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CBS 5 report with audio "Man Charged With Murder In Berkeley Hills Killing.

An Alameda man was charged with murder Wednesday for allegedly killing a Berkeley hills homeowner with a flowerpot on Saturday night, according to court documents."

"We have met the enemy and he is us" Pogo.


This would seem a perfect time for all involved--the press, city hall, the department, and the citizenry, each to look inward.




the studious

child in Our Town, downtown



















Berkeley PD's Lt Andrew Greenwood was promoted to Captain last week. He will assume the Captain's duties on the 18th of next month.




bicycle path

An extension of our 9th Street, it roughly runs between San Pablo and Hollis ending at Powell.



Potter Creek's Tuxedo--a black and white cat with predominately white markings--was struck by a vehicle last week. While turning the corner of 9th and Grayson, a box-bed truck hit the cat.

Tuxedo was protectively surrounded by a group of workers and residents until Animal Control arrived. The Control Officer examining Tuxedo, determined the cat to be brain dead. Carefully putting Tuxedo in her vehicle the cat was taken to the city's west-Berkeley facility. Berkeley's Animal Control responded within about ten minutes.

Tuxedo was often seen hunting around Potter Creek.



BB Simmons stopped Saturday to show her brand new Toyota Prius--she bought one of the first extended body models. A beautfully enginered vehicle, I look forward to a "test ride." Also, I noticed a Chevrolet Volt new to our neighborhood.








"Federal warning ends county truce with pot-growers" by Lisa Leff, Associated Press.

"Residents of Mendocino County, the redwood and marijuana-rich territory in California's fabled Emerald Triangle, thought they had reached detente in the decades-old clash between pot growers and local law enforcement two years ago when the sheriff agreed to stop raiding medical cannabis producers who paid to have their crops inspected.

For a $1,500 fee and adherence to rules over water usage, odor control and distance from neighbors, marijuana farmers working for groups of patients could grow up to 99 plants on five acres of land. Numbered red zip ties had be affixed to each plant, confirming the county's seal of approval and giving a visiting deputy proof the pot was legally grown.

The one-of-a-kind program generated $663,230 for the sheriff's department - and prompted inquiries from other jurisdictions interested in creating their own.
But this month, the permitting system became the most striking casualty of the crackdown on medical marijuana cultivation and distribution by California's federal prosecutors. The board of supervisors ended the experiment after the U.S. attorney for Northern California threatened take the county to court for helping produce an illegal drug."



"Proper RX Collective Marijuana Dispensary of the Oakland, East Bay, and Berkeley Area Celebrates 'Goombay by the Bay' ", PRWeb at SFGate.

"Proper RX Collective, medical marijuana dispensary and delivery, is hosting a patient party on March 2 at Hibiscus in Oakland that is open to the entire community. Entertainment, food and fellowship with a theme based on the Bahamian festival 'Goombay by the Bay,' which pays tribute to the rich hybrid culture of the Caribbean people."





Aw jeez, "Wealthy people 'more likely to lie'" is a report at news.com.australia.

"People from wealthy, upper classes are more likely than poorer folks to break laws while driving, take candy from children and lie for financial gain.

The seven-part study by psychologists at the University of California Berkeley and the University of Toronto analyzed people's behavior through a series of experiments."

"Take candy from children"?



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