West Berkeley Bowl Pre-Opening 5/30/09

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On last Wednesday night, the Planning Commission, on a 7-2 vote, requested that staff finalize a definition of R&D, and apply that definition to the "wholesale and warehouse" protected spaces.

If approved by the Council, the action will allow the ex[ension of R&D into former protected "wholesale and warehouse" spaces. Though not in our Little Potter Creek.


Referenda, democracy in action or special interest groups playing the system? Sooner-than-later in Our Town, I'm betting we'll find out.RP



Munching on the cold and last slice of my Bowl breakfast pizza while watching the Channel 7 KGO 5 O'clock news what did I see but His Honor Da Boz being thrown/jumping into Willard pool. An event staged to call attention to Proposition C which he supports.RP



Aw jeez "Nanny State goes global" by Bob Barr at ajc.com.

"'Nanny State' laws are popping up with increasing frequency as big-government advocates continue to be elected to offices from the city council to the White House. What many Americans may not realize is the extent to which such invasive and pervasive government actions are spreading around the world, creating a "Nanny World."

As usual, California, with its many ultra-liberal communities, is leading the way here in America. Santa Clara County recently voted to outlaw the sale of McDonald's 'Happy Meal' toys and a host of other novelties (including coupons from which a patron might download a song) provided by restaurants as a bonus for customers who purchase certain drinks or food items. As bizarre as is this most recent ban, if some of that county's residents have their way, it will be followed by many more. One resident of Sacramento, for example, reportedly voiced support for the recently-passed measure because even McDonald's '190-calorie salad dressing and mass-produced beef scare her'; New York's Mayor Bloomberg would be proud of her."




"Mark Twain to tell all - 100 years after death" is a story at hindustantimes.com.

"Mark Twain's autobiography is finally to be published later this year, and a section is on his scandalous relationship with a woman who became his secretary after his wife died.

The writer, who created Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, had instructed that his autobiography should not to be published till 100 years after his death.

Mark Twain died April 21, 1910. He left behind nearly 5,000 unedited pages of memoirs along with handwritten notes that said he didn't want them to be published for at least a century.

The Independent reported Monday that the University of California, Berkeley, will release in November the first volume of the autobiography. The manuscript is in a vault there.

The trilogy will run to half a million words and shed new light on the American novelist.

Some scholars feel the memoir was kept under wraps as he wanted to talk freely about issues such as religion and politics, while others think that the 100-year period ensured that none of his friends will be offended."




"Nisei woman, 87, and other Japanese-Americans to be honored by San Jose State" by Sharon Noguchi at mercurynews.com.

"Bessie Kawachi Chin has taught children about World War II internment and has used quilting to help fellow Japanese-American ex-internees conquer their shame over the past.

But when it came time to attend a degree ceremony for students like herself whose educations were cut short by the war, she hesitated.

"I thought, oh, well after all these years? I wasn't there very long," Chin said.

Only at the urging of her husband, children and daughter-in-law did she decide to don a cap and gown with other San Jose State University students Saturday at Spartan Stadium.

At a commencement ceremony that will celebrate 8,000 SJSU students and their future, Chin, 87, of Castro Valley, and a handful of Japanese-American former students will be recognized for the opportunities that were denied them by war hysteria."


"Utah diocese elects Scott B. Hayashi as bishop" by Pat McCaughan at episcopl-life.org.

"The Rev. Canon Scott Byron Hayashi was elected May 22 as 11th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, pending required consents from a majority of bishops with jurisdiction and standing committees of the Episcopal Church.

Hayashi, 56, canon to the ordinary in the Diocese of Chicago since 2005, was elected on the second ballot out of a field of three nominees. A fourth nominee, the Rev. Canon Mary Sulerud, withdrew after the first ballot.

Hayashi received 73 of 128 votes cast in the lay order and 20 of 38 cast in the clergy order at a special electing convention at St. Mark's Cathedral in Salt Lake City. An election on that ballot required 65 in the lay order and 20 in the clergy order.

