Saturday morning, after their neighborhood kids' program

firefighters from our Station One refilled their pumper on 8th and Grayson




just a small part of

our Potter Creek Berkeley Mills' shop



Darryl Moore invites all to the Urban Farm Grand Opening Celebration here in Potter Creek
it is Sunday, June 19, 10:00 - 1:30
at The Urban Adamah Farm
1050 Parker St. 




Potter Creek commercial building break-in

Around 12:30 AM, Saturday (6/18/11) Bay Alarm was notified that an alarm went off in the building next to Sarah's on 8th, entry apparently had been made to the top floor through the roof entrance.

The perpetrators scared off by the alarm, took nothing. 

It is possible access to the roof was made from the fenced but open area between Sarah's and the commercial building.



Video of last weeks city council sessions are here and here.

Light up a doobie and enjoy!





"The homeless in Singapore and Berkeley" is by Tng Ying Hui at asiancorrespondent.com.

"Down the streets of Berkeley, California, homeless people are seen at nearly every corner. Before I arrived, it was almost unimaginable to me the extent of their ubiquity, and the tolerance the community and state could show to them.

They sit on benches and reside along the sidewalks, some of them walking aimlessly while towing their trolley of belongings, and others playing the guitar while singing. The community goes on about their daily business without forgetting to give a penny or a dollar to the homeless, and occasionally stopping by to chat with them. Perhaps it is their pervasiveness that makes it impossible to ignore, or more possibly they are seen as part of the community. It is difficult to imagine Berkeley without its homeless people."






"Robert Reich Tells The Truth About the Economy" at sfgate.com.







"3 top James Beard awards for Bay Area foodies" writes Miriam Morgan, Chronicle Food Editor.

"Bay Area chefs and restaurateurs took home three top prizes in Sunday night's James Beard Foundation Awards in New York, including best chef in the Pacific region. The awards, given annually, are considered the Oscars of the food world.

Craig Stoll, chef and co-owner of Delfina in San Francisco, beat stiff competition that included three other Bay Area chefs and was named the best chef in California and Hawaii, one of 10 such regional awards. Stoll and his wife, Annie, also operate the adjoining Pizzeria Delfina. The award goes to a chef who has been working in that job for at least five years and has set consistent standards of excellence.

Another major prize, the Outstanding Pastry Chef award, went to Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, owners of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, as the best pastry chefs or bakers in America. The award designates a chef or baker who serves as a national standard-bearer of excellence. The couple also own Bar Tartine, a restaurant a few blocks away on Valencia Street. Nicole Plue, pastry chef at Redd in Yountville, was one of the five nominees in the pastry category.

In addition, Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing Co. and Anchor Distilling Co., both in San Francisco, a pioneer in the American micro-brew and artisan spirits industries, received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Maytag also produces high-quality blue cheese at his family's Maytag Dairy Farms in Iowa, and is a leader in the resurgent American artisan cheese industry."


In 1983 Fritz Maytag, also a motorcycle/car guy, held a "Concours d'Elegance of Rare and Unusual Motorcycles" at his Anchor Steam Brewery in San Francisco. I was invited to show at this invitation-only event. I brought three bikes and my 1969 Royal Enfield "Interceptor" was one of them. Deliciously catered, and with motorcycles placed in among the copper-vats, it was memorable. Ed and Merryll Saylan came as my guests.


I also brought my all-black 1946 Sunbeam of which Maytag said "This is my favorite. It's even better than the Vincents." I bet he says that to all the girls.

Maytag Is also a classical music fan and loves Bach. We talked a while about Bach's "Suites for Unaccompanied Cello."









Yesterday's Potter Creek Urban Farm (Adaman) Grand Opening




task of the day

use "mischpauka" in a sentence



An Asian restaurant is moving into the space vacated by Crema--the old chocolate factory corner-space on 7th and Heinz.


old 7th and Heinz chocolate factory remodel

redo of interior space behind the restaurant

for "small startups" with some communal facilities



A traffic flow study is being taken on streets surrounding our Potter Creek Berkeley Bowl.


Over the weekend EBMUD repaired a small water-main leak across from 920 Grayson.







"UC's QB3 bioscience and cleantech incubator arrives at old Twinkies bakery site in Berkeley:Business incubator opening in Berkeley" by George Avalos, Oakland Tribune.

"An incubator backed by a trio of University of California campuses is getting ready to open its doors in a former Twinkies bakery in Berkeley.

