Potter Creek the Movie Star

Sunday morning the 23rd, America's Most Wanted set up in The Creek

for a feature on Rafael Campbell

a few more photos here





Around Noon yesterday, Saturday, America's Most Wanted was filming the first part of a feature on Rafael Campbell, a Berkeley murder suspect who is still at large.  
9th was blocked off at Dwight and at Carleton and Parker at 8th and 10th for the filming. 


May BPD Press Release, excerpts

"Two gang members who remain at large following a triple homicide in the East Bay last weekend have been identified, the Berkeley Police Department announced today.
Arrest warrants were issued for 27-year-old Rafael Campbell and Samuel Flowers, 21, on Friday. Police say they are wanted for three counts of murder and are considered armed and dangerous. "

See Scrambled Eggs 5/18/09 and following for more.


From a May '09 Planet

"Berkeley Police Identify Homicide Suspects" Bay City News, Special to the Planet. "A $47,000 reward is being offered by the Berkeley Police Department for information about Flowers and Campbell following the May 16 fatal shooting in Berkeley that led to a high-speed chase that killed two innocent bystanders in north Oakland.
The incident began shortly after 6:30 p.m. Saturday when a Berkeley police officer heard gunshots in the area of Allston Way and 10th Street in west Berkeley.
Officers responded and found 25-year-old Charles Davis, of Berkeley, on Allston Way west of San Pablo Avenue. He had been shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the scene." 





"2009 California Football Team Preview" is a report at pac-10.org. "The Golden Bears will rely on top talent as they contend for a Pac-10 title in 2009."



"Real estate market's soft bottom throws up new median price" reports sfgate.com.

"It may only be a soft bottom but it's nonetheless being (cautiously) heralded as a bottom to the real-estate downturn.

"Evidence is mounting that in some areas we've approached at least a soft bottom for home prices," the president of DataQuick, John Walsh said, on the release of the company's latest home sales figures. He warned that "the market remains vulnerable", however.

According to DataQuick, the median home price jumped more than 12% to $395,000 from $352,000 in June across the nine-county area of Northern California, marking the fourth consecutive month that prices increased.

So what does that mean in practice? What will $395,000 buy you in the East Bay?"




"Eco-friendly universities: UCLA, Santa Cruz and Berkeley going greener" is a story at latimes.com.

"These days 'cool school' doesn't just mean that a university has laid-back drinking policies. A 'cool school' is one that recycles waste, provides transit and saves energy, according to the Sierra Club's report card for eco-friendly universities, released Thursday.

With about two-thirds of applicants reportedly taking eco-friendliness into account when choosing a college, three California schools that were among Sierra Club's top 10 have something to brag about. UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley and UCLA ranked seventh, eighth and ninth in the report, respectively.".



"Yudof's neighbor suspects arson in car fire" is a story by Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"The owner of a Volkswagen that was destroyed by fire in the Oakland hills said Friday he is convinced an arsonist was responsible because of the car's proximity to the home of University of California President Mark Yudof."




"How Green Is Rail Travel?" asks James Kanter at nytimes.com.

"Eurostar, the high-speed train service that connects London with Paris and Brussels, advertises a tenfold reduction in each traveler's carbon footprint by comparison with an airplane trip over similar distances.

In Britain, government officials have described the investment of billions of pounds in a new high-speed rail network as a green initiative. The Obama administration has budgeted billions of dollars to build similar networks in the United States, partly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But do all forms of train travel really offer such dramatic gains?"





posts from the past


Peter and Geralyn are relatively new to our neighborhood, yet they make maximum use of Potter Creek. They not only live here but both work here within easy biking distance, enjoy west-Berkeley's restaurants, study at one of our schools and generally are out-and-about. These, and other, new residents seem to fully use and enjoy Potter Creek.

In the way that the town-square "makes" a town, a park "makes" a neighborhood. We don't have one. And soon we won't even have the smallest green-space.

Perhaps a real solution to the parking problem in this area is an underground garage. With a park on top? Nah, this isn't Emeryville.



A couple of my neighbors mentioned that they recently started riding bicycles. More than twenty years ago, the boss-man at Advance Heli Welders regularly rode a lightweight around the neighborhood.

In the '50s, even as a white-boy in the mid-West, I knew that Jerry Lee Lewis had Soul. I just rediscovered him on the CD, Jerry Lee Lewis (Sun-37102). Among other tunes, it has "Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On." "Little Queenie," "What'd I Say," "Sweet Little Sixteen," and "Great Balls of Fire." Border's, Emeryville has some for $5.99.