Pending a successful consent process Hayashi would succeed the Rt. Rev. Carolyn Tanner Irish, 70, who was elected in 1996 and a year ago announced her decision to retire.

During nearly 25 years of ordained ministry Hayashi has served inner city, suburban and rural congregations in California, Utah and Washington.

After his 1984 ordination to the diaconate (June 2) and priesthood (Oct. 1) he served for five years as vicar to two small rural mission congregations -- St. John the Baptist Episcopal Mission in Ephrata, and St. Dunstan's Episcopal Mission in Grand Coulee -- in the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, Washington.

No stranger to the Utah diocese, he was called in 1989 to be rector of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Ogden, an inner city parish where he served until 1998.

Next, he became rector of Christ Church in the suburban commu'ities of Portola Valley and Woodside, in the Episcopal Diocese of California, then 'the single wealthiest area of the world," where he served until called to the Diocese of Chicago.

He was born Dec. 8, 1953 in Tacoma, Washington, and received a bachelor of social work degree from the University of Washington in 1977. He holds a master of divinity degree from Harvard University's Divinity School (1981); and a Certificate of Theology from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, California (1984)."








our Sally emails

Had dinner with Merryll in London. Great fun!



"No meat, no milk, no limits" Tara Duggan, Special to The Chronicle.

"It was an overdose of cheese pizza that did it for Steven Kern. A vegetarian since high school, Kern became a vegan after having a bad reaction to pizza in college. It just did not go down well, and a decade later, Kern still hasn't touched dairy or eggs."




"Retiree health care one symptom of Oakland woes" Chip Johnson at sfgate.com.

"When you write about Oakland government affairs as I do, the work sometimes takes on a public service aspect.

The hope is that by exposing overindulgent status quo benefits, perks and wrong-headed public policy measures, the words will jar something a-loose in the minds of Oakland's unimaginative elected officials.

One truism that has peeked through the dark economic skies recently surrounding Oakland City Hall is the inability of city leaders to negotiate a decent labor contract - even as they steer a course toward financial ruin.

In the midst of a national economic reduction, the luxurious nature of public employee contracts in Oakland has become a ludicrous example of poor financial planning and failed public policy. It needs to be fixed. . . .

Even in Berkeley, the perks are not as good.

The city provides a retirement benefit based on a sliding employment scale of 8 to 20 years, said Dave Hodgkins, the city's human resources director.

The Berkeley contribution is capped at 4.5 percent, is pre-funded and for the fiscal year ending in June, cost the city $2.3 million, he said."





"Push to protect banks on legal pot businesses" Kathleen Pender, sfgate.com.

"Fifteen U.S. representatives, including seven from California, are urging the Treasury Department to say it won't "target or pursue" national banks that do business with medical marijuana distributors operating legally under state laws.

In a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, the lawmakers said, 'dispensary operators are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain accounts with financial institutions.'

That may be true of national banks, but many state-chartered banks are happy to do business with medical marijuana dispensaries, as long as they are operating legally.

Medical marijuana is legal in 14 states, including California, and many more states - out of compassion or the need for new tax revenues - are considering legalizing it. California voters will decide in November whether to make it legal for recreational use as well.

But growing and distributing marijuana is still illegal under federal law and for that reason, many national banks won't do business with medical marijuana distributors. Bank of America, Chase and U.S. Bank all confirmed that they won't do business with medical marijuana distributors, even in states where it is legal."





"Cal sees summer school student spike" San Francisco Business Times, Steven E.F. Brown.

"The University of California, Berkeley, expects 13,800 students -- a record number -- to sign up for summer school. That's a full 1,000 more than had signed up by this time last year.

And that number may grow as people continue to sign up for classes into August.

Summer school's cheaper tuition may be a factor pushing up enrollment, and also it may simply be harder for kids to find summer work in the down economy. Undergraduates may also be keener to graduate in the traditional four years since college is so expensive. About three quarters of summer enrollees are Cal students."