The Berkeley incubator will be the fourth launched by the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences. QB3, as it is known, is a consortium of more than 200 laboratories located at UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz. The other incubators are located at UC Berkeley's Stanley Hall, the UCSF campus at Mission Bay in San Francisco and on the UC Santa Cruz campus.

The 9,300-square-foot Berkeley incubator will cater to biotech, cleantech, advanced fuels and other cutting-edge entrepreneurs."



Has the west-Berkeley biotech/startup movement gotten just too big for our own good? The darling of Economic Development and others at City Hall, it bears some careful thought. Mixed use has been the flavor of Potter Creek and much of west-Berkeley for decades, as has organic growth.

But now I'm getting the sense that the biotech movement in Our Town may have the same effect that steroids have in our body. Apparent instant growth accompanied by apparent instant strength.

What are other effects? That indeed bears some careful thought!

By the way, Twinkies were a Hostess product not a Langendorf.







I've always loved Twinkies and in the '80s when Kimar, Moe and a bunch of us few to London on Pan Am, as we got right over the Pole the hostess served me theTwinkies and milk that Kimar had slipped her on boarding. But "maybe Twinkies don't last forever after all. The manufacturer of the iconic American treat, Kansas City, Mo.-based Interstate Bakeries Corp., declared bankruptcy last year and announced plans last week to shutter two San Francisco factories. As it teeters on the brink of solvency, many local consumers bemoan the possible loss of the ladyfinger-shaped sponge cake" reports James Temple of the West County Times.The sad story is here.




"Writer strips the Twinkie of all its secrets:Man overcomes nature, 'vice president of cake' to learn snack's origins"
reports Suzanne Bohan in our Times.

"When Steve Ettlinger donned a hard hat, a head lamp and emergency breathing equipment before his alarming descent 1,600 feet into Wyoming mine shaft, he wondered whether his quest to find the natural sources of all 39 ingredients in Hostess Twinkies'had gone too far.

'As a food writer, I'd really gone astray," he told a crowd of about 100 Google employees earlier this month at the company's Mountain View headquarters.

To complement the author's talk, chefs at Google prepared organic versions of Twinkies for the event, using locally-raised or procured products to make the almond-flavored, cream-filled pastries.

Ettlinger traversed the country and hopped the globe, touring plants, mines and refineries to find the actual origins of the almost unpronounceable ingredients used to make Twinkies. His young daughter's puzzlement over a strange-sounding one called polysorbate 60 listed on her ice cream bar label inspired his quest, which led to
the publication of his book, "Twinkie, Deconstructed." The hardcover version was released last year, and the softcover book is due out on Feb. 26.

'This is a terrific book that really opened my eyes, and I don't know of another book quite like it,' said Michael Pollan, the Berkeley-based best-selling food and nature author, most recently of 'In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto.'

Although Ettlinger chose Twinkies for his in-depth exploration on food additives, he's quick to point out that the book is a treatise on processed foods in general."


Hostess Twinkie's ingredient list:

Enriched bleached wheat flour [flour, ferrous sulfate, "b" vitamins
(niacin, thiamine, mononitrate (b1), riboflavin (b2) folic acid)],
sugar, corn syrup, water, high fructose corn syrup, partially
hydrogenated vegetable shortening (contains one or more of: soybean,
canola or palm oil), dextrose, whole eggs, contains 2 percent or less
of: modified cornstarch, cellulose gum, whey, leavenings (sodium acid
pyrophosphate, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate), salt, cornstarch,
corn flour, corn dextrins, mono and digylcerides, polysorbate 60, soy
lecithin, natural and artificial flavors, soy protein isolate, sodium
stearoyl lactylate, sodium and calcium caseinate, calcium sulfate,
sorbic acid (to retain freshness), color added (yellow 5, red 40).
May contain peanuts or traces of peanuts.


Google alternative recipe:

Organic cake flour, sugar, organic cream, organic butter, organic
eggs, organic milk, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, almond
extract, baking powder, cream of tartar, salt.

Healthy alternative recipe?

Maybe Richard of Eight Street's thought in some way applies to original Twinkies. "You gonna die of somethin'."








Lessons of the west-Berkeley Project.

Enjoy the "Berkeley process" as much as you do your profits. Stop "turning in little circles" like your foot was fixed to the floor.







Very much worth watching is

"Fukushima Nuclear Plant Remains 'Ticking Time Bomb' After Japan Disaster:Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist" a CNN interview at huffingtonpost.com.


