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Mr. Peanut's New Planters Nutmobile

"As part of our sustainability journey, Planters is embarking on the 2011 'Naturally Remarkable' tour, encouraging Americans to grow stronger communities through service and conservation. The tour inspires people to become planters by volunteering with The Corps Network, the nation's service and conservation corps. As part of the tour, Mr. Peanut's new Planters Nutmobile, fueled by biodiesel and powered with solar energy, will travel to over 16 cities across the U.S. "



Here in Potter Creek there is also an interest in sustainability. John and Suzanne have recently installed solar panels on their building which now provide most of the electric power.



I'm told that LBNL's community group was given May 7th as the release date for the second campus finalists.


"Scientists isolate brain part linked with embarrassment" at bioscholar.com.

"With the help of a Karaoke experiment - recording people belting out an old tune and then asking them to listen to their own singing minus the music - scientists have found which part of the brain is tied with embarrassment.

The study was conducted at the University of California at San Francisco and Berkeley."





"Stanford-Berkeley group gets $25 million for advanced solar research" is a story-release at stanford.edu.

"A joint solar research effort managed by Stanford and the University of California-Berkeley has won $25 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative. The work is aimed at helping the solar power industry overcome technical barriers and reduce the cost of solar installations."


"What is OpenFlow and why is it needed?" at networkworld.com

"OpenFlow is a programmable network protocol designed to manage and direct traffic among routers and switches from various vendors. It separates the programming of routers and switches from underlying hardware. It is the result of a six-year research collaboration between Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley."




"Chevron Donates $100,000 for U.C. Scholarships" is a press-release at dailyplanet.com.

"At Saturday's 2011 Charter Gala event honoring United States Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu, the Cal Alumni Association of the University of California, Berkeley announced a partnership with Chevron to promote science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) education through a contribution of $100,000 to the association's Achievement Award Program."




"Body's immune protein fights breast cancer" at sciencenews.org.

"Interleukin-25 has potential as a new therapy."




"REHAU Joins Center for the Built Environment's Industry Advisory Board" businesswire.com.

"REHAU, an international polymer innovator in construction, automotive and industry, announces its appointment to the Industry Advisory Board (IAB) of the Center for the Built Environment (CBE).

Input from companies like REHAU helps to ensure our research is focused on the topics that are most relevant and helpful to today's building industry.

A collaboration linking industry with academia, the CBE, part of the University of California, Berkeley College of Environmental Design, aims to improve the design, operation and environmental quality of buildings by providing timely, objective information on building technologies and design techniques. The CBE was established under the National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) program, and is also guided by the IAB."



Students Shoot for 2,500 MPG. Seriously" by Chuck Squatriglia, wired.com.


"Tandem catalysis in nanocrystal interfaces: Could be a boon to green energy" at nanowerk.com.

" In a development that holds intriguing possibilities for the future of industrial catalysis, as well as for such promising clean green energy technologies as artificial photosynthesis, researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have created bilayered nanocrystals of ametal-metal oxide that are the first to feature multiple catalytic sites on nanocrystal interfaces."







"Building named for green pioneer; Work commences this week on complex named after former Sierra-Club executive director" reports Kristin Bender in our Times.

"To some, it might seem ironic that a multimillion-dollar building complex -- not a park or a mountain -- will memorialize one of the country's foremost environmental leaders, David Brower.

But like Brower, first executive director of the Sierra Club and a leader in campaigns to establish 10 new national parks, the David Brower Center will be dedicated to environmental education and activism."



"Budget Adoption Mayor Bates Touts Berkeley's Green-City Initiatives"
reports Riya Bhattacharjee of our Planet.

"Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates urged local businesses to help propel Berkeley toward becoming the greenest city in the country at the Sustainable Berkeley Commercial Property Climate Protection Luncheon gathering on Tuesday.

The event aimed to educate property owners and managers about free and subsidized services that would help save money and increase tenant satisfaction."












Kubik emails a link to

The kind of robots being used to monitor the Japanese nuclear reactors.


Richmond Rambler MC member, Cliff Miller


I thought this was very important to pass along.

Home Made Radiation Tester

 With all  the fear of radiation fallout from Japan, I thought it might be useful to tell you about a cheap, effective, homemade radiation  tester you can easily assemble and rely upon.
Follow these simple instructions. 