But then again, I did go to Jazz at the Phil in my zoot-suit, fedora, and blue-suede shoes--I was by no means the best-dressed person there.


More biker-wisdom from my Harley and Goldwing buddies.

Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else.

Some days you are the bug; some days you are the windshield.

Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving.

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.


(For a story about Advance Heli Welders see People and Their Places.)




So now just where is our namesake, Potter Creek? According to a City of Berkeley, Department of Engineering, 1990 Map it runs underground in a 2ft culvert entering Potter Creek, the neighborhood, at the southeast corner of San Pablo and Heinz, runs along Heinz and directly under the Scharffen Berger factory, turns southwest at just before the corner of Heinz and 7th, and leaves Potter Creek at Potter Street and the railroad right of way.












The average browsing time of our some 600 Saturday readers was 53 minutes. That's more than I spend on Sunday's West County Times--five times more.


French School faculty returns today, Monday, with classes beginning next week.


The selection of our new chief of police will now take place in mid-October.


Gene Agress was down south working on the new Berkeley Mills showroom.



" Micaela Gallery will Present 'Marvin Lipofsky: Survey 1969 - 2009,' a Solo Exhibition of Select Sculpture" is a report at artdaily.org.



"City Clerk Confirms 9,200 Signatures Submitted for Downtown Plan Referendum; Verification Process to Begin" is a report by J. Douglas Allen-Taylor in our Planet.


"Berkeley Finally Gets Some Good News" opines Randy Shaw at beyondchronicle.org.

"These have been tough times for the city of Berkeley. It has lost high profile retailers like Cody's and Black Oak Books, and there are trails of vacant retail spaces in downtown, along Solano, and even in its renowned Gourmet Ghetto. But two major developments in recent weeks might foreshadow better days. First, the beloved but long closed UC Theater on 2036 University Avenue will be transformed into a top-notch concert venue, featuring the type of artists who play at the Fillmore or Great American Music Hall. Second, activists appear to have qualified a referendum for the 2010 ballot halting the city's ill-conceived Downtown Area Plan. The Plan, which would allow two 22-story hotels and two 16-17 story office or condo towers across the city center, has potentially provoked a political alliance sufficiently diverse enough to overcome Mayor Tom Bates and the Council majority he controls."


"Road to college just got bumpier;State cuts and stricter standards mean students will have a harder time getting into schools" a story by Katy Murphy and Matt Krupnick of the West County Times.




posts from the past


It's the beginning of the month and in a half-hour, at delivery time this morning in Potter Creek, I saw at least a half dozen tractor-trailers blocking streets, blocking lanes, or stopping traffic as they slowly made or could not make corners. Felt like South of Market

Kava got a delivery of dry wall this morning for his 8th Street project and Denny's crew have the foundation forms in.

John and Suzanne's electric fence seems to be finished.

The Billy Goats left.

When the west-Berkeley Plan is reviewed next year, lets make some green-space a requirement as part of new projects, developments, etc.

Boy, I hope those young women waiting for buses on San Pablo get one. You'd think after a day or two of waiting, a bus would have come by that they could use.

Yup, Rick's back.

D@#n, I need a beer and an chicken enchilada verdi at Juan's.













Janos Gereben forwards his tribute to Mary Morris Lawrence

Mary Morris Lawrence
The first female news photographer, who has also taken hundreds of famous photos of musicians, Mary Morris Lawrence, died on Aug. 12 at age 95.

She and her husband, London Symphony Orchestra General Manager Harold Lawrence, moved to Oakland in 1978, after he was named president and general manager of the Oakland Symphony. The couple had an important role in the Bay Area's musical life for two decades. He appointed Calvin Simmons music director of the Symphony, and her photos of the young African-American conductor were published around the world.

"I loved her for how brave she was," her husband said. That bravery included overcoming a brain tumor in 1964 that involved seven operations. "But she continued her career and went bravely on."
A Mary Morris photo of Neville Marriner and MTT in London



"Trailblazing photojournalist Mary Morris Lawrence dies at 95" writes Angela Woodall, Oakland Tribune.

"In the early days of journalism, aspiring female reporters were told to stick to fashion, food and furniture. But in 1937, Mary Morris Lawrence helped shatter the journalistic ceiling for women by becoming the first female photographer for The Associated Press, and later made her name photographing Hollywood's biggest stars.