As worthy are Bob Kubik's comments. Remember, Bob was a nuclear engineer.

"I listened to this and the guy is nearly hysterical. He sees children
wearing dosimeters as a disaster whereas that is a sensible precaution
to know if any are receiving significant doses. Yes, there are hot
spots outside the original specified zone - that would be expected and
indicates careful surveys are being done. The reactor operators seem
to have reacted in a professional way under the circumstances of great
stress without the support of upper management. It is easy to offer
criticism after the fact from an office chair.

Indeed upper
management in the utility and government acted poorly and have much to
answer for - not so different from US officials during our above
ground nuclear testing or during the Vietnam war.

The title of this piece talks of 'a ticking time bomb' not so
subtly implying a nuclear explosion. That will not and cannot happen
but certainly raises fears. Raising fear is so typical of news
reports like this - that is why I don't listen to them and get my
information from written reports that can be carefully analysed and

The actual data I have seen so far says the radiation releases
have been and probably will be significantly less than Chernobyl.

Certainly however, this is a major disaster for the Japanese - no one
can deny that. It is a political disaster, a public policy disaster,
an economic disaster but not quite a public health disaster. The
direct effects of the tsunami have been a bigger public health problem
than the nuclear accident.

Far fewer people will be affected by this than the bombing of a
single Japanese city in World War II. To put this in perspective
World War II was a real disaster for the Japanese!"


Councilman Kriss Worthington emails

Excellent interview! Thanks for spreading the word. Kriss W




The Mercury News reports"Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, to introduce bill to abolish death penalty."




While the Washington Post observes"Rich pull away from rest of U.S.. Rising executive compensation is at the root of the widening income gap. Compensation for those at the top has increased about fourfold since the '70s, while average wages for all workers have remained relatively flat."




And Tavis Smiley has a half hour conversation with environmentalist Robert Kennedy Jr. Driven a little over thetop by his passion, still an informative listen.

"The environmentalist, who appears in the documentary 'The Last Mountain' about the fight over coal, discusses the lack of government transparency and shares whether elective office is in his future."




Want superb archival access? Read"California Language Archive clicks with multiple resources" by Kathleen Maclay, UC Media Relations.

"As of [Monday, June 20], much of the University of California, Berkeley's vast language resources is accessible, free of charge, to anyone with Internet access via the new California Language Archive(CLA) website and its catalog of UC Berkeley materials ­ the largest indigenous language archive at a U.S. university.

The site is filled with downloadable digital content that includes rare audio recordings and written documentation. A few examples include 51 hours of Wintu songs and conversations, the hummingbird fire story recited in the nearly extinct language of Nisenan, and handwritten notes on Chochenyo that are based on linguist and ethnographer J.P. Harrington's work with the language's last good speaker."




And kudos for Ms May for her"Jennifer Egan looks at aging in 'Goon Squad'.

Jennifer Egan, the nationally acclaimed author and journalist, was in a public restroom when she noticed an open purse near the sink, its owner in a stall.

She didn't touch the wallet inside, but her writer's mind imagined her evil twin who would: a young kleptomaniac in therapy who works for a music producer who puts gold flakes in his coffee and pesticide on his armpits.

'Then I wondered why this Bennie person was doing those odd things,' said Egan, who followed her curiosity and wound up with one of this year's most lauded books: 'A Visit From the Goon Squad,' which captured the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Using a nonlinear chronology akin to a DJ mixing and layering songs, 'Goon Squad' sprawls across decades, countries and characters to tell a story about growing old in the digital age.

Influenced by Proust and the 'Sopranos' television series, Egan wrote every chapter from a different character's point of view, with a different mood and feel . . ."



Finally, President Reagan was a funny guy--he could tell a good joke. So"President Reagan - his humor and wit" is a funny watch. Not "dry intellectual funny" but "good story in a bar funny."

Notice that in one clip Tip O'Neal, then Democartic Speaker of the House, is "breaking up."

It's said that Reagan and O'Neal, both of the Irish persuasion, could get together, "throw back a few" and really solve real problems. Not like Kubik or Lipofsky and me, . . . but really real problems.








Oona O'Neill and William Saroyan

a Mary Lawrence photo








"Barking cat changes tune when caught on camera" is a video of strange insight on youtube.com.


In one of their darker moments a reader familiar with contemporary west-Berkeley emails

Berkeley culture is based on everyone not trusting almost everyone else, about anything.