It really works!

Open a bag of Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn.

Just leave the bag on your table. If it starts popping, your f#%ked.




Charlie Rose conversations with three important chefs are definitely worth watching.

"Gabrielle Hamilton is chef & owner of Prune and author of 'Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef'."


"Jonathan Waxman is an American chef who was one of the pioneers of California cuisine and is credited with being the first to bring its style, fusing French cooking techniques with the freshest local ingredients, to New York. Waxman is also the owner of Barbuto and author of 'Italian, My Way.' "


"Ferran Adria has been called the world's greatest chef. He is certainly one of the most creative. Gourmet magazine referred to Adria as 'the Salvador Dali? of the kitchen.' His restaurant, El Bulli, was recently named best restaurant in the world by the prestigious Restaurant magazine. Ferran Adrià is the owner and head chef of El Bulli."




And Marsha forwards

A very touching story, hard to see, about two brothers who were separated at birth; a story of life and death and a cruel twist of fate. Certain to stir your heart.













Though never over-estimating our common-sense, I often naively believe Berkeley to be an informed, acceptant even sophisticated community. Sadly, I am often disappointed. For instance, it is well known, even in Turlock, that the legitimate motorcycle-clubs have a long history of individual and group volunteerism--including combating drug addiction, helping the disabled, the elderly, battered women and abused children.

Which brings me back to "We're not special, we're spoiled."


The fastest growing group of bikers, by-the-way are women. Of course, there is the pioneering Bay Area club "Dikes on Bikes."




Over the top and out of the box with the Berkeley Bowl.

I know that there are computer models for determining traffic flow and traffic patterns. I'm sure in the real world you can punch in Super-Market 50,000 Square Feet and get results that are predictably different from punching in Super Market 90,000 Square Feet--like bigger facility more traffic.

But this is quirky Berkeley and this is our own special supermarket, the Berkeley Bowl. (Berkeley, where it has taken almost three years to reach the stage we are at now. Where in a different world, the Albany Target--a chain--took a fraction of that time.) So , . . . maybe, just maybe, those models don't apply here, and maybe, even more maybe, a SMALLER market HERE causes GREATER congestion. Just my thought.

Then again, I've been waiting along with Linus every Halloween now for the Great Pumpkin to rise out of His Patch.






"Hiring surge to bring more recruiters to campus job fair" by Yasmin Anwar, Cal Media Relations.

"If the throng of recruiters expected at this week's pre-graduation job fair at the University of California, Berkeley, is any indication, students ready to enter the job market have good reason to be optimistic."



"Philadelphia Orchestra Board Approves Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing" is a story at huffingtonpost.com.



















An Exhibition and Auction to benefit Kala Art Institute

Kala Art Institute Board of Directors and Honorary Co-Chairs Senator Loni Hancock
& Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates invite you to

Kala's auction gala ­ Kala-fornia: State of the Art ­ on Saturday, April 30th is sure to be an evening to remember. Please join me and honorary co-chairs Senator Loni Hancock and Mayor Tom Bates in celebrating Kala Art Institute's 37th anniversary. This is our biggestfundraising event of the year and your support is essential to our success!

Leading up to the gala is a ten-day exhibition preview of Kala-fornia: State of the Art. We open the exhibition with a preview party on Wednesday, April 20th, 6:00 ­ 8:00 pm at the Kala Gallery, 2990 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley. Over 120 artists have generously donated exceptional work. You may pre-bid on many of these works during the preview, as well as, view and pre-bid online at http://kala.org/auction/artwork.html. Bidding is in progress!

April 30th gala tickets are just $40 in advance ($75 for two). During this event, artists Hung Liu and Jim Melchert will be honored with the Kala Master Artist Award. The evening will feature delicious bites by César, along with fine wine and signature cocktails. We want you there! To purchase tickets go to http://www.kala.org/auction. Thank you for being part of the Kala community. I look forward to celebrating with you at Kala-fornia: State of the Art.
Warm regards,
Archana Horsting
Co-founder & Executive Director




CEID 8th Annual Walk-A-Thon


Sunday, May 1, 2011, 9:30 am
      Lake Merritt, Oakland




"Lawrence Berkeley National Lab second campus shortlist coming soon" San Francisco Business Times by Blanca Torres.