On Aug. 12, the trailblazing journalist and photographer died. She was 95.

'I was a groundbreaker,' she told the Oakland Tribune in 2007.

Born March 27, 1914, the 'girl photographer,' as she was called in the early days of her career, didn't like to talk about her age.

She did, however, like to talk about her photographs - such as the one of actor-director Orson Welles chomping on a cigar while offering poet Carl Sandburg a playing card - with which she surrounded herself in the house overlooking Lake Merritt that she shared with husband Howard Lawrence. "


from my Mostly Mary Morris 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Orson Welles and Carl Sandburg


In the '90s, I was interviewing Harold about his managing of the London Symphony and his hiring of Previn as conductor. My questions had to do with music and the symphony. Though being considered as conductor of a classical orchestra, Previn was then known in England mostly for his "Hollywood lifestyle." Mary sitting next to us at the kitchen table blurted out to this in-his-late-fifties me "Kid, you're asking the wrong questions!" RP




"California Golden Bears 2009 College Football Odds" are at point-spreads.com.

"The California Golden Bears are poised for a big year, coming off a 9-4 campaign and a 24-17 Emerald Bowl win over the Miami Hurricanes. Head Coach Jeff Tedford, who has guided the program to a 44-19 record over the last five years, returns 15 starters from the 2008 squad. A roster full of talent and experience has Cal fans dreaming big, like Pac-10 title, BCS Championship big. Bodog.com's California Golden Bears 2009 College Football Odds would seem to validate the excitement in Berkeley as the Golden Bears win total is set at nine with the over a -165 favorite."




"Control4 Surpasses Milestone of One Million ZigBee Products" is a press release at marketwatch.com. "Company has shipped over one million ZigBee products - more than any other manufacturer worldwide - driving mainstream adoption of home control and entertainment, while bolstering its position in new emerging markets.

Control4, the leader in affordable IP-based home control and entertainment systems, today announced the shipment of its one millionth ZigBee(R) product to Music Lovers, a Control4 dealer in Berkeley, California. "



"New Clue Found to Disappearing Honey Bees" is an AP report at abcnews.com. "Bee disappearances may be linked to damaged ribosomes, which make vital proteins."















The Rafael Campell America's Most Wanted episode will air November 7th at 8PM on KTVU-TV Channel 2. The program will recreate the shooting, pursuit and crash.

May BPD Press Release, excerpts

"Two gang members who remain at large following a triple homicide in the East Bay last weekend have been identified, the Berkeley Police Department announced today.
Arrest warrants were issued for 27-year-old Rafael Campbell and Samuel Flowers, 21, on Friday. Police say they are wanted for three counts of murder and are considered armed and dangerous. "

See Scrambled Eggs 5/18/09 and following for more.



The average Scrambled Eggs browsing time on 8/24 was 52 minutes per reader.



Janine emails about her weekend concert

Hi again,  Just another plug for my upcoming concerts this weekend!  (Saturday 10:30 AM and Sunday 3:00 PM . . . $10)

There are perhaps some of you who have never even heard of d'Anglebert (1635-1691), and wonder about an entire half program being devoted to one of his Suites. Personally, the Suite I am playing is one of my favorite pieces in the entire repertoire.  It has some of the most gorgeous and passionate writing possible for the harpsichord, with some extraordinary harmonies, beautiful melodic writing and an unmatched use of ornamentation, which I find to be quite sensuous and gratifying.  His Pièces de Clavecin, from which this Suite is taken was first published in 1689, and then published again three more times in rapid succession, including in Amsterdam.  This, alone would attest to the quality and popularity of the music..  In modern times d'Anglebert received praise from Willi Apel as "he represents the highest development of French harpsichord music, even more so than François Couperin..."(!) I might not go so far as this, but you can imagine, I hope, just how inspiring his music can be.

The Bach (1685-1750) English Suite really needs no introduction, being widely popular among keyboard players.  I find this particular Suite to present some unique challenges, and have never performed it before. I have come to really love it.  Who wouldn't?  It's Bach!

My own piece I think people will enjoy despite the dark title.  The first movement is more jazzy modern than atonal modern,  the Fugue in the middle becomes dissonant, but never loses sight of a tonal center, and the final movement, Angel is a two manual piece which flutters like a bird's wings, and also has a bit of mischief in it.