Yet another reader emails

a photo of their Grandfather

Jack Cole on his Indian

probably taken in the early 1900s in Kansas City Missouri.



and Jill Ellis director of CEID emails of my Berkeley Mills photo essay (excerpt)

Nice photos and lovely support




And "Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Runners carry Flame of Hope" is a fine feature at ci.berkeley.ca.us.



our BPD Sgt Mary Kusmiss emails

Help Needed Too Nab Prowling Suspect

The City of Berkeley Police
Department (BPD) is asking for the community's help in nabbing a suspect who
eluded arrest.

On Wednesday, June 22, 2011, a woman who lives in the 2200 block of Dwight
Way called 911 at about 2:20 a.m. to report that a man was outside her
window. When BPD officers arrived, they found a suspect nearby the home who
matched the description that had been given. The suspect dashed off and
officers chased him on foot. During the foot chase, the suspect scaled a metal
fence and got stuck. The suspect tugged at his impaled leg forcefully enough
that he was able to free himself and escape.

BPD is asking for the community's help with this investigation.
The suspect sustained significant injuries to his leg including puncture wounds to
his left calf and left thigh, injury to rib cage ­ puncture or tenderness, and a
laceration above his right eye. This suspect may not seek medical treatment to
avoid arrest.

The following is a description of the suspect ­
Black Male Adult, 19-22 years old with short hair
Spotted facial hair/stubble, 6'0" tall, 185-195 lbs, Athletic/slender build
wearing a hooded shirt with the arms cut off & sides open
and dark colored boxer shorts

Absent having the suspect in custody to interview, BPD Detectives do not know
what this suspect's intentions and/or motives were.

BPD is urging anyone who knows anything about this suspect to call the BPD
Special Victims Unit at (510)981- 5735 or the 24 hour BPD Non Emergency
number of (510) 981-5900. If a community member wishes to remain
anonymous, he/she is encouraged to call the Bay Area Crimes Stoppers (BACS) at
(800)-222-TIPS (8477). Any information may be critical to solving this crime.
Sometimes the smallest or seemingly insignificant detail can be the key to
arresting the suspect or suspects in any crime.

Sgt. M. Kusmiss S6
Public Information
Officer (PIO)
(510) 981-5780









Berkeley PD bought one half million dollars of needed equipment with grant money raised by PD staff, some of which will be shared with otther city departments.


Digs Bistro on Dwight and California has been sold to new owners.


ABC News just taped a feature at Pixar and this morning another about Cars 2. 900 GRAYSON regular, Pete Doctor gives a PIXAR tour on the ABC NEWS feature.


Utility boxes downtown will be decorated with art paid for from private sources--individuals, businesses, groups. The Boz is sponsoring one.







our Inkworks mural

more of this work here




"Sports Basement eyes a new store in the old Berkeley Iceland site" by George Avalos, Oakland Tribune.

"Sports Basement is planning to bring one of its eclectic retail stores to the iconic Berkeley Iceland rink in a revival of the shuttered space.

'For some time we have thought Berkeley and Sports Basement would be a great fit,' said Tom Phillips, a founding partner with Sports Basement.'We were unable to find a space we were completely comfortable with until we visited the Iceland location.'

Sports Basement decided the old ice rink was just what the retailer wanted. The property has been listed for sale at about $6.5 million by Gordon Commercial Real Estate."



"U.S. Bancorp to Finance Solar Projects With East West Bancorp" by Andrew Herndon at bloomberg.com.

"Units of U.S. Bancorp and East West Bancorp created a fund to finance about 9 megawatts of projects for Borrego Solar Systems Inc. in Massachusetts, New Jersey and California.

The $46 million fund follows $56 million in project financing that U.S. Bank and East West Bank previously provided the company, Jessica Elkus, a spokeswoman for Berkeley, California-based Borrego, said in an e-mail.

Borrego installs, maintains, and operates grid-tied photovoltaic systems for commercial and government customers. Through a financing arrangement known as a power purchase agreement, the company's customers pay no installation costs and buy the generated electricity at a fixed monthly rate that is lower than a typical utility bill, according to the company."



"CO Global Communications Joins Forces with Leading Intellectual Property Firm Ovidian Group" at marketwatch.com.

"Combination Leverages Deep Industry Experience, Financial Resources and Intellectual Property Sophistication to Create a Trusted Partner for Technology Companies."

Ovidian Group, 2030 Addison Street, Suite 640, Berkeley, CA 94704







"Monitoring the Monitors:Who's still tracking radiation from Fukushima? And who should we trust?" by Daniel Krieger at slate.com.