"Lawrence Berkeley National Lab expects to come out with a short list of finalists for a potential second campus within in the next few weeks."

LBNL has released a PDF indicating a "second campus update" will be given at their May 9th meeting.



Jonah Hendrickson will be working as project-manager with Ken and Eric Schmier for the remodel of the Nexus property. Hedrickson will be meeting with Rick Auerbach and others. Their intent is to create more contemporary light manufacturing space--whether the exisiting space is in fact protected, and just what that means, will be determined.


The old Clif Bar building at 1610 5th, in fact on Cedar between 4th and 5th, is now occupied by Annies Homegrown Foods and and Guenergy. They are dividing the 60,000 sq foot space.


John McNeil Studios, 720 Channing, is in contract for another nearby property.




our Darryl Moore emails


The City of Berkeley recently received funding to complete the West Street Pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists along the former Santa Fe Railroad Right of Way between Cedar-Rose Park and Strawberry Creek Park.
If you are interested in providing input on the pathway design, the Transportation Commission will be discussing the matter on Thursday, April 21st, at 7 p.m. at the North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst Avenue (Hearst & MLK).





David Snipper emails

the European

plastic "shopping" bag




"Lil B Announces Title Of Next Album -- 'I'm Gay' " by Allen Starbury, ballerstatus.com.

"Lil BLate last year, when Lil B The Based God jokingly threatened to rape Kanye West in a Twitter update, sparking controversy and questions about his sexual preference.

Although he had since come out denying any homosexual tendencies on his part, at the massive Coachella Festival over the weekend in California, the Berkeley rapper revealed that when his next album drops, he's coming out the closet ... metaphorically."






"US, Swedish, Australian students among Paris fire victims" monstersandcritics.com.

"Four foreign students - an American, an Australian and two Swedes - were among the five killed in last week's blaze in an apartment block in Paris, Le Parisien newspaper reported Tuesday.

Jasmine Jahanshahi, of the University of California, Berkeley and Louise Brown of The University of New South Wales in Sydney, were exchange students at Sciences Po political studies institute in Paris. "



"University Of California Admissions Data Released" at huffingtonpost.com.

"The University of California released their admissions data yesterday, and the numbers show that out-of-state and international admissions (PDF) are at an all-time high. Massive budget cuts are forcing California's universities in both the UC and the Cal State system to raise revenue. For the UCs, that means accepting more non-Californian students who will pay about $23,000 more in a year than resident students.

That comes at a price for California's own students, who are finding it tougher to find space at their top state school choice. KPCC reports that this year's UC admissions data suggests 'it's becoming harder to gain freshman admission to the public University of California - unless you live outside the state.' "










California Closets'

29,500 square foot manufacturing facility with ancillary office and retail, 1716 4th Street



the David Snipper emails


plastic "shopping" bag








"Berkeley Looks at New Medical Marijuana Regulations" by Riya Bhattacharjee in our Planet.

"Berkeley might soon start resembling the fictitious city of Agrestic featured in the hit TV series 'Weeds,' where a widowed young mother bakes pot cookies at home to make ends meet.

Except, there would be nothing illegal about it."


Sounds a little like The Day, when Our Town was the Illicit Sex Capitol of the Bay Area with sex ads making a special point of mentioning "Berkeley location." Maybe, . . . just a little.

And it seems a bit of a "knee jerk" proposal to me. (I believe in legalization of a broader, deeper, more thoughtful nature.


And it is my understanding that the chocolate factory will NOT be used for marijuana growing and sales.






"Richmond woman slain in West Oakland drive-by shooting" by Harry Harris, Kristin J. Bender and Scott Johnson , Oakland Tribune.

 "The fatal shooting of a Richmond single mother and kitchen worker in the Berkeley school district is being felt in both cities by her loved ones who called the victim a caregiver and friend to many. Beatrice 'Betina' Burton, 33, of Richmond, was gunned down at 9:45 p.m. Monday night in a drive-by shooting in the 3200 block of Union Street as she walked near Poplar Park in West Oakland, police said. A woman who was with her was not injured.

Burton, who loved to cook, worked in the kitchen at Oxford Elementary School in Berkeley and had previously worked in the district's central kitchen, said Berkeley Unified School District spokesman Mark Coplan. 