I hope if you have been hesitating to come, you will decide to after all.  I have a lot of space left, particularly on Sunday!  Thanks,



Marvin emails




"Local Businesses See Decrease in Hiring" reports Erika Oblea of the Daily Cal. "As Berkeley experiences one of its highest unemployment rates along with the economic recession, some businesses near the UC Berkeley campus have noticed an increase in the number of applicants but a decrease in their hiring.

According to California's Employment Development Department, Berkeley's unemployment rate for July was 11 percent, while the state's unemployment rate was 11.9 percent. This figure represents an increase from the 7.4 percent unemployment rate for the city last December, which was the highest for the city since the monthly surveys began in 2000."



Angela emails

Start at Home Workshops:
Berkeley Plans to Use Stimulus Funds for Home Energy Improvements
Do you live in a drafty Berkeley home? 
Not only is your leaky home letting all your warm air out, it may also be letting dust and contaminants in!  City of Berkeley is sponsoring FREE workshops to teach you about how to protect and insulate your home to save energy, money, and improve the overall health, comfort and performance of your home. 
Learn about how to:
   Improve Comfort
    Save Energy & Money
     Improve Indoor Air Quality
     Finance Energy Efficiency Retrofits
      Take Advantage of Incentives and Rebates
Meet local home performance contractors and energy specialists. Presentations by City Staff, PG&E, The Ecology Center, and SmartSolar.
Free Snacks and Giveaways!
Come to one of the following three FREE workshops in your neighborhood:
Date:   Location:       Time:  
Thursday Sept 17th      St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal  2024 Ashby Ave.   7- 8:30pm      
Thursday October 8th    St. Johns Presbyterian Church 2727 College Ave. 7-8:30pm       
Thursday October 22nd   Epworth Unified Methodist Church 1953 Hopkins St.       7-8:30pm       
To RSVP, call 510-981-7473 or email mschwartz@cityofberkeley.info <mailto:mschwartz@cityofberkeley.info> or for more information, visit the City of Berkeley's website at: www.cityofberkeley.info/sustainable





"Steamy heat more common in California: study" is a report by Steve Gorman at reuters.com.

"Bouts of extreme muggy heat lasting for days, once rare in California, are becoming more frequent and intense due to ocean patterns altered by climate change, scientists said in a study released on Tuesday."

"Heat Waves Getting Worse" is a report at livescience.com. "Heat waves out West are getting worse as the climate changes, a new study finds."


"Didn't have much of a Summer, seemed more like Fall"MW












posts from the past

8/23 /05

Natalie, Morgan's daughter and Ben's sister, just had her fifth Birthday on August 15th--she got a new bike--pink, I think.


Sunday, David had a Potluck barbecue for the Diablo Dancers and Oaktown Eights--his square dance friends. It was held in is beautiful garden from 3:00 PM till 7:00 PM. Twenty to thirty friends shared food and drink. "What was the best part?" I asked David. "The fun!" he replied.

John Curl, Potter Creek Elder, and his friend were talking, seated at the table next to me this morning at Caffé Trieste. Damn, John is a good listener.

Want to experience the sandwich as art? Go to Café Zeste next to the Strawberry Creek Park at Addison and Bonar. It's actually in the Strawberry Creek Design Center, 1250 Addison. The Café is open for lunch Monday thru Saturday from 11:00 AM. Kimar's rave review will follow.

"Dead Trees at Campus Bay Raise Alarm" reports Richard Brenneman of our Daliy Planet."Trees are dying around two controversial sites in Richmond, and highly regarded UC Berkeley plant pathologist Dr. Robert Raabe thinks toxins are to blame."


"Penn writes accounts of Iran travels: Sean Penn is trading screenplays for a reporter's notebook yet again" at sfgate.com






The average browsing time for this site in the last seven days was 33 minutes per reader per day.


Around lunch yesterday, a couple of folks and their daughter stopped and asked if the could photograph the young lady next to Bruce Herman. "Of course" I said. They work at Nolo Press and were on their way to the Bowl.