"Three months have passed since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant spun out of control and began spewing radiation into the air and sea. Things have settled down a bit since the first jittery days, when the Chinese went on a salt-buying spree believing the iodine in it would protect them, Californians snatched up potassium iodide pills to counteract thyroid-gland poisoning, and Geiger counters flew off the shelves everywhere. Uncertainty fueled much of the hysteria. And the question remains: Who can we trust to monitor fallout from Fukushima?"


"Report says Islamophobia on the rise" by Omar Sacirbey, christiancentury.org.

"A new report asserts that anti-Muslim prejudice has worsened in recent years, but argues the trend could be reversed with greater community outreach."





"New Horizons for the Celtic Harp at Berkeley's Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse" at sfgate.com

"Six renowned Celtic Harpists will be playing harp music for the acoustic music lovers assembled at the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse in Berkeley. The event will be held at the coffeehouse, located at 2020 Addison Street in Berkeley, on Thursday, July 14. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets cost $20.50 for people purchasing in advance and $22.50 at the door."







Joe Slusky's "Helios" Chariot of the Sun at 7th and Grayson

just across from 900 GRAYSON










smallest guest

at the Japan Earthquake benefit

last Monday evening at Berkeley Mills

New two page photo essay here




"Amy Adams Hits the Set of New P.T. Anderson Project" at clebrity-gossip.net.

"Nearly unrecognizable while in full costume and makeup, Amy Adams was hard at work on the set of her latest project in Berkeley, California this weekend (June 25).

Wearing a modest all-grey ensemble with a short, wavy brunette hairdo, the Oscar-winning actress made her way from the trailer area to the shoot's locale .

According to IMDB, the new project is 'a 1950s-set drama centered on the relationship between a charismatic intellectual known as 'the Master' whose faith-based organization begins to catch on in America, and a young drifter who becomes his right-hand man.'

Due out in 2013, the sure to be compelling picture boasts a star-laden cast including Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Juliette Lewis, Laura Dern and Elisabeth Moss."





There is a God and She loves old white men.

"Kellogg's Brings Mother's Cookies Back To Life at brandland.com

Just as Kellogg's brought back Hydrox, it has now brought back the Mother's Cookies brand.

With the same taste , Mother's cookies made their highly anticipated return to store shelves in the Western region of the United States starting on May 4 ­ just in timefor the 95th anniversary of Mother's Day as well as the Mother's brand.

Since 1914, Mother's cookies have been delighting generations with favorites like the pink and white sprinkled Circus Animal cookies and the rich, creme-filled Taffysandwich cookies. When the iconic brand ceased production in late 2008, cookie lovers lost not only a delicious snack, but a closely held family tradition. In December 2008, Kellogg Company acquired the trademarks and original recipes, ensuring that the cookies will continue.

"We're thrilled to bring back a classic, beloved brand that calls to mind such strong feelings of nostalgia and happy childhood memories that parents want to pass down to their children," said Doug VanDeVelde, senior vice president, marketing and innovation, U.S. snacks, Kellogg Company, in a press release to BrandlandUSA.

The Mother's cookies returning to the Western region of the United States include . . ."


Kubik emails

Radiation levels in Japan

Certainly there are lethal doses of radiation in the immediate
vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear station, however it is interesting
to note the general levels of radiation in Japan.

Keeping in mind the average dose due to background in the US is 3
mSv/year and 3 mSv/year more due to medical procedures.

Hundreds of readings throughout Japan by both amateurs and
professionals show that Tokyo is below 2 mSv/year and the highest
readings away from the immediate vicinity of the plant are 12





Councilman Wozniak emails

Community Meeting on City Council Redistricting in Berkeley
The League of Women Voters invites the public to a community meeting to learn about the City's upcoming redistricting process. League members will be joined by City staff from the City Clerk's Office, City Attorney's Office, City Manager's Office and Department of Information Technology.
Redistricting is the redrawing of City Council district boundaries every ten years to ensure that districts are balanced with the same number of residents. This process applies only to City Council districts and is not part of the state redistricting process for congressional and state legislative districts.
According to the 2010 Census, Berkeley's population is 112,580, an increase of almost 10,000 people from the 2000 Census. The population shifts within each Council district require revisions to City Council district boundaries to ensure equal representation of residents.
The public is a critical part of the redistricting process. The League of Women Voters will be moderating this meeting to introduce the community to the purpose of redistricting, the City Charter's criteria for Council districts, and the timeline and process.

