Interim City Manager Ms Daniel's press release

[On Monday 12, 2012] the City retained the firm of Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai to conduct an investigation into the events of March 8th and 9th involving Chief of Police Michael K. Meehan. That process will be conducted to its conclusion.


(Notice that our Interim City Manager apparently retained the law firm five days before our Police Association requested it. What can we learn from this?)


Berkeley Police Association March 16th letter to Interim City Manager Christine Daniel

Associated Press has picked up this story.


A Potter Creek resident asks of the investigation "How much will it cost?"



Berkeley PD Ofc Cesar Melero emails

Coffee with the Area 4 Commander

Lieutenant Dave Frankel of the Berkeley Police Department is the Area 4 Commander and he invites anyone who wishes to have coffee with him to join him at the
Gilman Grill, 1300 Fourth Street, Tuesday, March 20, 2012, from 2 to 3pm







NIck Despotopoulos emails

Happy Day St. Paddy's Day!






world's tallest woman, Ella Kate Ewing

Milo's entry in his school's Strong Woman event


the school




Milo accepting his

First Grade Grand Prize

About his award, Milo said something like "I picked Ella Kate because she was nice. I heard about Ella Kate
because of my Aunt KK's book about her."







"San Pablo man killed in industrial accident at Berkeley tool plant" by Doug Oakley, Berkeley Voice.















I'd say right now Our Town is working off Karma.

Some years after our Mayor violated our Freedom of Press, our police Chief Police apparently violates our Freedom of Press, decades after city hall considers the Black Pather's policy of police control by neighborhood councils (soviets) there is precious little communication between city hall and the police department, an industrial worker dies in a work-accident in the contentious heavy industry area of Our Town, apparently our Interim City Manager possesses a--possibly necessary--Stalinist* edge, another body washes up in our Marina.

Or, . . . there's still some LSD in our water supply.


*bureaucratic, authoritarian exercise of state power




"Berkeley hires attorneys to investigate police chief" by Kristin J. Bender, Oakland Tribune.

"The city has hired attorneys to investigate Police Chief Michael Meehan's decision to send an sergeant to a reporter's house last week to ask for changes to a story.

The city earlier this week retained Rennie Sloan Holtzman Sakay to conduct an investigation into Meehan's actions. A statement from the city manager's office did not indicate when the probe would be completed.

Meehan was not immediately available for comment Friday and the city manager's office declined to comment." 




"Berkeley police step up focus on west side after two shootings" by Doug Oakley, Contra Costa Times.

"In a move to head off more violence following two shootings earlier this month, Berkeley police have stepped up searches of residents on parole and probation and added officers to two west side neighborhoods where six people were shot."

















Last week's most important moment was

feeling the innocence and energy at Milo's school assembly



The Berkeley Bowl Cafe is starting a new menu. Check it out!.

Sunday morning I had the Cheese omlet with ham and peppers. Served with a fresh fruit cup, it was $5.95 and delicious. (I got to choose two items in addition to cheese. My omlet came between two slices of what I believe was fried bread--I love fried bread,) . The pizza selection has been expanded including a Meat Lovers, and there is Fish n' Chips. And more comforting food.

Manager Ashley is excited about the changes.


Pete says the rain for last weeks storm is around 6 inches and then made some comment.



Our Darryl Moore is hosting a community safety meeting with police this evening in response to the two recent west-Berkeley shootings. The meeting will be tonight at 7 p.m. in the gymnasium of Berkeley Youth Alternatives at 1255 Allston Way.

Doug Oakley's story about the shootings is here.

































our Councilman Darryl Moore emails

If you have a business in West Berkeley, you may be eligible for Enterprise Zone tax incentives.  Businesses in the Zone (both sides of San Pablo Ave. to the I-80 Freeway) from large manufacturers to small neighborhood restaurants can reduce their state taxes by taking advantage of the Enterprise Zone benefits for hiring eligible workers and for the purchase of eligible equipment.
Please join me, the City's Office of Economic Development and the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce for a free information seminar to help your business take full advantage of the tax credits. 
Thursday, March 22, 2012, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Berkeley Bowl West, Community Room
            920 Heinz Ave.
            Berkeley, CA  94710  
Please RSVP by emailing the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce at 
pollyarmstrong@berkeleychamber.com or by calling the office at 510-549-7999 





"The world's most beautiful turntables at cnet.com.

CD players may be a dying breed, but turntables aren't going away."