"Tech Soft 3D Reaches Agreement With Adobe to Develop Adobe 3D SDK Technology:Component Provider to Develop and Distribute Popular Translation and PDF Publishing Toolkits" is a report at marketwatch.com.

"Berkeley:Leading 3D component provider Tech Soft 3D today announced it has signed an agreement, subject to certain customary closing conditions, with Adobe Systems Incorporated to transition development and support of Adobe's 3D SDK and related technologies and associated employees and resources to Tech Soft 3D. Consisting of a 3D CAD translation suite and PDF publishing SDK, the technology allows OEM development teams to create applications that access data from over 25 popular 3D file formats, and publish rich 3D PDF files in the industry-standard PRC and U3D formats. Adobe will continue to support viewing of and interaction with 3D data within its applicable products, including the free Adobe(R) Reader(R) software. Moving forward, Tech Soft 3D will continue to make updated CAD translators available to end users as plug-ins to applicable Adobe(R) software for reading and outputting 3D PDF."





"Emotional Vigil Remembers Murdered Woman Found In Suitcase" is a report with video at ktvu.com.

"The family and friends of 52-year-old Pearla Ann Louis gathered on Monday night in Berkeley to ask for help in finding whoever killed her before stuffing her body into a suitcase and throwing it into San Francisco Bay.

It was an emotional and tearful gathering as Louis' relatives tried to comfort each other.

Those who loved Louis said they remember a woman who had a great sense of humor and taught love and peace to her four children and two grandchildren.

The vigil was held at Strawberry Creek Park in the Berkeley neighborhood Louis lived most of her life and where her family still lives"









Potter Creek and Our Town have come to the aid of our Humane Society with donations and volunteers. The Society is specially grateful to neighbor Juan's Place.



Rick Ballard emails

Groove Yard Jazz LPs/CDs
5555 Claremont Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618
(510) 655-8400
email: groove2@earthlink.net
Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11-6, Sun. 12-5
Greetings from Groove Yard.
  in store news
New in the bins this week ­ 250 jazz vocal LPs priced at $3.00 per LP. 500 jazz LPs and 300 soul LPs also priced at $3.00 per LP. I am always looking to buy quality jazz LPs.
Thelonious Monk "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture."




Mal Sharpe emails

Big Money in Jazz  was called in to consult with the New York Stock Exchange after that dark day when the Dow slipped hundreds of points in a matter of seconds. We straightened  that out. It was the drummers' fault. Now we are back in our little piece of Heaven---Armando's in Martinez. May 27 from 8-10. The Bay Areas best music venue, no kiddin'

We have a special night lined up because we have a very special guest with us---Danny Caron on guitar. Danny was featured for close to ten years with the legendary Charles Brown's band. They played all the big festivals in the USA and Europe. They were living in a "Fools Paradise"  and Charles Brown sang that  great lyric, "Merry Christmas Baby, you sure look good to me. I haven't had a drink this morning but I'm lit up like a Christmas Tree."  Now Danny, whose own recordings have lifted him up high in the jazz charts, is making a rare appearance in the musical capitol of the world, Contra Costa County.

This will be one big  blazing rhythm section with Bob Scott on drums, Simon Planting on Bass and Danny Caron on guitar. In the front line, Mal (Man on the Street) Sharpe on trombone, Jim (Man on Wall Street) Gammon on trumpet and Dwayne (Man on Market Street) Ramsey on Clarinet.

Come and meet some of the tycoons of Contra Costa County. Plenty of free parking because we have insisted on no meters running during our performance.




"Solar physicists have for the first time captured images of the collision of a comet with the sun" is a report in The Hindu.

"This comet apparently survived the heat of the corona and disappeared in the chromosphere, evaporating in the 100,000-degree (Kelvin) heat."



"Facebook Privacy Woes Make Little Impact on Site's Popularity" Brian Womack, businessweek.com.

" Facebook Inc. has rankled politicians from Amsterdam to Washington for failing to protect personal privacy. Yet for all the criticism, users are flocking apace to the world's largest social network.