City Manager, Phil "The Man" Kamlarz emails
Although Census Day is not officially until April 1, 2010, the City needs the help of organizations like yours to get an accurate picture of our community.
This year alone, more than $4.8 million in federal aid will flow through the City of Berkeley and into our community in the form of affordable housing support, Community Development Block Grants, road construction funds, and emergency food and shelter grants. Schools also depend on federal money that is distributed based on population.
If we don't get accurate information about our community, we cannot get the resources we need to meet the needs of our residents and plan for the future. There are few other projects which will have such a lasting impact. We need your help.
The City cannot do this alone. Research and common sense tell us that "Hard To Count" communities (including students, immigrants, many minority groups and homeless residents) are more likely to fill out census forms when they hear from their own leaders and organizations.
Please join us at a meeting of the Berkeley Complete Count Committee so we can discuss how to ensure that everyone in our diverse community is counted and we get our fair share of funding and political representation.
Local service agencies, neighborhood groups, faith-based and non-profit groups, City staff and Census Bureau representatives

Thursday, September 24, 2009
            4-5 p.m.
North Berkeley Senior Center, 1901 Hearst (at Martin Luther King Jr. Way)
If you have any questions about the census in the meantime, or can't attend the meeting but still want to be involved, please contact Mary Kay Clunies-Ross (mclunies-ross@cityofberkeley.info) or Joe Lee (jhlee@cityofberkeley.info) in the City Manager's Office. You can also visit www.CityofBerkeley.info/census for more information.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Phil Kamlarz
City Manager



Mal Sharpe emails

Our band hit the jackpot with Leah Garchick's column in SF Chronicle.

So if you would like to hear us and then put money in the tip jar for
every bad note we play visit us at Armando's this Thursday night. It
will be worse than usual. I guarantee it. Showtime 8pm

Remember--- musicians put every cent they make right back into the
local community via parking tickets.

The Coyle and Sharpe Podcast----New
To listen to or download recent programs:




"What a 'Power' Breakfast Really Looks Like:The only sure thing is that there's no one breakfast route to success" by Liz Wolgemuth at usnews.com.

"Two decades ago, the 'power breakfast' emerged as the ultimate midtown Manhattan symbol of Type A overdrive. A meeting more than a meal, it took place early, and often in a see-and-be-seen spot. These days, however, it's become increasingly clear that the method for the most effective morning meal-the true power breakfast, one geared for optimum success-is a highly personal choice."



"Discover great wines for under $12" is a story at examiner.com.

"You can enjoy drinking excellent wine without draining your wallet, according to three guys in the wine business.

'There are some really good wines for under $10,' said Doug Due, director of wine at Grocery Outlet in Berkeley. 'The down economy has had an impact on the industry but you can still drink well if you hunt for the best deals.' "









posts from the past 8/28/09

Last week, our RitaB wrote this VIK story, elaborating on the "story I broke a week or so ago," with "Vik's Chaat Corner: On the Move," in the Planet.

"There's good news and bad news for Berkeley's chaat lovers.

Let's start with the bad news: Vik's Chaat Corner, where homesick Indian expatriates from all over the Bay Area and beyond line up to get their whiff of tamarind, rock salt and mint, and everyone else turns up-well-for the chaat, of course, is moving from its nondescript West Berkeley warehouse at 721 Allston Way.
The good news is it's moving two blocks south to Fourth Street."


Punk News offers

"After two years Aaron Cometbus has finally issued a new issue of his legendary punk zine. Cometbus #51: The Loneliness of the Electric Menorah features a comprehensive 100 page history of Moe's and other used book stores from Berkeley, California's Telegraph Avenue. The zine is available now from independent book and record stores for $3 dollars.

Aaron described the issue thusly:
    Watch closely as the births of underground comics, used records, paperbacks, new age publishing, posters, and even yuppies are all traced back to an argument between two Berkeley bookstore owners in 1963. Did I say the last issue was the best ever? I lied. I promise, you'll be pleasantly surprised. A non-fiction novel. 

Aaron Elliott started Cometbus in 1983 and has self-published the work ever since. Throughout the 80s and 90s the handwritten and often very personal zine documented the punk rock lifestyle in Oakland and Berkeley. Past material from the zines have since been reprinted and archived in a number of formats."





One of the people who walks by on their way to the Bowl is BB Simmons. An interesting person judging by our talk, she has a program of CHANNEL 28 "Heads up! Berkeley, Bay Area." Never heard the program but here's her website "about it."

The current schedule is Monday 12:30 AM, Tuesday 3:30 PM, Wednesday 7:30 PM, and Friday 3:00PM.


We talked about music a lot and BB recommended "The Polka Cowboys." Here's their webpage. Seems they also have a CD here' s a "review."



Ninth between Parker and Dwight is having new curbs poured on the west side of the street in front of the Parker building. The new curb is above the present grade.


