on March 4th I posted

I'm told by a usually reliable source that yesterday at 4:30 PM there was an armed robbery of a Tippett employee in the vicinity of 8th and Grayson. The robber, who held a handgun, let the employee go after taking his wallet--the robber was a young black man.


later on March 4th I posted

Andrew Frankel Berkeley PD, PIO confirms that there was an armed robbery of a Tippett employee yesterday late afternoon on Grayson--however there is more than one suspect. A firearm was used and there are several suspects.


on March 5th I posted

8th and Grayson armed robbery details

(put together from several sources)

Tuesday about 4:30 PM, the suspects drove up in a car, three got out, the car then went around the corner and stopped. The three suspects, "African-American, between 14 and 18" stopped the Tippett employee and threatened him with a pistol. The victim handed over his wallet and the suspects then ran around the corner, down the street and got into their car.




March 5th traffic stop on 8th and Grayson

at 5:45 PM, at roughly the same place of the Tippett employee armed robbery earlier in the week--not related



Consolidated Printing has laid off staff.



Last Tuesday a Potter Creek group met to approve their bylaws, possibly nominate officers and discuss traffic in the neigborhood. The meeting was held at the Ninth Street campus of the French School. At its peak just over thirty were present, some [many] left before the two hour meeting was over. Bylaws were approved.



Tippett has put on staff with new jobs.



at our west-Berkeley Bowl


Just over a week ago, city workers planted a fruit tree in front of the Eighth Street playground of the French School. This was about two weeks after the former fruit tree fell over.



"Push For West Berkeley Zone Changes Linked To University, Lab Startup Firms" is a story by our Planet's Richard Brenneman.

Our Planet's recent news release will follow.



"Roundabouts proposed for Berkeley's Gilman St." reports Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"Motorists call it 'suicide alley' and take 4-mile detours to avoid it. Pedestrians huddle on the sidewalk, cowering in fear. Merchants say it scares off customers.

But Berkeley has come up with a solution to the East Bay's most treacherous intersection - Gilman Street and Interstate 80, where traffic barrels through from 14 directions with no stoplights: a $10 million double roundabout.

'Roundabouts are all over Europe and Mexico. I think we'll get used to this here,' said Berkeley City Councilwoman Linda Maio. 'And the beauty of roundabouts is that if you don't get it the first time, you can just keep going around and around and around until you do.' "

Just like Berkeley politics, . . . but often they don't?



"Golden Gate Fields' owner files for bankruptcy" is a story by George Raine, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"The owner of Golden Gate Fields and other horse racetracks in the United States filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Thursday, saying it will continue with uninterrupted operations while beginning a process to sell assets and implement reorganization.

Racing at Golden Gate Fields in Berkeley will be unaffected, said Robert Hartman, the general manager, with the racetrack maintaining its schedule of races Wednesday through Sunday.



"Berkeley students decry proposed Panda Express" is a story by Patricia Yollin, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"UC Berkeley student Yonatan Landau shelled out $90 to rent a panda suit. That's the form political protest is taking at Cal these days.

Landau is one of the leaders of a campaign to prevent Panda Express from coming to campus. So far, more than 1,300 students have signed a petition opposing a plan to bring the fast-food outlet to Lower Sproul Plaza."




"Researchers identify promising materials for supplying the world's electricity needs" writes Kevin Bullis at technologyreview

"One of the best materials for making cheap solar cells is iron pyrite (better known as fool's gold), according to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley."


"Energy Storage: a Poor Idea for Solar-Thermal Power Project" reports Ucilia Wang at greentechmedia.com.
"Solar-thermal power supporters often cite energy storage as a benefit the technology brings. But it may not be practical for commercial deployment. At least not now. 

Charles Ricker, senior vice president of marketing and business development at BrightSource Energy, said the company isn't adding the energy storage component its projects because it doesn't make financial sense."




"Continuing Job Losses May Signal Broad Economic Shift" is a story at nytimes.com sent by Merryll.

"Another 651,000 jobs disappeared from the American economy in February, the government reported Friday, as the unemployment rate soared to 8.1 percent - its highest level since 1983.

The latest grim scorecard of contraction in the American workplace largely destroyed what hopes remained for an economic recovery in the first half of this year, and added to a growing sense that 2009 is probably a lost cause."



"Washington plans for big bank failure" is a report at cnn.com.

"A bill introduced in the Senate would give FDIC chief, Sheila Bair, a huge loan to handle 'emergency situations' in the banking sector.

A bill introduced in Congress would give the FDIC, the agency that stands behind Americans' bank deposits, temporary authority to borrow as much as $500 billion from the government to shore up the deposit
insurance fund.

The bill -- the Depositor Protection Act of 2009, backed by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd, D-Conn. and Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho -- wouldn't change the status of individual bank accounts, which through the end of this year are insured up to $250,000.

But the Dodd-Crapo bill acknowledges what the financial markets have been signaling for the past month -- that the government must take the lead in a costly cleanup of the mess in the financial sector."











On 3/6/1899 the German chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer registered Aspirin as a trademark.


