the Dwight and Spaulding fire


Yesterday morning about 1:00 AM Berkeley FD responded to a call of a fire at a Dwight Way duplex--the fire apparently starting in front of the house.

First on the scene, BPD noticed a downed power line in the midst of the flames. At this time the four residents had been safely evacuated.

As the firefighters put down the blaze, heat caused the gas meters to explode with flames shooting from them--shut off valves were found and closed extinquishing the gas flames.

BFD put down the fire in about 30 minutes. PG&E later secured the scene.

None of the occupants were injured though there was extensive damage to the duplex front. 


Tak Nakamoto emails

The house that burned is owned by Paul Endres who's architectural practice, Endres Ware, is located in West Berkeley on 7th and Carlton. He lived in the front unit when Janet and I used to live across Spaulding from him. I hope that the fire won't be too devastating for him or his tenants . . . . It sounds like nobody was injured.


Tak believes Paul still owns the house.





Bob's neighbors, Mike and Charity

Kubik photo

visit our urban farm on 10th



Kubik's commentary on the Energy News Fukushima Forecast link sent by Marvin.

This is a strange site whose purpose seems to be to scare people.

Context is lacking. It has a paranoid slant - they aren't
telling us everything!

The videos seem to be computer simulations of
atmospheric movements with levels based on a few measurements made in
Japan. They portray Xenon

This movement of radioactive particles or
gases in the atmosphere has little to do with what is seen on the
ground. Unless it comes down, as with rain, it just passes by.

One statement claims "the radiation monitor went off scale!" but fails
to state what the scale was - some of these instruments are so
sensitive that an old watch with a radium dial would send them off

In short, don't get excited.

If I were raising an infant or small
child, out of abundance of caution, I would only use aged dairy
products for a while - such as cheese or canned milk.
As I did when the US was doing above ground bomb testing.

Understand Bob worked in the industry and keeps current on nuclear power through his world-wide contacts.



"New site maps state's severe traffic collisions" is a story release by Sarah Yang, UC Media Relations.

"Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are launching a powerful new tool for sorting through and mapping all of California's fatal and serious traffic collisions.
Starting today (Wednesday, April 6), anyone with access to the Internet can register for a free account to access the Transportation Injury Mapping System, or TIMS, to perform customized searches of 130,000 serious and fatal crashes in the state. Users can view the history of crashes from 2000 to 2008, the most recent year data are available, by county, city, neighborhood or along specific routes. Additional years of collision data will be incorporated into TIMS as they become available."



"'Hunger' for Success a Driving Force in Belva Davis' Storied Journalism Career" is a Judy Woodruff video interview with our Belva Davis at PBS NEWS.

"Belva Davis, the first African-American woman television journalist on the West Coast, speaks with Judy Woodruff about her pioneering -- and sometimes difficult -- career in broadcast news and her new memoir. This story was done in partnership with KQED in San Francisco."







Jazz bassist, Charles Mingus by Jim Marshall, 1976






"Berkeley school district takes steps to reduce guns on campus" Doug Oakley, Oakland Tribune.

"Berkeley's school district has assigned a teacher and a counselor to monitor high-risk students in response to recent gun incidents at Berkeley High and Berkeley Technology Academy."



"Ed Robert Campus holds grand opening Saturday" by Kristin J. Bender of the Oakland Tribune.

"Zona Roberts, of Berkeley, remembers the early discussions about how to best honor her late son, Ed Roberts, who has been called the father of the disability rights movement."



"U.S. Army agrees to land swap deal in Dublin" by Robert Jordan, Contra Costa Times.

"After nearly a decade of discussions, the Army announced a land transfer agreement Thursday that will turn over about 7.5 percent of Camp Parks to a Southern California development company in exchange for a face-lift for the aging reserve base.

The Army agreed to transfer 180 acres off Dublin Boulevard in fives phases. In return, SunCal will build $80 million in new facilities and upgrade infrastructure at the base that dates back to the 1940s.

SunCal, one of 150 companies interested in developing the land, and the Army reached the deal in March about the same time SunCal submitted its proposal to land build a second campus that Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is planning to open by December of 2015."










Fischer Architecture, our Andrew and Kerstin's restoration/remodel

of the McDuffie house 22 Roble Road

from Berkeley Heritage

"Duncan & Jean McDuffie House, Willis Polk (1921­1924),
22 Roble Road

This rambling Mediterranean villa is believed to be the last residence designed by renowned San Francisco architect Willis Polk ((1867­1924). The commission came from Duncan McDuffie (1877­1951) of Mason-McDuffie fame. The iconic Berkeley developer (Claremont Park, Claremont Court, Northbrae) and mastermind of 'residence parks'-elegant subdivisions in naturalistic settings (including St. Francis Wood in San Francisco)-McDuffie was also a nature lover and environmental leader par excellence. He served twice as president of the Sierra Club, was a founder of Save-the-Redwoods League, first chair of the California State Parks Council, and a key figure in the establishment of the East Bay Regional Park District.