"Wheelz starts service at U.C. Berkeley" by Steven E.F. Brown, San Francisco Business Times.

"Student car sharing service Wheelz Inc., which raised $13.7 million in venture funding last month, started its service at the University of California, Berkeley ."



"Private universities cheaper than CSU schools" Richard Anderson at dailytitan.com.

"Public universities in California may have been dethroned as being cheaper than private schools for middle-income students. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, schools like Harvard and Princeton provide a cheaper alternative to schools like San Jose State and University of California, Berkeley."




"Oprah axes 'The Rosie Show' " at mercurynews.com.

"Oprah Winfrey continues to learn just how hard it is to get a successful TV network up and running. OWN has just announced that it's pulling the plug on Rosie O'Donnell's talk show - a program that had been counted on to bring much-needed life to the cable channel, but suffered from miserable ratings."













" California's Developmental Centers' Police Need Immediate Fixes, Officials Say" Ryan Gabrielson, huffingtonpost.com.

"Investigations of patient abuse by in-house police at California's institutions for the developmentally disabled have been unacceptably poor for years and must be fixed immediately, state officials and patient advocates agreed during a hearing today."















"Buon Compleanno a Riva!
Five years ago, Massi and I were busy preparing for the opening of our first restaurant.  We, with the help of good friends and family, spent long days and nights painting walls, tiling floors planting herbs with the kids next door, staining furniture, hiring staff, selecting wines and, of course, perfecting our menu.  The future was unknown and exciting.  Five years, one restaurant and two babies later, our lives are more full and blessed than we could have imagined." 



"Meeting addresses concerns about recent shootings" is a video report at ktvu.com.

"Two shootings two days apart in Berkeley prompted a community meeting on Monday night to address the recent spate of street violence."




Wim Wenders on Pina is a video conversation with Charlie Rose about his 3D film tribute to choreographer Pina Bausch, called 'Pina.' "

Wenders believes 3D allows dance to by fully captured on film for the first time.





"Resilient communities with smaller homes can rescue our economy" by Patrick C. Doherty is at slate.com.

"How charm and convenience can make our communities more resilient-and save our economy."


















A new Montessori School for Potter Creek

Global International Montessori 

 yesterday signed a lease with the owners of the property at 2830 9th Street--the old Kava Massih offices across from the French School 9th Street Campus. 

(Occupancy is subject to Use Permit approval.)


The French School just bought back the adjacent property north of their 9th Street Campus.



Our Patient's Group continues to look for a new location.



You must watch this 33 second video!


















"New Black Panthers offer $10,000 bounty for Trayvon Martin shooter" at sfgate.com.

New Black Panther Party at wikipedia.com.

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP), whose formal name is the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, is a U.S.-based black political organization founded in Dallas, Texas in 1989. Despite its name, NBPP is not an official successor to the Black Panther Party. Members of the original Black Panther Party have insisted that the newer party is illegitimate and have strongly objected that there "is no new Black Panther Party". The Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights consider the New Black Panthers to be a hate group.



"Black Panther birthplace renovated, put on market" Matt O'Brien, Oakland Tribune.

"The North Oakland bungalow where young revolutionaries founded the Black Panther Party in the late 1960s has been remodeled into a trendy showpiece worthy of Better Homes and Gardens.

Panther co-founder Bobby Seale lived there with his parents when he and other early Panthers patrolled neighborhoods carrying the weapons they kept at the home now advertised as a $400,000 light-filled house with maple, stainless steel and quartz features.

Panther icon Huey Newton, Seale and others gathered there to begin drafting their 10-point party manifesto that crystallized a growing movement." 



"El Cerrito High theater to host Jazzschool bands" Chris Treadway, allvoices.com.

"The new theater at El Cerrito High School, 540 Ashbury Ave., is a busy place most weekends, hosting opera and live music from outside groups, in addition to school events.

The attraction at 7 p.m. Sunday is a concert by the Monday and Thursday Night Studio Bands from the Berkeley Jazzschool."




A story in part about their west-Berkeley facility is "Bio Architecture Lab Wins 2012 Sustainable Biofuels Award Presented by World Biofuels Markets" at yahoo.com

"Award Recognizes Bio Architecture Lab for Its Breakthrough Technology That Can Produce Biofuels and Green Chemicals From Seaweed." 

Bio Architecture Lab are Michael and Steven Goldin's tenants.