The meeting is Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM in the North Berkeley Senior Center Multi-Purpose Room, 1901 Hearst, Berkeley.








Yesterday afternoon Pete and Geralyn held a shindig. It started at 3:00 and by 5:00 o'clock their yard was filled with guests, at times overflowing into their kitchen and into Pete's shop. A varied crowd, there were people of all ages, sizes and colors--ahh, the US of A. Geralyn, with ease and grace, provided a feast of unbelievable variety and Pete and his ukulele friends serenaded all. During dinner Wacko and I found ourselves pleasantly surrounded by the Serna family, Mom and Dad here from Spain for a while to help with David and Diana's one-month old Isabella. In a mix of English and Spanish, with translations by David, we got to know a little about these wonderful people. And great fun was had by all!

Like ukes? Jerry Landis emails this Youtube link. Jake Shimabukuro plays "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".

Ooops, . . . good conversations with guests, John and Suzanne, too.


Ms.S emails

Plans are proceeding--working on the shop. You'll be happy to know I'll put the compressor and dust collector in a sound proof room.


Some real good-lookin' Berkeley Firefighters had lunch last week at 900.







"The Hillel paradox" ynetnews.com.

"Jewish-American student organization Hillel Foundation in hot seat over anti-Israel activities including 'Apartheid Week,' financial boycott of Israel. 'We won't allow anyone calling for boycott against Israel to be part of us.' Yoaz Hendel, Israel News."




"The Centre for South Asia Studies at University of California, Berkeley, offers a course in basic and intermediate Telugu. Rachita Kar tells you how the course credits count towards a degree" at educationtimes.com.

An increasingly modern and diverse world no longer looks at language as a barrier. Instead, language is becoming a converging point. If you know the language, it is easier to comprehend the nuances of a culture, country and even the quirks of its workplace.

Responding to the times, University of California, Berkeley, created a Telugu Studies Chair at its Centre for South Asia Studies in 2006, which now offers an introductory course in Telugu to students."





"Pol houses to be highlighted at workshop in Switzerland" at timesofindia.com.

"Architects from across the world will soon find out about the role wood has played in Ahmedabad's pol houses and how they have endured the test of time. An architecture student of Cept University will make a presentation on the marvels of woodwork in pol houses in the city at a workshop in Switzerland.

Hriday Gami is one of three winners selected from across the globe for the Eighth Annual Berkeley Prize Travel Fellowship Competition of University of California at Berkeley, this year. The fellowship sponsors the winner's travel across the globe to take part in workshops and other programmes. Gami had chosen to take part in a workshop called 'Wood in Construction and Architecture' at Aalto University in Switzerland.

Gami will explore the kind of wood used, the technique employed and the role wood plays in enhancing the beauty and the strength of the houses."

About Pol houses here.







our Fourth Street Apple Store

looks just like other Apple Stores but unfinished


Javier and crew are doing a lot of maintenance and repair at the French School campuses.


PG&E are replacing transformers at the entrance to the OSH parking lot across from our Bowl.



"Apparent suicide at Ashby BART Station" reports Henry K Lee at sfgate.com.

"A woman was struck and killed by a train at the Ashby BART Station in Berkeley in an apparent suicide, an agency official said.
The woman was hit at about 12:45 p.m., said BART spokesman Jim Allison. Her name has not been released.

BART has resumed normal service through the station, which had been closed after the incident."



"Harpsichord maker finds work, results satisfying" by Edward Guthmann, Special to The Chronicle is simply just John telling about his passion. It's more about John's words than Guthmann's writing and is in a appealing way, innocent.

"John Phillips, who started making harpsichords when he couldn't buy one, builds instruments for universities, churches and professional musicians."


(This story is exclusive to the Chronicle's Monday print edition and will not appear on SFGate.com until 3:00 AM on Wednesday, June 29.)

Actually go find a print edition Chron and read it. You'll be happy. What the story doesn't say--probably because of John's modesty--is that he is a world renowned builder.

The accompanying photo of John isn't very good. John is one of those people who doesn't photograph well. The best photo I've seen is one I took of him and wife Suzanne waiting for their coffee-to-go at 900 GRAYSON. John's best smiles are not the toothy full-grins shown in the Chron photo but wry, almost imperceptible ones that he husbands dearly.

I can't find the photo.






"Hilarious 'Working for the Mouse' back at Berkeley's Impact Theatre" is a review by Pat Craig at mercurynews.com.