The average viewing time per reader on the 27th was 26 minutes.



"Passion for Community Revealed in Curl's History of Co-ops" is an appreciation by Richard Brenneman in our Planet.

"Though his hair has turned white, John Curl's passion burns undiminished by the passage of nearly seven decades."



"Hundreds gather to honor Punjabis who helped spark India rebellion" by Stephen Magagnini at sacbee.com.

"The seeds of Indian independence from British rule were planted in Northern California nearly a decade before Mahatma Gandhi began his civil disobedience campaign in 1922.

At the University of California, Berkeley, in 1913, several Punjabi students ­ on scholarships funded by a Sikh potato farmer from Stockton ­ helped launch the Gadar independence movement, a violent rebellion against the British overlords. About 700 South Asian Americans ­ most of them Sikhs with roots in the Punjab region of India ­ gathered at Sheldon High School on Saturday to honor the memory of the Gadar rebels."



". . . this may be The Season in Berkeley" opines Cam Inman Oakland Tribune columnist.

"A quiet sunny day ushered in the start of classes at Cal on Wednesday.

One laptop-toting student surfed the Internet in peace on the steps of Sproul Plaza. Cable companies and banks politely wooed freshmen along Bancroft. Students got reacquainted near the Campanile: "I can't believe I don't have your number," a sly guy said to a blonde coed.

Up the hill at Memorial Stadium, however, something extraordinary was taking shape, something besides the overdue construction of a training center at Ye Ole Oak Grove:

The Cal football team was practicing for what finally could be The Season."





"'American Idiot' awakens at Berkeley Rep" is a report by Steven Winn, Special to The Chronicle.

"Michael Mayer had no business thinking about anything new as he was commuting along the Malibu coast in the summer of 2005. Between the Southern California workshops for a new musical adaptation of 'Spring Awakening,' a 19th century drama about oppressed and tempestuous teenagers, and duties for his forthcoming horse film 'Flicka,"'the multi-tasking director had more than enough on his plate."



"A Richmond man was sentenced today [yesterday] to 50 years to life in state prison for the shooting death of 23-year-old Wayne Drummond of Oakland near the University of California, Berkeley campus three years ago" is a report at CBS5.com.





"Yelping for a 20 percent discount" reports Michael Bauer at sfgate.com. "Mel's offers a 20 percent discount to Yelpers.

Many people are suspicious about the reviews on Yelp. But, like everything else, there are some who do a conscientious job and those whose comments would best be left on the bathroom wall.

Earlier this week I received an email from Jared Rivera, a public relations rep for many popular restaurants, alerting me to his blog about Mel's offer to entice reviews on Yelp.

Rivera called the Mel's strategy a 'virtual bribe,' noting that the restaurant currently has a 2.5 (out of 5 star) rating. As you can see from the red box on the coupon pictured at left, the restaurant offered a 20 percent discount to those bringing in a review they've written about Mel's on Yelp."


"FDIC Losing Money as Many More Banks Face Collapse" is a report at Lehrer News.

"The FDIC reported that its insurance fund shrank 20 percent in the second quarter. Jeffrey Brown speaks with a reporter and analyst about troubled banks."

Not "happy talk" but fact and informed analysis of our banking system's current state.RP










posts from the past



École Bilingue is back in session.

APOC (Asphalt Products Oil Corporation) closed it's site on Ashby and 9th this week. AHA (Affordable Housing Associates) will now begin development of their affordable housing structure on the site.

"Spenger's turns 110" reports Martin Snapp of the West County Times "Spenger's Fresh Fish Grotto has been feeding local residents -- and more than a few celebrities -- for 110 years. 'My dad went to Spenger's in the '30s and '40s," says Steve Marshall of Berkeley, a regular himself since his student days at Cal in the 1950s. 'He used to see Harry James and Betty Grable there all the time. They were big horseplayers who'd stop at Spenger's on the way to Golden Gate Fields.'"

One of my music-writers, WD emails "I was interested to find that two recent recordings use harpsichords by makers we have encountered...

Bach, Sonates pour viole de gambe et clavecin, on Harmonia Mundi with Paolo
Pandolfo and Rinaldo Alessandrini, has a 1991 Ruckers copy by Bruce Kennedy
whose workshop in an old garage in Castelmuzio I described to you some time
ago. Elegant website at http//www.kennedyharpsichords.com

Handel, Complete violin sonatas, also on Harmonia Mundi with Andrew Manze and
Richard Egarr, has a 1993 Dumont copy by John Phillips.

