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Judi Quan emails

astronaut Douglas Wheelock photo

Greek islands on a clear night---Athens shines brightly along the Mediterranean Sea



"John Reed on Big Banks' Power and Influence" is a video conversation at billmoyers.com.

"Bill Moyers talks with former Citigroup Chairman John Reed about his role in bringing down the Glass-Steagall Act."

"How Big Banks are Rewriting the Rules of our Economy" is a video conversation at billmoyers.com.

"Bill Moyers talks with former Senator Byron Dorgan to explore how our political and financial class shift economic benefits to the very top."






"What's Wrong With the Teenage Mind?" Alison Gopnik on how we might readjust adolescence at wsj.com.

" 'What was he thinking?' It's the familiar cry of bewildered parents trying to understand why their teenagers act the way they do.

How does the boy who can thoughtfully explain the reasons never to drink and drive end up in a drunken crash?"


In "the spirit" of Scrambled Eggs and Lox, Javier Panzar writes at dailycal.org "California should give a shit.

I fucking hate opinions.

That is not to say that I hate other people's opinions. I just always avoided giving mine. I attribute it to being the youngest of three brothers with a vocal father - to avoid fights I became a natural listener.

I just never felt confident or smart enough to go toe-to-toe with people, so instead I just listened, emphasized whatever.

But you know fuck all of that. It is worth speaking your mind when it matters."














"Mind-reading breakthrough hailed by US scientists" foxnews.com.

"You may idly wish you could hear what others are thinking yet write off telepathy as science fiction. But one day, the ability to read people's minds may not be a talent reserved for psychics and the X-Men.

A group of neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, reported they may have come up with a scientific way to read people's minds."



"Meeting on student-police clashes sees low turnout" is an AP report at mercurynews.com.

"Police at the University of California, Berkeley received heaps of criticism in November when they used batons on protesters attempting to erect tents as part of the national Occupy Wall Street Movement. But hardly anyone turned out for a public meeting aimed at soliciting ideas for preventing such clashes in the future."     



"Green Home Remodeling Workshop to Help Lower Energy Bills" by John M. Zukoski  at arounddublin.com.

"An upcoming workshop held by the experts from GreenPoint Rated will educate . . . in the Greater Bay Area about how to green their homes through easy, do-it-yourself techniques. Open to the general public, this workshop will be held on February 2nd at 5:30PM at Truitt & White in Berkeley, CA."








"Once again, Oakland is barreling into the pot frontier on its own" is a sfgate.com report.

"Federal officials have forced the shutdown of more than 200 medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California since fall, and the state Supreme Court agreed last week to hear a case that could throw the industry into chaos - but is that discouraging the city of Oaksterdam?



"Bay Area Air board hits the road to see business pollution up close" is a story in the Contra Costa Times.

"The Bay Area's air pollution board will soon hit the road, holding some of its meetings at businesses it regulates to give members more insight into the board's job of protecting clean air."









is a LEED "green" certified project in west-Berkeley at 1331 Seventh St--its builder is Adam Block. This is the first LEED private-new-building in Berkeley.















February is Black History Month

Geralyn Hurney photo

MLK Memorial, Washington DC









Sophie Gross shares

Marcel the Shell



If I remember correctly, Tuesday the 8th was His Honor Mayor Bates' 73th Birthday.

Zo, . . .











New Time and Date for 1st Coffee with Constituents
Grab a cup of coffee, or another refreshing beverage, with your District 2 Councilmember.

Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict arose that requires me to change the time and date of my first "Coffee with Constituents," originally scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday, February 11th.
6:30pm to 7:30pm, Tuesday, February 21st, 2012,
Nina's Cafe, 2703 Seventh St. between Carleton and Pardee
           (in the ActivSpace Building) 


San Valentino Menu 2012
Massi's made the Valentine's Day menu with extra love this year. In honor of the holiday's rich tradition of chocolate, we'll be once again making our cocoa pappardelle with Bellwether Farms crescenza, toasted walnuts, butter and sage.  More savory than sweet, this dish still provides that all important fix.  Other favorites include the dungeness crab tower, roasted quail with Italian sausage stuffing, and lobster zuppetta.  Enjoy the love...





West Berkeley is home to the small indipendent record producer, 9th Street OPUS. Located on 9th Street north of Gilman, it opened in 2008.

Among the groups they have produced and recorded are Blame Sally, Rondo Brothers, Forrest Day, Carrie Rodriguez, Greylag, The Real Nasty, and Diego's Umbrella.

An Indie Rock producer, worthy west-Berkelians.










"An Insanely Intense Look At The World's Cheapest Car" jalopnik.com.