"In his funny and touching solo show, 'Working for the Mouse, Trevor Allen recalls a defining moment of his youth -- when he encountered Peter Pan at Disneyland. He was surprised to discover Peter Pan was a young performer hired to work at the Magic Kingdom."



"Hippie days: How a handful of countercultural scientists changed the course of physics in the 1970s" by Peter Dizikes at physorg.com.

"Every Friday afternoon for several years in the 1970s, a group of underemployed quantum physicists met at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, in Northern California, to talk about a subject so peculiar it was rarely discussed in mainstream science: entanglement. Did subatomic particles influence each other from a distance? What were the implications?"







The Book of Green Tea is a beautiful and informed presentation of the green tea culture. Green tea is good for you and so is this book.












Pete Hurney's Potter Creek rain gauge showed 1.3 inches for yesterday's storm.


900 GRAYSON's Courtney Bean saw a deer rapidly running up 8th Street yesterday afternoon around 3:30. Running at speed in the rain, it skittered around the Grayson Street corner, heading toward Peter's and John's.


Word on The Street is that Rich Robins [Wareham] is interested in a 35,000 feet space at 2929 5th--old Ed Wood building on 5th and Potter. The brokers when asked, said only that there is interest in the property.


There's also a little hum on The Street that Da Boz may seek reelection if "everything works out."



Our Officer Karen Buckheit BPD emails

 I wanted to let you know that my assignment as the Area 4 Coordinator is up, and I will be rotating back to patrol the week of July 10th. The new Area 4 Coordinator is Ofc. Cesar Melero. You will be able to reach Ofc. Melero at the same extension I had, (510) 981-5774.  Officer Melero is a veteran officer with a high level of professionalism, knowledge and experience and I'm sure you will enjoy working with him.
It has been a pleasure working with all of you. 
Ofc. K. J. Buckheit






"Cal Football: 7 Items on the Golden Bears 2011 Summer 'To Do' List" By Evan Howard at bleecherreport.com.

"The California Golden Bears had a terrible season last year. Finishing ninth in the PAC-10 only better than the atrocious Washington State Cougars, the Bears need some change this off season.

They have some key returning players in Mychal Kendricks and Mitchell Schwartz, but other Golden Bears are going to have to step up."



"City of Richmond Gains Momentum as a Top Finalist for Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's (LBNL) New Research Institute" is a story release at prweb.com.

" 'Richmond on the Rise' Campaign Building Unity Across Diverse Sectors

'We're looking forward to making Richmond the ideal home for LBNL's second campus and understand the positive economic impact that it would have on the Richmond community' City Manager, Bill Lindsay

Anticipation is growing in the City of Richmond as the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) continues to move forward with the site selection process for its second campus. The University of California, Berkeley-owned Richmond Field Station, one of LBNL's remaining candidate sites, is being recognized as a shoreline campus location that would inspire researchers to continue to develop innovative energy solutions for the 21st century and beyond. The University of California, Berkeley has developed a Campus Concept Plan for this facility situated along San Francisco Bay that "presents a vision for a new research campus that embraces the existing unique and successful partnership between the University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). An initial campus would combine an LBNL Energy and Life Sciences research cluster, and the existing UC Berkeley Engineering research cluster, on University-owned properties in the Richmond, California southern waterfront area." 





Happy Birthday to John Norheim and a half-dozen or so of his family, all with Birthdays in the next few days. And Happy B Day to "Donnie Bob" Yost, Rick "The Rickster" Auerbach and our Sally, all with surrounding Birthdays.










From The Berkeley Police Story by Alfred E Parker, some of BPD Lt CC Plummer and others' memorable calls.

"A women called to complain that she was receiving music from her false teeth and wanted to know what to do.

The man on the telephone stated that a bull was loose in West Berkeley. It had broken loose from a meat packing plant and was rounded up by several offices. Reports of this kind have been received for herds of sheep and deer. *

A woman called from Los Angeles (474 miles from Berkeley) asking directions to San Jose (42 miles from Berkeley.)

An irate man called and requested an officer go to a cleaning shop, since closed for the night, and get out his clothes which he needed the next day."

*Our Rick Auerbach has photos of a deer loose on the French School play ground just a few years ago.





Senator Bernie Sanders " We Will Not Balance the Budget on the Backs of Working Families" at thenation.com.

Known as the Independentfrom Vermont in the US Senate, Vermonters also know him as the past Socialist Mayor of Burlington.