The McDuffie house is an early example of the Mediterranean architectural style. It is set within grounds incorporating several levels of gardens designed by landscape architect James Frederick Dawson, partner in the celebrated Olmsted Brothers company of Brookline, MA. "







An Exhibition and Auction to benefit Kala Art Institute

Kala Art Institute Board of Directors and Honorary Co-Chairs Senator Loni Hancock
& Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates invite you to


a ten-day exhibition of works by a select group of contemporary artists currently working in California culminating in a dynamic Gala Auction on April 30, 2011.

Along with original artworks there will be unique art-related items and experiences offered through both live and silent auctions. Fine wine and exquisite food will be served at the Gala. Proceeds from the auction provide direct support for Kala Art Institute's programs for artists and the public.

Auction Exhibition: April 20 ­ 30, 2011
Preview Party: Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 6:00 ­ 8:00 pm
Silent Auction opens, Free admission
Auction Gala: Saturday, April 30, 2011, 6:30 ­ 9:30 pm

$40/person or $75 for two in advance
$50/person or $90 for two at the door
To purchase tickets:
Online: http://kala.org/auction
By Phone: 510-841-7000
By Mail: Send a check to Kala Art Institute, 2990 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702
In Person: Kala Gallery






the Baltimore Interactive model

is a thought provoking birds eye view of this city. The model is designed for the participant to ponder and explore, . . . in creating a vision for this city by moving objects around it.

creator James Rojas writes

"The six feet by six feet large model captures the city's majestic rolling hills, and it's European urban form of small street blocks, narrow streets, and intimate squares with monuments. The five hundred small structures placed on the model add life to the map by adding a third dimension. Like a painting the model illustrates the city's the beauty and charm in a creative, and graphic presentation.
The model is a condensed version of Baltimore's center core . . .

I added bike lanes, pocket parks, street trees, and median islands. . . . These interventions establish this model as an art piece for creative, urban thinking about Baltimore and not a replica of the city. . . .

The five hundred small, vibrant buildings are made from found objects, wood blocks, tile, jewelry, plastic game pieces, colorful beads, shinny tape, and many other materials. . . .

These buildings are conceptual representations of Baltimore structures and not literal. Since the buildings are not glued to the map, participants are allowed to move them freely wherever they choose. . . .

This sets the stage for the interactive process that allows the participants to understand how this city is physical created, experienced, and imaged. They can personalize the model by moving building around or adding additional materials located in bins under the model. The model is and will be constantly changing with all the interventions by the public. . . .

Once participants understand the diorama they begin to interact with it and start rearranging the pieces on the model. They see the model as a living sculpture of their city that they can personalize by moving building around or adding additional materials located in bins under the model. 
Other participants are fascinated by the design and construction of the small buildings and not the map itself.  They scrutinize the construction of the model and buildings and the sculptural aspects of the installation. . . .

Many times children will run up to the model and start to play with it."



"Tesla, other electric vehicles poised to enter the mainstream" by Dana Hull at siliconvalley.com is a survey of the electric car today with some little history.

"After decades of sputtering starts and stalled hopes, the electric vehicle is poised to enter the mainstream."


On the other hand " 'In the real world, it absolutely doesn't work,' concluded "Top Gear "host Jeremy Clarkson in a 2008 review of the all-electric $109,000 Tesla Roadster." See video of Clarkson' review here.

So Tesla is sueing Clarkson and Top Grear--Aw jeez.








the Potter Creek

Penndorf photo

Berkeley Bowl

"the grocery store











Kubk emails

Some straight scoop on radiation

Human effect measured in MilliSieverts (mSv);

Natural background in the US 1 - 2 mSv per year

Average US exposure 5 mSv per year

Regular flight crew New York/Tokyo 9 mSv per year more

CT scan 50 mSv per procedure

Increased dose of heavily
exposed living near Chernobyl 430 mSv over lifetime

Causes acute radiation sickness 1,000 - 2,000 mSv

Median lethal dose 4,000 - 5,000 mSv

When you see doses reported in a few milliSieverts per hour remember
that must per multiplied by the hours of exposure.
However, much of the numbers you will see are MicroSieverts per hour -
that is 1/1,000 of a milliSievert.




A reader's informal survey of the recent sale prices of ten-or-so homes in north-Berkeley showed some anomalies. Three sold for drastically under their previous purchase price--well under the expected 20-30% drop. One in particular stood out at a 150K sale price for a previous 400K, before The Crash purchase price.


I'm told that Apple is suing a structural engineer Involved in their Fourth Street remodel. It is for loss of revenue during the delay caused by the collapsed wall.