"Like lots of car guys, I have a very specific weakness for one particular class of automobile. For many, that weakness is for fast, powerful, luxurious, high-end exotics; for me, as a side effect of a condition known medically as 'being a bit of a moron,' it's at the extreme low end of the spectrum."


"Will Bajaj Auto's ultra-low-cost four wheeler, RE60, become a Nano (the small car launched by Tata Motors) killer?" firstpost.com.

"Rajiv Bajaj, managing director of Bajaj Auto, would probably cringe at that question. 'As a marketing position, we are an anti-car company,' he told a press conference in New Delhi on Monday, a fews days before the Auto Expo. "This vehicle was born out of the costs and skills of a two-wheeler market. There must be a starting point for a strategy, which, in our case, was a brand.
The RE60 represents the culmination of a four-year project to introduce an ultra-low-cost four-wheel vehicle for Bajaj Auto." 

Bajaj also makes motorcycles


Isle of Man TT

"All your questions about the new 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200NS answered at one place!" at zigwheels.com, India's car/bike mag.




















In "Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue, Hit by Hard Times, Needs a Makeover" from The Bay Citizen at nytimes.com, Frances Dinkelspeil writes of our Ken Sarachan.

I remember throwing Ken out of Moe's when among other things he tried to buy records in the store from our customers for his Raspuitin's -- then a carousel on the sidewalk. Moe himself thought little of Ken's social conscience, years ago spending the majority of his acceptance speech for a city award riffing on the subject. Moe pretty much agreed with our Kriss Worthington's "You can't say that everything that is wrong with Telegraph is because of this one site, but it's a blight." Moe went a litte further.

As to Ms D's "Telegraph Avenue has long been considered the spiritual center of Berkeley." Al Braver, a fellow cigar smoking friend of Moe and owner in The Day of Campus Records at Telegraph and Bancroft, felt it was the Campanile which he also promoted it as The Center of the Universe. Probably a minority opinion.

















Claudia and Cameron's

newly adopted, Charlie, a Border Terrier mix and a fox hunter.


Jon Stewart of The Daily Show called The Bark recently expressing an interest in being interviewed. Claudia, an admirer of Stewart was thrilled at the prospect as was Stewart, an admirer of The Bark. Stewart's wife is a veterinarian, dogs run freely on the set, and guests are often evaluated by animals' response.

Claudia is flying to New York for the interview on February 25th.











Cameron emails about The Bark's new book, Howl

Howl is a collection of the Best Contemporary Dog Wit published by Crown. Its our follow-up to our New York Times bestseller Dog Is My Co-Pilot. Howl is composed canine-inspired writing from a variety of contemporary humorists, literary authors, and comedians including Al Franken, Dave Barry, Margaret Cho, Kinky Friedman, Haven Kimmel and Roy Blount Jr. Nearly 70 contributors in all.

Best regards, Cameron





















Rejuvenation Lighting is coming to Fourth Street.

The retail outlet for their newly manufactured antique and vintage light fixtures will be just across the street from California Closets at 1717 Fourth. They plan to open around June 1st, possibly sooner.




Also new to Fourth Street is

Rachel Adler's acting studio at 2020 FourthStreet


Though February 7th is Charles Dickens' birthday, February 9th is His Honor Da Boz's.

Happy Birthday!



And the 4th Street Studio, an art collective, is moving from its old Fourth Street location to its new one at 2000 Fourth.







Among the more-than-several-stories about Our Town changing banks, Carolyn Jones "Berkeley considers new banks to replace Wells Fargo" is the best.

"Berkeley's considering saying adios to the stagecoach.

Saying they're fed up with Wells Fargo's corporate ethics, the Berkeley City Council this week took steps toward cutting ties with the banking giant and investing instead with smaller, local institutions."

Seems it was "our Darryl Moore's idea."











Late yesterday, an Berkeley PD undercover officer was injured while attempting an arrest in Castro Valley. The officer was pinned between the suspect's and his vehicle as the suspect backed into the officer. Other officers at the scene opened fire wounding the suspect. Both were taken to the hospital.


Berkeley PD Officer Cesar Melero emails

Coffee with Area 4 Commander, BPD, Lt Dave Frankel Friday, February 10, 2012, from 2 to 3 PM, Caffe Trieste, 2500 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley   Lieutenant Dave Frankel is the Area 4 Commander for the Berkeley Police Department.  He will be having coffee at Caffe Trieste and would like to invite anyone who wishes to discuss any issues, concerns, or just want to have coffee with him.   Officer Cesar Melero #95 Area 4 Coordinator


"Berkeley BART Stations Among Top for Bike Theft" at berkeleypatch.com.

"Your bike is safer at an Oakland BART station than one in Berkeley or Walnut Creek, according to an analysis of BART crime data by California Watch."




from our Councilman Darryl Moore's monthly email

Make less than $49,000/year?  Come get your taxes done for free!