"Campus asked by President Obama to help boost investment in manufacturing" by Robert Sanders, Media Relations UC Berkeley.

"UC Berkeley will play a key role in a national effort recently created by President Obama to ensure that the United States remains what he calls "a nation that 'invests it here and manufactures it here' and creates high-quality, good paying jobs for American workers."

Chancellor Robert Birgeneau was among six university leaders who met with Obama at Carnegie Mellon University on Friday, June 24, during the launch of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP). These university presidents and chancellors will work with leaders of major U.S. manufacturers and federal government leaders to build a roadmap for advanced manufacturing technologies."










How does old fashioned manufacturing come back to the USA?

Well, my friend Jarad, who has a small wood working shop in Emeryville, is making a batch of tables for a Fourth Street business whose owner formerly had his tables made in India. But now that overseas company will only take orders larger than the Fourth Street company needs.

So it has become economic for him to buy and for Jarad to manufacture here, even though Jarad negotiated a substantially higher unit price.



Last Tuesday's Berkeley City Council meeting video is here.

To best enjoy this session I recommend a bottle of Two-Buck-Chuck--I particularly like the buzz from the Shiraz. A couple of bags of Fritos or Doritos are an excellent accompaniment, pairing well with this wine.

Or satisfy yourself that the Council approved the Downtown Business District--or not.


"City to host free outdoor movie series" is a story at dailycal.org.

"The Downtown Berkeley Association announced yesterday plans for a free outdoor summer movie series in the Downtown during the month of August.
At the event, which is called the Center Street Summer Cinema, movies will be shown for free on Saturday evenings in August in the Bank of America parking lot on Center Street, according to John Caner, executive director of the association, which was involved in planning and leading the event. The movies will be projected on the west wall of the old University of California Printing Plant building, he said."




Our Janine emails "Oh Shit." I'll link that tomorrow.



"News Corp will dump MySpace, according to reports" is a story at csmonitor.com.

"MySpace could be sold by Thursday. Once the king of social networks, MySpace has slid from $580 million to a reported $30 million."



"Amazon Cuts California Affiliates After State Approves Internet Tax" by Andrew Asch, apparelnews.net.

"Internet giant Amazon.com cut its business with its affiliates based in California on June 29, the day after the California Legislature passed a provision taxing out-of-state Internet retailers.

The move does not impact California e-commerce sites or California manufacturers, just website publishers who post advertisements and coupons for the retailer on their websites. These affiliates earned revenue of $1.9 billion in 2010, according to Rebecca Madigan, executive director of Performance Marketing Association, a Camarillo, Calif.­based trade group for affiliates. 'They can lose more than 25 percent of their income overnight,' Madigan said."







posts from the past

Humphrey Bogart

a Mary Morris photo





"Bancroft Library to expand documentation of Japanese Americans' World War II experiences" by Kathleen Maclay, Media Relations UC Berkeley.

"The Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, has received two grants from the U.S. National Park Service to expand its efforts documenting the World War II era experiences of Japanese Americans."



from my log

6/25/11--8:38 PM--SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dry dirty air, watery burning eyes, overrides HEPA filters.

6/26/11---9:16 AM--SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dry dirty air, watery burning eyes. Off-and-on all day, SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dry dirty air, watery burning eyes. 6:28 PM--VERY SERIOUS irritant in front room, burning eyes.

6/28/11 8:58 AM--SERIOUS irritant in front room, leave.

6/29/11-11:06 AM--SERIOUS irritant in front room, overrides HEPA filter, wear respirator




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Bay Area home prices from sfgate.com


Bay Area foreclosures from sfgate.com

Our City Council update is here.


Our Planning Commision update is here



You can find more information about our current weather conditions than is good for you at www.wunderground.com

Want to see weather coming in, going out, beautiful sunsets, and much, much more? Check out http://sv.berkeley.edu/view/ This very hip site was in an email from reader and contributor, Tony Almeida. Read Tony's Jimi Hendrix story on the only page that routinely gets more hits than Scrambled Eggs.


Best gas prices in 94710, as well as all of US and Canada, are here at gasbuddy.com

Kimar finds Costco routinely has the lowest price.


Richmond Ramblers' motorcycle club member, Cliff Miller emails a very

useful link

If you ever need to get a human being on the phone at a credit card company or bank, etc., this site tells you how to defeat their automated system and get you to a human being within a few seconds.



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Our Area Coordinator is Officer Karen Buckheit, Berkeley PD - 981-5774 kbuckheit@ci.berkeley.ca.us

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