Facebook had 519.1 million users last month, up from 411 million in September, according to ComScore Inc. And the site continued to add traffic this month, even as U.S. lawmakers, the American Civil Liberties Union and 30 European countries lodged complaints that Facebook has been reckless with personal data.

'I don't think we're going see an immediate and large migration away from Facebook,' said Augie Ray, an analyst with Forrester Research Inc. in Foster City, California. 'There isn't a real clear alternative for people to do the sorts of sharing that they've really come to expect and enjoy. What Facebook needs to make sure is that their actions don't create demand for that competitor.'

Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg and other executives will unveil a simplified approach to privacy controls today at the company's headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Critics have blasted the current approach to privacy as overly complex and tilted toward making more information public. The past few weeks have been 'extremely humbling,' Facebook Vice President Chris Cox said yesterday.

'We're Quitting Facebook'

Internet companies are grappling with heightened scrutiny of how they gather and use personal information. Google Inc. came under fire in Europe and the U.S. after it mistakenly collected private data from Wi-Fi networks while working on its Street View service.

Some Facebook users, citing the privacy settings, have threatened to abandon the service. A website called 'We're Quitting Facebook' asks visitors to commit to leaving the site May 31. It had enlisted fewer than 16,000 people as of yesterday.

'For there to be any impact, there would have to be tens of millions,' said Chris Hoofnagle, director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology's information privacy programs at the University of California. 'There's so much buy-in to the platform that the company can act pretty aggressively and users won't hit the delete button.' "




"The ultimate Web site for enthusiasts and their dreams" is a link at autoweek.com

"Have you been to AW's newest Web site? It's called AWCollector.com, and it's the best source of classic-car news, auction information and vintage lifestyle events on the Web."








"Legendary Lawman August Vollmer A True, if Relatively Unknown, Legend" Charles Bennett, Officer.com.

"Last month we examined a true legend in the law enforcement community. Allan Pinkerton and his legacy have been examined in numerous books and movies and that will probably continue as Hollywood continues its search for new material. This month we're going to have a look at an individual whose legacy is arguably even more important to law enforcement than Pinkerton's. His ideas and procedures have set the standard for many agencies throughout the history of this country. Unless you're a student of history or in law enforcement (or live in Berkeley, California) you've probably never heard of August Vollmer." 



Lt Greenwood, BPD emails

Berkeley Police Department 
2100 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 
(510) 981-5900, TDD: (510) 981-5799, police@ci.berkeley.ca.us 

Double Shooting Suspect Wanted by Police
Berkeley, California (May 26, 2010) ­ On May 20, 2010, at approximately 
11:03 AM, the Berkeley Police Department (BPD) received numerous calls 
reporting shots fired in the area of King St. and 63rd St. in south Berkeley. 
Responding officers arrived on scene to find two shooting victims, a 39 year- 
old male, and a 57 year-old female. Both were critically injured.  
Witnesses and community members provided valuable information to the 
investigation. Although few details can be shared regarding the on-going 
investigation, BPD Detectives believe a pre-existing dispute led to the 
shooting, and that this incident was not a random occurrence. 
BPD Detectives have identified the suspect in the double shooting as Doran 
Williams Jr, of Oakland. Williams is wanted on a no-bail arrest warrant for one 
count of attempted murder, and one count of assault with a deadly weapon, 
and should be considered armed and dangerous.  


Doran Williams Jr., 10/21/82, 6'1", 160 lbs 
The Berkeley Police Department is seeking the community's help in catching 
Williams, who should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with 
information regarding Williams' whereabouts or the circumstances of the 
attack is urged to call BPD Detectives at 981-5741 or BPD Communications at 
(510) 981-5900. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call the Bay Area 
Crimes Stoppers (BACS) Tip Line at (800) 222-TIPS (8477). BACS offers a reward 
up to $2,000 for information relating to this case. 
Media Contact: 
Lt. A. Greenwood 
Public Information 
(510) 981-5809 
Chief of Police  
Michael K. Meehan 



our Tak emails


Here's a picture of one the 10 cats that survived the fire at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society last week. "Natasha" is staying with Janet and I temporarily until the Humane Society gets back to minimal functioning.