She had 10 brothers and sisters, including step-siblings, many friends, and two children that she wanted to give a better life than she had growing up in a rough area of Richmond, said stepsister Bernadette Burton, 41 of San Leandro."










California Closets'

penndorf photo

29,500 square foot facility, 1716 4th Street

construction photos









Swerve's Ziggy has movie star cousins

penndorf photo

Ziggy's creator Fanuc, also made the robots in Iron Man





"Prenatal pesticide exposure tied to lower IQ in children" by Sarah Yang, UC Media Relations.

"In a new study suggesting pesticides may be associated with the health and development of children, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Public Health have found that prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides ­ widely used on food crops ­ is related to lower intelligence scores at age 7."


"Levels of flame-retardant chemicals are seven times higher in Mexican-American children living in California than in children in Mexico, a new study reports" at usnews.com.

"The researchers also found that levels of flame retardants -- polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs -- in Mexican-American children in California were higher than those found in almost all other groups of children ever studied.

'Only Nicaraguan children who lived and worked on hazardous waste sites had higher reported levels of PBDEs in their bodies than the California children,' study leader Brenda Eskenazi of the Center for Environmental Research and Children's Health at the University of California, Berkeley, said in a news release."




"Here's How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint" is a report at abcnews.com.





"UC Berkeley launches Synthetic Biology Institute to advance research in biological engineering" is a story release at eurekalert.org.

"An alliance of top researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, has formed the UC Berkeley Synthetic Biology Institute (SBI), advancing efforts to engineer cells and biological systems in ways that promise to transform technology in health and medicine, energy, the environment, new materials, and a host of other critical arenas. "


"OncoMed and Bayer HealthCare Sign Manufacturing Deal for Partnered Wnt Inhibitor" at genengnews.com.

"OncoMed Pharmaceuticals and Bayer HealthCare have expanded their cancer stem cell therapeutics collaboration with a new manufacturing deal. The agreement will see Bayer's Berkeley, California site manufacture clinical supplies of a second Wnt inhibitor developed as part of the firms' partnership. Phase I trials are expected to start in 2012. "



"Tech companies' upbeat reports rally stocks, boost optimism for economic recovery" Ian Shapira, washingtonpost.com.

"Major U.S. technology companies provided a surprisingly upbeat assessment of future business conditions Wednesday, helping to propel the stock markets to their highest levels in nearly three years."


"Solar Homes Fetch Higher Prices" by Ucilia Wang at reuters.com.

"Does a solar electric system add to the sales value of a home? Solar energy advocates like to say it does, but that's often based on anecdotal evidence. The Berkeley Lawrence National Laboratory decided to test this claim, and the result is a report being issued Thursday that showed that, indeed, solar homes command higher prices."




"US National Lab Needs More Worker Controls" at abclocal.com.

"A federal report says Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California allowed some subcontractors to hire employees who were using Social Security numbers assigned to dead people."










In a story that features our Steven Goldin, among others, Bianca Torres of the San Francisco Business Times writes

"Berkeley hopes to retain homegrown startups by remaking policies that have forced companies to leave.

Berkeley has an advantage no other East Bay city has in churning out companies in emerging industries: the combination of the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

As Michael Caplan, the city's economic developer director explains it, Berkeley already has the makings of a startup hub that other cities could only dream of replicating. Berkeley has the research institutions, educated workforce, progressive community and attractive location.

In fact, numerous companies and technologies are continuously sprouting. The one caveat: Once startups are born, they tend to leave quickly after, and the main culprit is a lack of suitable real estate.

'We have a cluster here, so the question is how do we build on that cluster?' Caplan said.

In the past few years, local leaders have embarked on various efforts to retain startups and the jobs and tax revenue that go with them. The efforts include overhauling zoning rules in West Berkeley that are keeping young companies out of the market and forming support networks such as the Berkeley Startup Cluster, which helps startups find space, and the QB3 Innovation Center, a West Berkeley facility that offers individual offices for startups with communal lab space.

The zoning update for West Berkeley aims to change policies that protect certain uses in commercial space such as manufacturing. The problem is that those rules were set in place in the 1980s when local residents wanted to encourage blue-collar jobs to stay in Berkeley, but the definition of manufacturing has changed and many startups want to house more than one use - office, research and development and manufacturing - under one roof, which is not allowed.
The rules have stymied West Berkeley's evolution for far too long, said Steve Goldin, co-founder of furniture company Swerve and property owner in West Berkeley.

