years in Southern California, where she served most recently as director of institutional giving at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena."


also mentioned is Potter Creek's Barry Gifford

" 'The Phantom Father,' a feature film based on a story by Barry Gifford, has been completed in Romania, Gifford reports.

The English-language film, directed by Lucian Georgescu, is a road movie about a Stanford professor and biographer who takes off for Europe, eventually traveling to Transylvania and Bucovina, where he meets a female archivist. The film stars Marcel Iures, who appeared in Francis Ford Coppola's 'Youth Without Youth' and who will star later this year in Gifford's 'The Hotel Room Trilogy,' at the Teatrul Odeon in Bucharest.

Gifford's novel 'Wild at Heart' was adapted for a film by David Lynch, and he wrote the screenplay for Lynch's 'Lost Highway.' "

more sfgate art news here


"Exhibit highlights Abraham Lincoln's Oakland thumbprint" is a review by Annalee Allen, Oakland Tribune columnist.

"An exhibit on view at the Oakland Main Library uses materials from the collections to illustrate how key policies of the Lincoln presidency during the 1860s led to Oakland's emergence as a key regional metropolis on the West Coast."


"Womb Congestion Inspires Comedy by MacArthur 'Genius' " is a Berkeley Rep review at bloombergnews.com.

"It's the late 19th century in the drawing room of Dr. Givings, where Mr. Daldry arrives seeking treatment for his wife's condition. Mrs. Daldry feels cold and depressed. She inexplicably breaks down 'weeping over green curtains.'

'There's very little sympathy between us,' Mr. Daldry complains at the outset of 'In the Next Room (or the vibrator play),' a new work by 34-year-old MacArthur 'genius' Sarah Ruhl, which is getting a lively premiere at California's Berkeley Repertory Theatre.



"Oakland teens learn culinary arts while battling addictions" is a story by Kristin Bender of the Oakland Tribune.
"Kevin and Julio are teenagers trying to beat drug and alcohol addictions at Thunder Road, a substance abuse treatment center on the outskirts of downtown Oakland.

As part of their therapy, they are learning about anger management, self worth and pride, and how to deal with issues inside so they can lead successful, productive lives once they are finished with treatment.

But during their stays at the 22-year-old facility, they are also learning how to make a hardy vegetarian lasagna and some mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies under the center's growing culinary arts program.

Now in its seventh year, the cooking program, which has graduated some 6,000 young people, will next month move into a new $112,000 professional kitchen, where the teens will do the cooking for the first Taste of the East Bay fundraiser event on March 20 at the historic Berkeley City Club." 



"Food activist Alice Waters speaks out at Berlin festival" is a story at earthtimes.com.

"A good film and a nice dinner are some of the ingredients that go into the Culinary Cinema section of the Berlin international film festival. After the screenings top German chefs serve a menu inspired by the films, and events are rounded up with discussions on culinary themes - completing, for some, the perfect evening.

Food guru Alice Waters, a surprise choice on the eight-member international jury this year, is thrilled at the idea and has come to Berlin with a message."




"Lower Rent Good News for Food Outlets" report Olga Kiselyova and Yelena Dombrova
Vedomosti of the St Petersburg Times.

"Premises in the center of the city have become more affordable for food outlets than they were just a few months ago.?

The crisis has presented new opportunities for chains of restaurants and cafes, which can now afford to rent premises that were previously too expensive."


"Biodiesel Comes To SF" is found at sfgate.com.

"A biodiesel filling station has opened in San Francisco's Dogpatch neightborhood near the Caltrain station. It's the first here in the West Bay, joining Berkeley's Biofuel Oasis."



"Body Language Says a Lot About a Person's Wealth" reports Jeanna Bryner at foxnews.com.

"A flashy handbag or Armani suit can signal a person's wealth, but so can their body language, according to a new study.

People of higher socioeconomic status are more rude when conversing with others."

hmm . . .


some moments from my Anarchist past

Jimi Hendrix' tune "When Six Was Nine" from Easy Rider is still a favorite

If all the hippies cut off all their hair-I don't care!
Ain't nobody know what I'm talkin' about.
I've got my own life to live.
I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die.
So let me live my life
the way I want to


me in The Day, posing, after unpacking my Sunbeam S-7 just shipped from England


the woman in the background is friend, Mary Francis Fry, Muffin.

Muffin's something-like Great, Great, Grand Father is Muckraker, Frank Norris.


some revolutionary thought in Revolutionary Times

One of the ironies of our financial collapse is that those responsible for it are those attempting to fix it . We have something similar in west-Berkeley. The parallel is not exact, though it is strikingly and frighteningly similar. Those who created the west-Berkeley Plan are, across the board, among the core Stakeholders now trying to fix it, the Plan now wildly out-of-sync and dysfunctional.

How dysfunctional and out-of-sync is it?

Good law, whether parking codes or building use, should be easy to obey. It should reflect the needs of the citizenry. I would rest my case with the numerous friends and neighbors here in west-Berkeley who do not now perceive the codes derived from the Plan as functional and so do not follow them.

And then , . . . the west-Berkeley Plan did not anticipate, meaningfully understand, or significantly incorporate computerization, the major cultural change of the Twentieth Century. Oops.

certainly to be continued


the Kubik emails




"Berkeley set to allow cremains within city" is a story by Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer.
"For the first time in a century, Berkeley residents might soon be able to spend the afterlife within the city limits."