Also, it seems there is a movement a foot to rezone property surrounding Aquatic Park--this would restrict development of the adjacent Goldin/Jones properties.




Work includes reporting, writing, editing, proofing, still-photographing, audio-video recording . . . more.

email me at ronpenndorf@earthlink.net.









Pete and Geralyn together made this, their art-bed



Pete and Geralyn's inspiration"by" Marcel Duchamp





"Artists turn books into furniture, purses, birdhouses and more" by Mary Carole McCauley of the Baltimore Sun at kansascity.com.

"Jim Rosenau, an artist based in Berkeley, Calif., has crafted a fully functional and aesthetically appealing bookshelf from five volumes."




"Great Bike Towns and Bike Shops, Berkeley CA" by Steve Ready, a story-release at bicycleretailer.com.

"In its own independent and disorderly way, Berkeley is a great bike town. "




"Episcopal science whiz racks up awards" Sara Kaufman at pontevedrarecorder.

"Morgan Monroe calls herself a nerd, and she's not just any nerd. 'I like to consider myself the trifecta nerd,' Monroe said.

But unlike most high school seniors, Monroe wears it like a badge of honor. And her 'nerd' status has served her well. She found out last week that she'll be heading west to her number one college - The University of California, Berkeley."




And in another story-release "If plants generate magnetic fields, they're not sayin" Robert Sanders of UC Media Relations writes

"Searching for magnetic fields produced by plants may sound as wacky as trying to prove the existence of telekinesis or extrasensory perception, but physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, are seriously looking for biomagnetism in plants using some of the most sensitive magnetic detectors available."









"It's the Economy stupid!"

"Lionel Barber is a British journalist, educated at Dulwich College, who was appointed editor of the 'Financial Times' in November 2005. Previously he was the Financial Times' U.S. managing editor, based in New York, with responsibility for the FT's US edition, and for all US news on FT.com."

Charlie Rose talks with Lionel Barber here

and Jim O'Neill here.

"Jim O'Neill is presently the Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management."


Kubik sends a link to

"In Praise of Marx" by Terry Eagleton at chronicle.com.

"Why might Marx be back on the agenda? The answer, ironically, is because of capitalism. Whenever you hear capitalists talking about capitalism, you know the system is in trouble. Usually they prefer a more anodyne term, like 'free enterprise.' The recent financial crashes have forced us once again to think of the setup under which we live as a whole, and it was Marx who first made it possible to do so. It was The Communist Manifesto which predicted that capitalism would become global, and that its inequalities would severely sharpen. Has his work any defects? Hundreds of them. But he is too creative and original a thinker to be surrendered to the vulgar stereotypes of his enemies."

Terry Eagleton is a visiting professor at Lancaster University, in England; the National University of Ireland; and the University of Notre Dame. His latest book, Why Marx Was Right, was just published by Yale University Press.



And then on Oprah, there's Shirley MacLain's "Beliefs About 2012."









"Pot Growers Inhale 1% of U.S. Electricity, Exhale GHGs of 3M Cars" is a story at nytimes.com.

"Indoor marijuana cultivation consumes enough electricity to power 2 million average-sized U.S. homes, which corresponds to about 1 percent of national power consumption, according to a study by a staff scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Researcher Evan Mills' study notes that cannabis production has largely shifted indoors, especially in California, where medical marijuana growers use high-intensity lights usually reserved for operating rooms that are 500 times more powerful that a standard reading lamp.
The resulting price tag is about $5 billion in annual electricity costs, said Mills, who conducted and published the research independently from the Berkeley lab. The resulting contribution to greenhouse gas emissions equals about 3 million cars on the road, he said."




Now in place at Scrambled Eggs & Lox is the software, hardware and the peripherals to create an "new kind of" website.

Yet understand

"I move with the swiftness of a gazing buffalo."









Serendipity owner, Pete Howard passed last month. I knew him professionally since he traded books at Moe's when I managed Moe's Records. And, occasionally he would trade records. If they came with a collection he bought, often as not he'd call us and we got some good stuff that way. I particularly remember getting the pick of a really good classical collection. A few remain in my personal collection to this day.

For a while he had a sports car in his gevelb. Parked among the books as if it belonged there, it did seem at home. He also loved trains. I can't really say I knew him, but I'll miss him.





I spent yesterday morning with an old friend who served in the U.S. Infantry in WW II in Northern Europe. When the conversation turned to the war in Iraq he repeated more than several times "All those young men dying, they're just boys -- 18 and 19." And you could see that for those few moments he was not fully here, but was in long-ago-France, maybe in a foxhole.

I've just rediscovered the blues singer, Howling' Wolf -- he not so much sings as he howls and growls. One of my favorite blues LPs has always been his Chess release, "Evil." Now, songs from that album and many others can be found on the 50th Anniversary Chess CD release Howlin' Wolf, "His Best." I recommend it highly.