Goldin and his brother, Michael Goldin, design and produce high-end commercial furniture in West Berkeley and have done well, but as landlords, they have a hard time navigating the archaic zoning rules and have had several promising tenants leave to Silicon Valley or other parts of the East Bay. Issues typically arise when a startup applies for a permit to use an industrial space only to be turned down because they want to do R&D or a record from many years ago shows up that says the site was once used for manufacturing and therefore can only be occupied by a manufacturer.

And the zoning rules haven't done much to keep the inevitable from happening, Caplan said. West Berkeley has lost about 40 percent of its manufacturing jobs during the last 30 years.

'The zoning is so rigid, it's not allowing for newer sectors to take over for aging companies,' Caplan said.

Still, Berkeley and Emeryville have a thriving community of biotechnology, clean technology and bioscience companies. According to a recent report from Cornish & Carey Newmark Knight Frank Commercial, the 1.45 million square feet of bioscience and lab space in the Berkeley-Emeryville market had a vacancy rate of 0.6 percent at the end of 2010. Surrounding markets have more space available including all the cities in Contra Costa County with a total of 2.58 million square feet and a 20.3 percent vacancy and the rest of Alameda County with 4.02 million square feet and 37 percent vacancy.

'It's a location issue,' said Bill Nork, a broker with Cornish & Carey. 'The demand is very concentrated close to the university and the Lawrence Berkeley lab.' Wareham Development, the top life science landlord and a developer in the East Bay, currently has a few projects moving through its pipeline, including a 94,000-square-foot building at 5800 Hollis St. in Emeryville, the 205,000-square-foot EmeryStation West Transit Center in Emeryville, and a 92,000-square-foot building at 740 Heinz Ave. in Berkeley.

Cheryl Fragiadakis, head of the Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management department for Lawrence Berkeley, said the high demand for Emeryville and Berkeley often results from the researchers who have day jobs at the university or lab and have startups on the side and therefore need to be within close distance. Another factor is workforce, since many startups target students and postdoctoral researchers.

Even going an extra 20 minutes to Alameda to the south or Richmond to the north, where there are hundreds of thousands of square feet available, becomes a challenge and less attractive, Nork said.

West Berkeley is on the verge of becoming a major employment and technology center as long as the rest of the city recognizes the potential, Goldin said. As is common for Berkeley, there is strong support for as well as opposition to changing the rules in West Berkeley. Opponents are concerned that tech companies will force rents to go up for industrial tenants such as artists and light manufacturers.

'We have to tackle things like how do we protect the workforce? How do we do job training? How do we align the community benefit aspect with zoning?' Goldin said. 'We can retain the jobs of the future just by having a little more flexibility.' "



from my log

4/17/11--9:08 AM--SERIOUS irritant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dirty dry air, usual sysmptoms with prolonged exposer.

4/19/11--7:47 AM--SERIOUS irritant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dirty dry air, usual sysmptoms with prolonged exposer.

4/21/11--5:17 PM--SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, watery eyes, short breath, light head, overrides HEPA filters. 5:40 PM--VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, watery eyes, short breath, light head, overrides HEPA four filters, wear respirator, leave.

4/22/11--7:36 AM--SERIOUS irritant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dirty dry air, usual sysmptoms with prolonged exposer.



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Bay Area home prices from sfgate.com


Bay Area foreclosures from sfgate.com

Our City Council update is here.


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You can find more information about our current weather conditions than is good for you at www.wunderground.com

Want to see weather coming in, going out, beautiful sunsets, and much, much more? Check out http://sv.berkeley.edu/view/ This very hip site was in an email from reader and contributor, Tony Almeida. Read Tony's Jimi Hendrix story on the only page that routinely gets more hits than Scrambled Eggs.


Best gas prices in 94710, as well as all of US and Canada, are here at gasbuddy.com

Kimar finds Costco routinely has the lowest price.


Richmond Ramblers' motorcycle club member, Cliff Miller emails a very

useful link

If you ever need to get a human being on the phone at a credit card company or bank, etc., this site tells you how to defeat their automated system and get you to a human being within a few seconds.



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