"This Guy's No Dummy" is an obituary byy Randy Alfred at wired.com.

"Samuel Alderson, inventor of the automotive crash-test dummy, dies. His creation saved countless lives ... and amused millions along the way.

Alderson graduated from high school at age 15, but the realities of the Great Depression repeatedly interrupted his college education: He needed to help his father run the family's sheet-metal business in Southern California. As a result, he studied at various times at Reed, Caltech, Columbia and the University of California at Berkeley. Alderson returned to Berkeley and started work on a Ph.D. in physics under J. Robert Oppenheimer and Ernest O. Lawrence, but left without finishing his dissertation."












Blossom Dearie passed last Saturday--bummer.

"Blossom Dearie, who died on February 7 aged 82, was one of the great interpreters of American song in the post-war era."


Yesterday, I received a google-alert about my Moe's, Moe story. 


I'm told Tofu-yu has closed its 9th and Ashby Deli, and I know that their company URL is "dead."


Our Biofuel Oasis is a worker-owned co-operative and is moving to a new location--still in west-Berkeley. Here is an update.



  our Heddy Riss emails

GoodBank Bad Bank panel on February 18th at 5:00 PM 
Dear all,
I hope to see you there!

Heddy Riss
Executive Director
Center on Institutions and Governance
UC Berkeley
130 Moses Hall, MC 2370
Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: 510 643 4487

details sooner-than-later



The hippest daily-ride in Potter Creek is owned not by a carguy but a cargirl.

Well, . . . Ok, then.





See Spot s$%t, see Spot f##k!

 "California Bridge Sculpture Is Literally for the Dogs" is a story about our bicycle bridge sculptures at foxnews.com.

Fox photo


"Dogs do the darndest things.They poop, they hump and they sniff in all the wrong places".

"And now you can see them do all of the above every time you cross the pedestrian bridge over Interstate 80 in Berkeley, Calif., thanks to the largesse of the taxpayers.

Artist Scott Donahue of Emeryville, Calif., was paid $196,000 by Berkeley's public arts program to create two large statues, which feature small, artistic medallions that show dogs doing what dogs do best.

'Various things,' Donahue said. 'Biting each other, chasing each other. One dog is defecating, two dogs are fornicating.'

But with the country in a deep recession and California on the verge of bankruptcy, some taxpayers are questioning the money Donahue got for his work. His total budget was $196,000 - 1.5 percent of the total budget for building the pedestrian bridge. And all of it came from taxpayers."


darn, . . . misspelled "f@#k"

our Merryll emails

I would like to understand why someone - the city person - is saying the piece was picked with public input so that makes it allright - do we let the public design the bridge? Why is it OK for them to decide what's good art. . . and who is this public?

Talk to our Rick Auerbach. He worked for Economic Development and with the Arts Commission, and I remember him talking to me about a "sculpture project." I don't remember details, perhaps he does.



from my log

2/8/09--starting mid-day--off-and-on, SERIOUS irritant in front of warehouse and warehouse front, dry eyes, dry mouth, cough, slight "chlorine" like odor, guest for afternoon has headache, goes outside for a walk for "air".

2/9/09--off-and-on all day beginning at 6:00AM, VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front, burning eyes, burning mouth, hacking cough, short breath, slight "chlorine" like odor, over-rides four HEPA filters, eventually leave.

2/12/09-6:00 AM--VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse, "dry" air, unburned "gas" odor, eyes and throat dry, cough, air out. 




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Bay Area home prices from sfgate.com


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Our City Council update is here.


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You can find more information about our current weather conditions than is good for you at www.wunderground.com

Want to see weather coming in, going out, beautiful sunsets, and much, much more? Check out http://sv.berkeley.edu/view/ This very hip site was in an email from reader and contributor, Tony Almeida. Read Tony's Jimi Hendrix story on the only page that routinely gets more hits than Scrambled Eggs.


Best gas prices in 94710, as well as all of US and Canada, are here at gasbuddy.com

Kimar finds Costco routinely has the lowest price.


Richmond Ramblers' motorcycle club member, Cliff Miller emails a very

useful link

If you ever need to get a human being on the phone at a credit card company or bank, etc., this site tells you how to defeat their automated system and get you to a human being within a few seconds.



Markets is not just a reference for Berkeley-Hills radicals with 1.5 mil homes and considerable portfolios.


Our City of Berkeley Boards and Commissions page is here--redone and friendly.



Berkeley Police reports at insidebay area.com are here.


Our Berkeley PD Site with crime statistics and more is here.

Crime Log for 94710 is here

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All reports of crime-in-progress should first go to Berkeley PD dispatch--911 or non-emergency, 981-5900. THEN make sure you notify EACH of these City people.

The contacts are below:

Our new Area Coordinator is Officer Karen Buckheit, Berkeley PD - 981-5774 kbuckheit@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Angela Gallegos-Castillo, City Mgr Off - 981-2491 agallegos-castillo@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Ryan Lau, aid to Darryl Moore - 981-7120 rlau@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Darryl Moore, City Councilman dmoore@ci.berkeley.ca.us


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