 "NRG Energy's $120 million settlement over energy crisis contracts reaps big investment for electric cars" by Mike Taugher, Contra Costa Times .

"More than a decade after a handful of energy companies plunged California into a crisis that sent fears of rolling blackouts across the state, the successor of one of those firms has agreed to invest $120 million in recharging stations for electric vehicles."
















Public Promotion Ceremony Honor Four Members of the Berkeley Police Department

Four members of the
City of Berkeley Police (BPD) Department will take their oaths to move to the
next respective police rank in the Berkeley Police Department's second public
promotional ceremony. On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, all members of the
community, BPD colleagues, family and friends, City of Berkeley employees,
members of local government and other law enforcement agencies are welcome
to join BPD on this memorable occasion.

The following BPD employees will be sworn in by Police Chief Michael K.

Sergeant Amber Phillips
Appointed as an Officer in 2004. She will receive badge S-17.

Sergeant Jeffrey Chu
Appointed as an Officer in 2002. He will receive badge S-10.

Lieutenant Edward Spiller
Appointed as an Officer in 1991 and Sergeant in 2001. He will be badge L-1.

Captain Andrew Greenwood
Appointed as an Officer in 1987, Sergeant in 1994 and Lieutenant in 2006. He
will be badge C-4.

Chief Michael K. Meehan said, "This is a memorable moment in the lives of
these four members of BPD. Having a public ceremony offers the community an
opportunity to be part of BPD's rich history. Please join us."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. (Doors open at 1:00 p.m.)
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Roda Stage
2015 Addison Street, Berkeley, CA.

City Manager's

Berkeley News Page

2011 Berkeley Bay Festival

Berkeley Bay Festival: April 12

Join in the family fun at the Berkeley Bay Festival, a free outdoor event at the Berkeley Marina filled with entertainment, food, boating, educational activities, and information about other exciting family outings and summer programs. The first Bay Festival was held at the Berkeley Marina in 1937, and since then has provided a wonderful opportunity for a variety of organizations to inspire enjoyment and improvement of the Bay environment.








"Tacocopter Aims To Deliver Tacos

Using Unmanned Drone Helicopters"

at huffingtonpost.com

















Yesterday, Marsha and I attended the Berkeley PD Public Promotion Ceremony. Lasting about 3/4 an hour with around 200 in attendance, it was brief, focused and quietly emotional. After The Colors and Pledge of Allegiance, the Chief, before introducing the officers to be promoted, gave a short history of the Department. After the Chief's introduction, the two Sargents, Phillips and Chu, the Lieutenant, Spiller and the Captain, Greenwood all gave brief acceptance speeches. Lieutenant Spiller in addition, brought some humor. Captain Greenwood offered a more sobering and heartfelt observation that Service, above all, involves "Courage, Integrity and Persistence." During the ceremony all badges, and in two cases bars, were pinned on by family members. Which reminded me of Marsha's comment before the ceremony in the largely uniform-police-filled-lobby. Something like "They have kids, wives or husbands, . . . family."


BPD Ofc Melero emails

Lieutenant Dave Frankel of the Berkeley Police Department is the Area 4 Commander and he invites anyone who wishes to have coffee with him to join him at Brennan's Restaurant, 700 University Avenue, on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012, from 2 to 3pm.





Planning Commission did not recommend the additional residential density on MUP sites.  They voted against it 8-1; that margin, on this commission is a significant message.  The 100' height limit sought made it through to recommendation, but with caveats.
Max Andersen appointed Patrick Sheahan to the Commission.  Maybe for longterm, maybe through the West Berkeley piece (which is now done and going to Council). 





"Center for Investigative Reporting, The Bay Citizen Agree to Merge. Merger Will Create Nation's Largest Nonprofit Organization Focused on Accountability Journalism" "a report at marketwatch.com.

"The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) and The Bay Area News Project (BANP), which operates The Bay Citizen, today agreed to merge operations, pending a review by the California attorney general. "








"Pot Grows on File: Bill to Force Medical Marijuana Users to Register with the State" by Chris Roberts at sfweekly.com.

"Whatever scent you may detect on street corners on a sunny day in the Mission, know this: Marijuana users aren't exactly out of the closet. The city's medical marijuana activist groups continue to struggle to organize and turn out supporters, who have proven less than eager to go public.