Saturday afternoon, John Phillips and Susanne Hering held what I like to think was an Easter Concert. In fact, it was a concert of Bach and the Couperins given to celebrate the completion of John and Susanne's new workshop and office building. (Though my sense is that this is more about beginnings than endings.) Baroque violinist John Holloway, harpsichordist, Davitt Moroney, and Baroque cellist, Joanna Blendulf filled John and Susanne's elegant Bauhaus building to overflowing with beautifully baroque sound. Their program was made up of Sonatas in e and G for Violin and Basso Continuo by Bach, Louis Couperin's Pieces in C for Harpsichord, a Francois Couperin Ordre in e for Harpsichord, and the Chaconne in d for Solo Violin of Bach. This Baroque music brought a sometimes almost unbearable beauty to our Potter Creek neighborhood. Most entertaining were the movements from the Couperin Ordre with their bouncing rhythms and varying hues. Most moving was the d Chaconne, a close to religious experience. And, the warm and dark Passacaille of the Louis Couperin Pieces brought John's shop-cum-chamber-hall to life. But almost unnoticed was cellist, Joanna Blendulf's quiet, firm, ground in the Bach sonatas--an important support for fiery violinist, Holloway. Happily, but unexpectedly, John's tall shop-space rendered all the music accurately. John Holloway's violin is a Gagliano, Naples 1780, Joanna Blendulf's cello is a Timothy Johnson, 1999 after Gagliano, Naples 1785, and Davitt Moroney played on one of John's strong French instruments. (After the recital there was a reception. The food was tasteful and excellently prepared by Susanne and friends. The strawberries were sweet and juicy, the asparagus spears perfect, and the baklava unbearably sweet.)

You can read more about Baroque violinist, John Holloway, harpsichordist, Davitt Moroney, and Baroque cellist, Joanna Blendulf through these, their links.




"Like the Flowing River" timesofindia.com.

"At the recently-held International Sacred Arts Festival in Delhi, Rishikesh based Ma Amodini Saraswati tells about the Ganga. 

From being a PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley, to becoming a sanyasini, how has the journey been? 
It was a long journey peppered with a lot of joy. For my PhD, I went to a village on the western coast in the forest, and it was there that my sadhana or spiritual practice began. I connected with nature and enjoyed the experience. In due course, I got my PhD degree, but my motive had changed by then. In fact, in the middle of my PhD, I was wondering what will I do with it and I was thinking about quitting. "



"It's an East Bay Earth Day Party: A Roundup of Local Earth Day Events and Promotions" at eastbayexpress.com.

"A lot of local businesses are doing their bit for Earth Day - which falls this year on April 22 - with special projects, programs, discounts, and deals. It's their version of Earthday cakes, Earthday candles, and Earthday gifts - and we're all invited to the Earth Day party."



"Baseball program will continue at UC Berkeley" is a story-release at newscenter.berkeley.edu.

"The University of California, Berkeley, baseball program will continue to represent the campus as an Intercollegiate Athletics sport, now and into the future, as the result of a successful and ongoing fundraising effort on the part of alumni, former players, parents of current players and other team supporters, campus officials said."


after 4/14/11, here



from my log

4/15/11--7:17 AM-- irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse. 5:18 PM--irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse. 7:48 PM---SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse. 9:14 PM---VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse.

4/16/11--off-and-on all day, VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse.




Bay Area home prices from sfgate.com


Bay Area foreclosures from sfgate.com

Our City Council update is here.


Our Planning Commision update is here



You can find more information about our current weather conditions than is good for you at www.wunderground.com

Want to see weather coming in, going out, beautiful sunsets, and much, much more? Check out http://sv.berkeley.edu/view/ This very hip site was in an email from reader and contributor, Tony Almeida. Read Tony's Jimi Hendrix story on the only page that routinely gets more hits than Scrambled Eggs.


Best gas prices in 94710, as well as all of US and Canada, are here at gasbuddy.com

Kimar finds Costco routinely has the lowest price.


Richmond Ramblers' motorcycle club member, Cliff Miller emails a very

useful link

If you ever need to get a human being on the phone at a credit card company or bank, etc., this site tells you how to defeat their automated system and get you to a human being within a few seconds.



Markets is not just a reference for Berkeley-Hills radicals with 1.5 mil homes and considerable portfolios.


Our City of Berkeley Boards and Commissions page is here--redone and friendly.



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The contacts are below:

Our Area Coordinator is Officer Karen Buckheit, Berkeley PD - 981-5774 kbuckheit@ci.berkeley.ca.us

AND check out BPD feature "Who are these Crooks."

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Darryl Moore, City Councilman dmoore@ci.berkeley.ca.us


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