She is getting spayed as I write and getting any medical attention she needs. She appears to have survived the fire in remarkably good condition. She is about a year old and very friendly. And she will be up for adoption soon.

The Humane Society needs help. We've been long term supporters but the Humane Society now needs many new donors.

Also the Humane Society needs a new facility. . . . I know that I mentioned it to you a few years ago during the discussions about the Nexus Institute dispute and the Humane Society's decision to try to sell that property to finance a new shelter. I hope that a way can be found to make a new shelter a reality.

Tak Nakamoto



"Cardstore.com Introduces New Line of Personalized Flat Note Cards" is a press release at prweb.com.

Online stationery retailer Cardstore.com expands its product offering to include a brand new line of stylish flat note cards personalized with a name or monogram for everyday use. New men's correspondence cards also make a great Father's Day Gift under $25.

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) May 26, 2010 -- Greeting cards and thank you cards retailer Cardstore.com today introduced a new collection of flat note cards, perfect for everything from holiday greetings to everyday correspondence. These 5.25" x 3.75" note cards come in many styles, including fun kid's photo borders, stylish patterns for women, and sophisticated men's stationery designs. Easily personalized with a name or monogram, flat note cards make the perfect Father's Day gift under $25.

With varying colors, patterns, and illustrations, these flat note cards provide a great addition to Cardstore's personalized stationery collection. Robin Stevens, Cardstore.com's VP of Marketing, describes these correspondence cards as "a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. Whether used as thank you cards or for personal stationery, they're timeless and convenient."

The wide variety of options also makes these flat note cards perfect for anyone at any age. Cardstore.com customers can make them even more personal by choosing from 18 different fonts and 10 fun colors to make their name shine.

About Cardstore.com."









Lt Andrew Greenwood BPD emails

Buckle Up Day or Night

California Seat Belt Ticket increases to $142

Berkeley, California (May 27, 2010) ­Berkeley Police Department (BPD) officers will
be looking for unbelted drivers and passengers as part of the statewide 2010 Click It or
Ticket mobilization through June 6. This year, fines and fees across California have
increased from $132 to $142 for first time adult seat belt violations. For children under
16, the fine is now $445 for a first time offense.

"Keeping buckled up at all times is the simplest and most effective way to protect you
and your family when you're on the road." said Chief Michael K. Meehan, "Our officers
will be looking out for motorists who are not buckling up, and taking enforcement

"Ultimately, this is about educating the public and keeping our community's drivers
and passengers safe," he said, "Traffic safety is a priority with the Berkeley Police
Department, and we hope that the awareness caused by Click it or Ticket will help
save lives and reduce injuries in Berkeley."

The Click It or Ticket campaign relies on heavy enforcement and public education as a
means to save lives and reduce injuries on California's roadways.

In spite of a seat belt usage rate of over 95% statewide, there are still hundreds of
thousands of motorists who fail to use their seatbelt, or insure their passengers are
using their seat belts.

Motorists ejected from vehicles in crashes or roll-overs are up to 35 times more likely
to die than restrained occupants.

More than 150 local law enforcement agencies statewide and the California Highway
Patrol are participating in this year's Click It or Ticket Mobilization.

Funding to support California's Click It or Ticket campaign was provided by a grant
from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety

Media Contact:

Sgt. R. Rittenhouse
Traffic Bureau
(510) 981-5982

Chief of Police
Michael K. Meehan

City of Berkeley
Main Line
(510) 981-CITY


our Jarad emails


We need to come up with a way to show the City of Berkeley how it can make money by wiping out the drug gangs in West Berkeley. There's so much attention on grabbing additional revenue to cover the budget gap (I still remember the city boasting in 2009 how they were fiscally responsible . . . ) that if we could find a way for them to make money by getting the gun toting drug dealers out of here the council might have to seriously consider it.