Folks who use medical marijuana legally in California do so with nothing more than a note from a doctor (a recommendation to use medical cannabis; the oft-misused term 'card' is merely a laminated representation thereof). An optional state ID card program has proved to be unpopular: The state has fewer than 10,000 users who paid the extra $103 for a state-sanctioned card, according to an Associated Press report released on Sunday.

But this could change if a South Bay assemblywoman has her way. All medical marijuana users would be required to register with the state under legislation proposed by San Jose Assemblywoman Nora Campos, who is taking it one step further: Anyone who plans on cultivating cannabis would have to fess up to this, and provide details about where they want to grow. That information would then be added to the registry on file with the state."











At the intersection of San Pablo and Dwight Thursday morning around Eight O'clock, CHP was investigating an accident between a school bus with children aboard and another vehicle. BPD was also present.


hail Friday night

a Marty Freedman photo, Merryll's friend

on Marin and San Pablo


and power was out Friday night in the north-Berkeley hills as a result of the storm


















Of my aquaintaence with some Berkeley police, one remarked "It's Ok. Look at it this way, now you can be arrested by a friend."

I'm told Lt Spiller is as good a police as he is a stand-up.

Among those present at the Tuesday Berkeley PD Promotion Ceremony were Interim City Manager, Christine Daniel and Head of The Office of Economic Development, Michael Kaplan. Councilman Kriss Worthington was also in attendance.










Kubik reports

David Orth, retired BFD Vice Chief was behind the purchase of 3 pumpers and miles of hose in containers plus the engines to load and transport them.  

These allow the department to pump from the bay, lakes or even swimming pools in case of emergency.  

He is pictured in front of one of the trucks.  

These have been stationed at 10th and Pardee, but are moving to a new facility in the area of our West-Berkeley BPD sub-station.









Aw Cheez, "Berkeley organic food company Annie's leaps 89 percent in IPO" George Avalos, Oakland Tribune.

"Annie's stock hopped 89 percent higher Wednesday in the first day of trading for the Berkeley-based natural and organic foods maker, a white-hot debut that underscored the popularity of healthy products.

Following an initial public offering that raised $95 million and priced the company's stock at $19, shares of Annie's rose $16.92 and closed at $35.92.

'I'm pretty impressed with what I've seen about Annie's,' said Patty Edwards, chief investment officer with Trutina Financial. 'Their growth is strong. They are profitable.'

Annie Withey and Andrew Martin founded the company in 1989 with the moniker Annie's Homegrown. It was launched to provide healthy macaroni and cheese meals."

Annnie's is located in west-Berkeley in the former Clif Bar facility.

















" 'Walmart of weed' opening store in Washington, D.C." by Michael Felberbaum, Associated Press at usatoday.com.

"A company dubbed the 'Walmart of Weed' is putting down roots in America's capital city, sprouting further debate on marijuana - medical or otherwise. . . .

'The more that businesses start to push the envelope by showing that this is a legitimate industry, the further we're going to be able to go in changing people's minds,' said weGrow founder Dhar Mann. . . .

Mann, who opened the first store in Sacramento last year, said he started his venture after he was kicked out of a mom and pop hydroponics store in Berkeley, Calif., just for mentioning marijuana. WeGrow has since opened a location in Phoenix and also will open stores in San Jose and Flagstaff, Arizona, in the near future. The company has franchisees in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and plans to expand into Oregon, Washington state and Michigan."


Some at City Hall are no longer publicly supporting the growing and sale of medical marijuana out of concern about Federal action. And "word on the street" is that a Berkeley retailer of grow-equipment has been told by its bank to close out its account or risk seizure.





Berkeley PD Sgt. Kusmiss

Investigation Continues in Fatal Shooting

City of Berkeley
Police Department (BPD) detectives are continuing to investigate the
shooting death of a man on Oregon Street near Sacramento Street.

At about 7:34 p.m. on Thursday, March 29, 2012, the BPD Public Safety
Communications Center began receiving calls of possible gunshots
heard in the areas around and including the 2800 block of Sacramento
Street. Responding officers located a victim lying in the roadway on
Oregon Street, west of Sacramento Street. Officers determined the
male victim had been shot. Berkeley Fire Department (BFD) personnel
treated the victim. BFD paramedics transported the victim to a local
trauma center, where he was pronounced dead.

During the course of their investigation, officers learned that two men
had walked out of a corner store when they were confronted by a
small group of subjects, at least one of whom was armed. The men
who had come out of the store began to run away and a suspect began
firing, hitting the victim. The suspects then fled the scene.