If you make less than $49,000/year you can get your taxes prepared for free.  Even if you don't need to file a tax return, you may qualify for cash back.  These IRS-certified tax preparers will see if you qualify for over $5,000 cash back from the Earned Income Tax Credit! 
In Berkeley there are 7 locations where you can take advantage of this service.

For more information or questions, call 2-1-1 or Assemblymember Nancy Skinner's District Office at (510) 286-1400




"Following the signs in Berkeley" Samar Halarnkar at livemint.com.

"The gnarly senior citizen with the white beard stands impassively on the pavement outside my window with a sign that reads, "Only 119 days left to judgement day." On a walk downtown yesterday, I saw a panhandler with a sign propped against his begging bowl. It said: 'Need money to fight aliens and impress girls.' A little further, I see poems carved into the pavement. Walking through the campus of the University of California, Berkeley (or 'Cal', for short)-where I am presently on sabbatical, teaching for a semester-I stop to read one of many steel-bronze plates embedded in the ground; this one proclaims that the air above this plaque is "subject to the jurisdiction of no nation".



"Center for Investigative Reporting, The Bay Citizen Announce a Joint Memorandum of Understanding to Pursue Merger" marketwatch.com.

"Combination will provide highest quality nonprofit journalism and investigative reporting locally, regionally, and globally."



"Tim Berners-Lee Takes the Stand to Keep the Web Free" at wired.com.

"The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, testified in a courtroom Tuesday for the first time in his life. The web pioneer flew down from Boston, near where he teaches at MIT, to an eastern Texas federal court to speak to a jury of two men and six women about the early days of the web.

His trip is part of an effort by a group of internet companies and retailers trying to defeat two patents - patents that a patent-licensing company called Eolas and the University of California are saying entitle them to royalty payments from just about anyone running a website with "interactive" features, like rotating pictures or streaming video."


















Just under a dozen people had coffee with our BPD Lt Dave Frankel at Caffe Trieste yesterday afternoon. Dave, our Area Commnder, listened to concerns of west Berkeley residents, many from the north-of-Dwight neighborhood.

Ryan, a five or six year old boy wanted to know what Dave' job was. "I help officers keep you safe" he replied. Among those present were our Michael Goldin and our Tak Nakamoto. Close to the hour's end, Dave and the department were given a touching tribute and hearfelt praise from an African-American west Berkeley resident.

Lt Frankel intends to hold these coffee sessions regularly every couple of weeks at different locations in his Area.









Black History Month

Deep Winter Sunset in Old Potter Creek by Rick Auerbach [copyright]







"Man shot by police in Castro Valley is well-known to authorities" Kristin J. Bender and Doug Oakley Oakland Tribune.

 "A man shot by police in Castro Valley on Wednesday night after he rammed an officer with his car is on federal parole for drug and weapons violations and has ties to a notorious drug house that was boarded up in 2009 after a decades-long battle with neighbors."




"Pew survey: Weak economy hitting young adults hard" Samantha Stainburn at globalpost.com.

"The weak economy is hitting Americans ages 18 to 34 particularly hard, according to a study released today by the Pew Research Center."















 The Millennials are the first generation of Americans who cannot count on doing better than their parents. On Moyers & Company, Bill Moyers talks with Heather McGhee, a Millennial who has dedicated herself to tackling these issues.


In the same broadcast, Moyers talks with conservative economist Bruce Bartlett, who worked for the Reagan Revolution.

And a list of many Moyers & Company videos is here.








Cameron emails 

Hey Ron,
Did you see those turkeys walking down the sidewalk in front of your place yesterday about 12:50 pm? Yes, I mean real feathered turkeys, 4-5 of them taking a stroll down 8th St. Ask David Rowinski, he saw them too! Where'd they come from? Where were they going?

Anyone with more information please email me.

Claudia emails

Yes we saw them. Have no idea from whence they came. I just hope that they arrived "safe" to where they were going. Poor dears.


Steve Smith emails

Ron, I see turkeys in Potter Creek all the time.  In fact, our city is riddled with them.  In fact, people have mistaken me for a turkey . . .
Steve Smith







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2/4/12--12:16 AM--dry dirty air in front room, mucus membrane irritation. 12:34 AM--VERY SERIOUS irritant in front room, dry dirty air. Off-and on all AM. 3:19 PM--irritant in front room, mucus membrane irritation,"epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar."

2/5/12--6:17 AM--irritant in front room, mucus membrane irritation,"epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar." 6:36 AM-- mucus membrane irritation, light head, headache, overrides three HEPA filters, use respirator.

2/6/12--4:00 PM--"strong glass manufacturing odor" in warehouse.

2/11/12--7:26 AM---dry dirty air in front room, mucus membrane irritation.