"San Jose union begins organizing pot workers" by Joe Garofoli, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"A major California labor union is organizing medical cannabis workers in Oakland, a move that analysts say will help efforts to legalize marijuana and open the door for the union to organize thousands more workers if state voters pass a measure in November to allow recreational marijuana use by adults."



"Hearings held over UC admission problem" Nannette Miranda, kgonews.com.

"State lawmakers say they are fed up with qualified students being denied admission to California's university system. They are holding hearings to figure out how to help students get into the schools that are part of the state's legacy."




"GS goes Web 2.0 with information resource on state propositions" by Kathleen Maclay is a press release at berkeley.edu.

"The University of California, Berkeley's Institute of Governmental Studies (IGS) is taking a decidedly Web 2.0 tack to help voters sort through the facts, fiction and political posturing around five propositions on the state's June 8 primary election ballot.

IGS has collaborated to produce California Choices, a comprehensive resource guide with a unique and colorful multimedia presence and an online tool that, along with a wealth of related data, lets voters electronically share their personal positions on ballot propositions."



"Microsoft Hohm home efficiency site slowly becoming useful" by Peter Bright at arstechnica.com.

"Microsoft's Hohm website, an online service designed to make it easier for people to figure out how energy efficient their house is (and how to make it better), has become a great deal more useful with the new addition of real estate data. Now, anyone in the US can enter their ZIP code and get an instant, if approximate, evaluation of their house's efficiency."



"Privacy No Joke to Young Web Users," Mike Pearson, technewsworld.com.

"The notion that online privacy is a preoccupation of conservative older adults who don't "get" the advantages of broadly sharing personal information is just plain wrong, according to a recent survey. In fact, 28 percent of social networking service users aged 18-29 said they never trust such sites, compared to 19 percent of users 20-49 and 14 percent of 50- to 64-year-olds."


"Willow Garage gets robots into researchers' hands" is a story by Daniel Terdiman at cnet.com.

"If you've never seen 11 all-purpose robots doing a choreographed flag-waving dance--and really, who has?--Willow Garage was the place to be Wednesday night.

That's because Willow Garage, a developer of robotics hardware and software, threw a party to celebrate the 'graduation' of 11 teams (see video below) from around the world, each of which has won the right to take possession for two years of one of Willow Garage's PR2 open-source robots and work on a series of innovative and unique research projects."










"Dennis Hopper Dies At 74" is an obiturary by Jesse Baker at npr.org.

"The much-loved American filmmaker and actor Dennis Hopper died Saturday at his home in Venice, Calif., seven months after his manager announced that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was 74.

Early in his career, Hopper shared the screen with the likes of James Dean in 1955's Rebel Without a Cause and Elizabeth Taylor in the 1956 epic Giant; later he worked with Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke and John Wayne in the 1969 Western True Grit. And though he started out a long way from Hollywood - in Dodge City, Kan., where he was born in 1936 - metaphorically the movies were always with him.

'I was raised at the end of the Dust Bowl, and I used to tell people the first light I saw was not from the sun but from the light of a movie projector,' Hopper told Fresh Air host Terry Gross in a 1996 interview.

Hopper's directorial debut came in 1969, when fellow actor Peter Fonda came to him with an idea for a film.

'You direct, I'll produce, and we'll both ride and act in it,' Fonda recalled telling Hopper. 'You've got the passion, you understand framing. You go for it!'

Set in the wide-open spaces of the American Southwest, Easy Rider was about two freewheelers who ride their motorcycles from Los Angeles to New Orleans. It was all drugs and rock 'n' roll - and it made for a box-office hit. Hopper was intoxicated by the freedom that came with putting together a low-budget, self-made movie, and his directorial debut became a trailblazer for independent films in the 1970s." 



our CEID director emails of their Thursday night mixer

We had two City Councilmembers join us last night for our Open House and it was great to have so many community members.  I'll forward a photo!