Homicide detectives have been working on this investigation
throughout the night and morning. One arrest has been made. Due to
the active, ongoing investigation, we are not releasing any further
details at this time. BPD does not believe that this was a random

BPD is urging anyone who may know anything about this homicide to
call the BPD Homicide Detail at (510) 981-5741 or the 24 hour BPD non
emergency number of (510) 981-5900. If a community member wishes
to remain anonymous, he/she is encouraged to call the Bay Area
Crimes Stoppers (BACS) at (800)-222-TIPS (8477). Any information may
be critical to solving this crime. Sometimes the smallest or seemingly
insignificant detail can be the key to an arrest and prosecution of the
suspect or suspects in any crime.

This is the third homicide in Berkeley in 2012.

Sgt. Kusmiss
Public Information


In a story in the New York TImes by our Francis D that begins "On Tuesday, minutes after the end of a Berkeley Police Department promotion ceremony, reporters rushed over to interview Chief Michael Meehan . . . "

ends with

"As news stories about the late-night visit to the reporter's house went viral, even landing in publications in Britain, Chief Meehan issued an apology. At first, the interim city manager seemed to accept the explanation, releasing a statement on March 10 that the chief had assured her it would never happen again.

The outrage grew, but Ms. Daniel did not make any further statements until March 16 after the police union called for an independent investigation. Thirty minutes after the union released its statement, Ms. Daniel said she had hired a law firm five days earlier to look into the matter.

'It's probably the most intimidating of all types of prior restraint or censorship that can be exercised,' said Jim Ewert, general counsel of the California Newspaper Publishers' Association. 'It may have just been an exercise of bad judgment, but I think the citizens of Berkeley should scrutinize his future conduct pretty closely.' "

In between is not at all a report of the Promotion Ceremony but the retelling of a version of recent regrettable events.












before 900 GRAYSON . . . there were the Good Old Days

so let's bring back them good old fashioned manufacturing jobs and, . . . the "anthrax experiments," the soap factory, the foundry, the . . .





April 2012 here






From my log

3/16/12--8:19 PM--irritant in front room,"epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor, burning eyes.

3/17/12--Off-and-on all AM and PM, dry dirty air in warehouse front and front of warehouse, nausea.

3/18/12--8:32 AM--dry dirty air in front room, "epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor, burning eyes. Mid-afternoon--Marsha has bad headache in warehouse. ~9:16 PM-- dry dirty air in warehouse front and front of warehouse.

3/19/12--12:24 PM---dry dirty air in front room, "epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor, burning eyes. 12:43 PM--light head, burning eyes, throat, leave. 1:16 PM--dry dirty air in front room, "epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor, burning eyes, burning throat, light head, nausea, overrides three HEPA filters. 3:46 PM--dry dirty air in front room, "epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor, burning eyes, overrides three HEPA filters.

3/25/12--8:15 PM--dry dirty air in front room, "epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor, burning eyes, light head, nausea. 8:56--similar.

3/26/12-- after 3:00 PM--dirty dry air in front room, mucus membrane irritation.

3/27/12--7:49 AM--dry dirty air in front room, "epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor,SERIOUS burning eyes, light head, nausea, overriders 3 HEPA filters. 8:35 AM--similar in warehouse front and front of warehouse. ~ 6:00 PM--dry dirty air in front room, "epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor, SERIOUS burning eyes, light head, nausea, Marsha worse, overriders 3 HEPA filters. ~ 7: 45 PM---dry dirty air in front room, "epoxy/asbestos/hot roofing tar" odor, SERIOUS burning eyes, light head, nausea, Marsha MUCH WORSE, overriders 3 HEPA filters.

3/28/12--5:13 AM--dry dirty air in front room, mucus membrane irritation, over rides 3 HEPA filters, wear respirator. 9:31 AM--Strong "glass manufacturing odor "in warehouse.

3/29/12--7:47 AM--"burning gas" odor in front room. 7:55 AM--dry dirty air in front room, mucus membrane irritation.

3/30/12 8:53 AM--dry dirty air in front room, mucus membrane irritation.


4/1/12--8:38 AM--dry dirty air in front room, SERIOUS mucus membrane irritation, overrides three HEPA filter, wear respirator.

4/2/12--1:39 AM--dry dirty air in warehouse front and front of warehouse, SERIOUS mucus membrane irritation.




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