"Life injected into Bay Area stem cell companies" reports David Morrill at contracostatimes.com.

Bay Area biotech companies sat frustrated for eight years as a cloud of politics generated by the Bush administration hovered over the stem cell industry.

But with a stroke of President Barack Obama's pen Monday, suddenly the sky has begun to clear as federal restrictions on the funding for embryonic stem cells were removed.

'We are now back at the starting line where we should have been long ago,' said Michael West, president and chief executive of Alameda-based BioTime. 'The political football has been taken off the field, and now we can focus on scientific collaborations that have been long delayed.'

Although financially this will benefit academic institutions and not companies, the acceptance of the field will have an impact on everyone, West said.

Stock prices for stem cell-related companies saw the impact immediately. Shares of nearly every company focused on stem cells surged dramatically. BioTime closed up 26 percent, or 45 cents, to $2.15. Menlo Park-based Geron closed up 16 percent, or 64 cents, to $4.51."


"Solar Millennium AG / Letter of Intent" is a press release at ad-hoc-news.de.

"Erlangen/Las Vegas (Nevada), 04.03.2009 Solar Millennium (ISIN DE0007218406) is cooperating with NV Energy Inc., a large energy supplier in Nevada, in the development of large solar-thermal power plants. Solar Millennium LLC, the American subsidiary with headquarters in Berkeley (California), NV Energy and MAN Ferrostaal Inc., the joint venture partner of Solar Millennium AG for the construction of solar-thermal power plants in the US, signed a memorandum of understanding (M.O.U.) for the joint development of projects in the Amargosa Desert."




"Berkeley Police Link 19 Sexual Assaults" reports US NEWS.

"Police in Berkeley, Calif., have reported two more sexual assaults of college-age women on or around the UC-Berkeley campus, bringing the total number of assaults linked to one suspect to 19, the Daily Californian reports.

Police have stepped up patrols in the area and have focused on publicizing preventative measures for personal safety. In response, student groups planned a rally for today and encouraged participants to wear skirts in support of the women who were assaulted, many of whom were wearing skirts when they were attacked."


 Ofc Andrew Frankel, BPD, PIO confirms that Mechanics Bank on Fourth Street was held up at 1:33 PM Monday. The suspect was seen leaving the bank, was pursued and arrested later Monday afternoon on 19th and Jackson in Oakland--with cooperation of Oakland PD.

Michael Goldin hipped me to the holdup within an hour of its occurance. 

Well, Ok then!



"Three Arrested in South Campus Stabbing" writes Riya Bhattacharjee of the Planet.

"Berkeley police have arrested three men in the stabbing of a UC Berkeley student early Saturday morning in thecity's south campus area.

Carlos Argenis Guzman, 22, Fernando Ramos-Hernandez, 23, and Christian Aaron Woodward, 23, were arrested for their alleged involvement in the stabbing. Guzman and Ramos-Hernandez were also arrested for brandishing a deadly weapon, battery and a hate crime-incidents that took place just minutes before the stabbing, said Officer Andrew Frankel, spokesperson for the Berkeley Police Department.

The assault took place at 1:13 a.m. Saturday at Piedmont Avenue and Channing Way." 



"Berkeley woman arrested for forging checks at Northern California banks" is a report at contracostatimes.com.



from my log

2/8/09--starting mid-day--off-and-on, SERIOUS irritant in front of warehouse and warehouse front, dry eyes, dry mouth, cough, slight "chlorine" like odor, guest for afternoon has headache, goes outside for a walk for "air".

2/9/09--off-and-on all day beginning at 6:00AM, VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front, burning eyes, burning mouth, hacking cough, short breath, slight "chlorine" like odor, over-rides four HEPA filters, eventually leave.

2/12/09-6:00 AM--VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse, "dry" air, unburned "gas" odor, eyes and throat dry, cough, air out.

2/17/09--8:59 PM, SERIOUS irritant in front room, burning eyes, mouth, leave.

2/18/09--6:59 PM, SERIOUS irritant in front room, burning eyes, mouth, cough, burning throat plus strong "chlorine bleach" and "burning natural gas" odor.

2/19/09--1:07 PM, irritant in front room, eyes water, mouth dry. 1:36 PM VERY, VERY SERIOUS irritant in front room, burning eyes, mouth, nausea, light head, leave.


****3/1/09-- ~6:00 AM and following all AM, VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, burning eyes, mouth, throat, cough. light head. ~10:30 AM--VERY, VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, burning eyes, mouth, throat, cough. light head, and "chlorine bleach" odor, leave. Similar throughout the afternoon. Similar symptoms previous PM.

***3/3/09--4:50 PM--VERY SERIOUS irritant in front room, SERIOUS hacking cough, burning eyes, mouth, short breath, "chlorine bleach" odor.

3/6/09--5:40 PM--irritant in frontroom, eyes burn.

3/7/09--7:15 AM, irritant in front room, cough, iritant off-and-on all day.

3/11/09--6:12 AM--VERY SERIOUS irritant in front room, burning eyes, mouth, throat, cough.




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