"Berkeley Early Music Festival, June 6-13" at californiachronicle.com

This festival, held every other year, celebrates its 20th anniversary. It's one of the biggest on the West Coast devoted to early music, and it draws big names in the early music realm to Berkeley. Seven Main Stage concerts offer a variety of music -- from Monteverdi to Vivaldi. Ensembles include Ã,¡Sacabuche!, the Marion Verbruggen Trio and ARTEK. In addition, the festival offers an edgy Fringe Festival of more than 30 self-produced concerts by soloists and ensembles. 




 "Can Online Gambling Save California?" is a report at nbcbayarea.com.

Get ready to roll the virtual bones, California. You thought marijuana was a cash crop? Well, here comes online gambling to shake things up, and maybe even throw a ton of money at our budget problem.




"Bankrupt California is sorely tempted to rewrite the law for a pot of gold" writes Anna Mehler Paperny at theglobeandmail.com.

"Pot is in the air here on the shores of San Francisco Bay. Not in the smoke that drifts between the cafés, second-hand shops and indie music stores of legendary Haight-Ashbury. But in the headlines of local newspapers, the posters plastered on phone booths and the ads now airing on the radio.

It has been two months since a proposal to legalize marijuana was added to California's fall referendum ballot, and the debate on the subject is in full swing. A similar vote crashed and burned in the 1970s, but proponents feel that this time they could win. Last week, councillors across the water made Oakland the state's first city to formally endorse the move, and the latest polls show public opinion is almost evenly divided.

The proposed legislation is fairly conservative. It would allow growing, selling and consuming cannabis, but local governments could opt out, smoking in public would remain illegal, cultivation would be limited to a small plot and vendors would face severe penalties for selling to anyone under 21.

But a bigger motivation is something profoundly practical: The state needs the cash. Badly. "




Mayor Bates emails (excerpts)

Funds Secured for Bay Trail Extension at Berkeley Marina

I just returned from the state capital after meeting with theCoastal Conservancy.  I am happy to report that I was able to secure $355,000 from the Conservancy as a match to a larger $2 million federal transportation grant.  The money will be used to construct an extension of the SF Bay Trail within the City of Berkeley's part of Eastshore State Park. In addition, the funding will enable the City to construct a water access ramp for wind surfers, kite surfers, kayakers and other water enthusiasts at the Berkeley Marina.
When completed, this multi-use trail will connect our Berkeley bike bridge to Adventure Playground, the Nature Center, Skates, H.S. Lordships and the Berkeley Pier.  This is a first segment of a larger project to improve bicycle/pedestrian access to and throughout the Berkeley waterfront and Eastshore State Park.


 California FIRST solar financing is coming to Berkeley Summer 2010.

Based on the Berkeley FIRST solar financing program, the California FIRST Program allows property owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for homes and businesses. The financing is repaid on the property tax bill over 20 years and stays with the property, even if the owner sells the property.  

Program set to begin in summer of 2010.  Sign up to receive updates as specific program information becomes available at:www.acgreenretrofit.org.  For more information about the California FIRST program, visit:www.californiafirst.org 
Take the Car-Free Challenge


A little over a year ago I sold my beloved Volvo S80 T6 sedan -- my 26th car -- and set off on a new adventure: shrinking my already relatively small carbon footprint.  To celebrate my one-year anniversary without a car I am participating inTransform's Car Free Challenge.  

The Challenge is a weeklong event from June 1-7 where a community of people from around California set and reach a personal low car mileage goal. It raises awareness of the need for better walking, biking, and public transportation options.  lt also yields data, stories, and critical funds for TransForm, an award-winning nonprofit, to use in advocating for world-class public transportation and walkable communities at the regional, state, and federal levels.

I just hosted our 14th Annual Student Recognition Awards Ceremony atUC Berkeley's Pauley Ballroom.  Over 500 people attended this great event honoring the achievements of our youth.  120 students were honored in one of the 7 categories: Leadership, Community Service, Extraordinary Effort, Citizenship, Performance and visual Arts, Sports and Communications.  

Walter Robinson, director of undergraduate admissions at UC Berkeley -also a Berkeley High graduate- served as our key note speaker.  Members of the School Board, Berkeley City Council and community stake holders in our community joined me in congratulating the students on their great achievements.



A Very Green YMCA! - Downtown Berkeley YMCA Earns LEED Gold Rating! 
During the YMCA's 2009 renovations, seismic upgrades allowed expansion of the facilities and sustainable design efforts that included installation of low-flow shower heads, and use of low-VOC paints, recycled materials and more. As a result of these efforts, our YMCA has been LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rated at the Gold level by the U.S. Green Building Council! 

The YMCA is incredibly proud of this accomplishment, and hopes you are too! Peter Chong, YMCA Director, says, "Thank you for standing by us as we work together to make positive changes for our environment".






"Inside Scoop" is a food feature at sfgate.com.

"In the first installment of Chron Appetit last week, the Chronicle food staff sifted out possible red flags of poor restaurant experiences. Seven days and 242 comments later, it's time to tackle the other side of the equation: possible signs of a good restaurant.

Today's prompt: There's a chance you might be in an excellent restaurant when

Stacy Finz: 'When Buck Owens is playing on the juke box. Sometimes mood trumps everything else.'

Amanda Gold: 'When you get softened butter (my opposite of last week). When your server brings out an amuse bouche from the chef that you wish you could eat more of. Sadly, when you can't get a reservation or there's at least an hour wait more than a year after opening.'

Deb Wandell: 'When wines are served in properly shaped glasses - and have a stem attached.'

Jon Bonne: 'When they categorically will not shake your Negroni. When don't offer you cheese for seafood pastas. When you'd buy at least 75 percent of the wines on the list. When they have at least one under-bar hook per stool.'

Michael Bauer: 'When the menu reads so well you want to order everything.'

Erick Wong: 'When a paper menu is thin enough to replace as often as the food it lists. Also when the bread arrives warm.'

Janny Hu: 'When everyone around you is cleaning off their plates. When people - diners and servers alike - simply look like they're having a good time.'

Sarah Fritsche: 'When salads are perfectly dressed.'

Ann Dolce: 'When the menu is about quality, not quantity.'

Katie Popoff: 'When ingredients on the menu are called by name.' "


Our 900 GRAYSON offers quite a few of these, though you're more likely to hear Elvis than Buck Ownes.



from my log

5/24/10--5:37 PM--SERIOUS irritant in fronnt room, light head, headache, overrides three HEPA filters, wear respirator. 7:25 PM--irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dry heavy air.

5/26/10--7:46 AM--irritant in front room.

5/28/10--7:29 AM--irritant in front room, wear respirator.

5/31/10--8:50 AM--SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dry heavy air, eyes, nose, ears irritated.



The irritants sometimes experienced cause coughing; dry/burning eyes, nose, mouth; light head; occasional short breath; occasional nausea.

Though the irritants we experience sometimes over ride as many as four HEPA filters, our SO Safety respirators with 8053-P100 Cartridges seem to filter "all" the irritant. These are filters for organic vapors, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride.

I am left to conclude that possibly (probably?) some of the irritants we regularly experience, those that our SO Safety 8053-P 100 cartridges successfully filter, are identifiable, ironically, by their absence when using the respirator. The HEPA filters don't remove them, the SO Safety filters do. So what they remove--chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride--must be some of the irritant.

Though the respirator-filters largely prevent inhalation of the irritant, it is clear from "health effects" that irritants can enter the body's system through the skin.

"I feel like ants are crawling on me" said Marsha.


I've noticed recently some neighbors have similar symptoms, some more severe--redness of the eyes, nasal congestion. And neighhors stopping-by in front to talk have experienced watery eyes and coughing.



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Best gas prices in 94710, as well as all of US and Canada, are here at gasbuddy.com

Kimar finds Costco routinely has the lowest price.


Richmond Ramblers' motorcycle club member, Cliff Miller emails a very

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If you ever need to get a human being on the phone at a credit card company or bank, etc., this site tells you how to defeat their automated system and get you to a human being within a few seconds.



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