These are both beautifully recorded, probably important productions.

Regards, WD"






on 8/17/09 I sent this email to UC Professor Karen Chapple

Ms Chapple,
Recently two students of yours, . . . wrote a term paper that has, apparently, been used as an authoritative source for land use change in west-Berkeley. And my memory is that you, yourself, gave a presentation to the Berkeley City council about land use and development. . . .

Perhaps we could get together, as I'm sure I could learn from your experience and expertise.
Ron Penndorf

As of 8/29/09 I have received no reply.




Ryan Lau emails a synopsis of the 8/27/09 meeting held by our Councilman, Darryl Moore about the West Berkeley Project.

Hi Ron,

 On Thursday, August 27th, Councilmember Darryl Moore met with the 5th Street Neighborhood Group, representatives from the Residential Stakeholders Group for the West Berkeley Project, and the West Berkeley Artisans and Industrial Businesses (WeBAIC) to talk about the proposed West Berkeley Project.  The Councilmember brought along planning staff and his planning commissioner to answer questions about the West Berkeley Project and discuss the process.  The meeting provided an opportunity to hear the group's suggestions and concerns so that he can take them into consideration while making his decision on the West Berkeley Project when it comes before City Council.



Steve Dunn sold his house for cash money.


The Bowl was VERY busy mid-afternoon Saturday. Still checkout was prompt and smooth with cart traffic a little like Mumbai vehicle traffic--smoorth and flowing and a touch frantic.


Acme is sell lots of hotdog buns to SF hotdog places according to Ken. Apparently designer dogs are popular.

Next week, the weekend of the bridge closing, Acme will deliver to the city via the Richmond and Golden Gate bridges. Ken fears late-day traffic



Our police chief recently visited Potter Creek "socially"--well not on business.



"Hancock and Bates -- political marriage" by Dave Newhouse, Oakland Tribune columnist.

"What do the mayor of Berkeley and the state senator from California's 9th District have in common? Well, besides being married to each other, Tom Bates and Loni Hancock have walked the same paths politically, nearly tripping over each other."




"People making a difference: Dara O'Rourke:This consumer advocate teams up with analysts and rates products to make shoppers smarter" is by Michael B. Farrell Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor.

"Dara O'Rourke wants to change the way we shop. He already is spurring a growing number of cautious consumers to think twice about what they buy ­ from soap to soup, detergent to deodorant. Mr. O'Rourke is cofounder of a website and iPhone app called GoodGuide, a sort of CliffsNotes to the confounding and complex world of ingredients typically ­ but not always ­ found listed on the back of everyday products. "




"Is it time to carve up California?" asks Wallace Baine at mercury news.com.

"In Hawaii last week, the locals celebrated -- or maybe lamented ... or, I suspect in most cases, barely noticed -- the 50th anniversary of the islands' entrance into the U.S. as the 50th state. That also means it's been 50 years since the country last added a state, the longest period of statehood stability in U.S. history, putting the once burgeoning industry of American flag redesigners permanently out of business.

It's a nice, fat, comfortable number, but nowhere is it written that 50 is the max-out point for states the country can hold. I say it's in the best interest of almost everyone, certainly everyone in Santa Cruz County, that we consider breaking the seal on 50 and adding more states, not by conquering new lands, but downsizing those we already have.

Yes, I'm looking at you, California.

It's become increasingly clear that we Californians are living in a failed state. I'm tempted to call the situation in Sacramento a farce, but at least a farce has a script. This is more like a bad improv comedy marathon. We might in fact be reaching the point where we admit to ourselves that since we've lost the talent and will to build bridges, maybe we should start building fences instead."



from my log

8/8/09--8:59 AM--VERY SERIOUS irritant in warehouse front and IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, leave.

8/10/09--11:38 AM--irritant in front room, leave.

8/14/09--1:54 PM--SERIOUS irritant in front room, light head, leave.

8/16/09--9:28 AM--VERY, VERY SERIOUS irritant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse and warehouse front, cough, light head. 9:37 AM--Marsha has coughing-fit sitting in front of warehouse, leave.

8/17/09--5:17 PM--SERIOUS irritant in front room plus "chlorine bleach odor."

8/20/09--2:58 PM--irritant in front room, wear mask.

8/21/09--6:02 AM--SERIOUS irritnat in warehouse, burning eyes, mouth, air out. 8:26 AM--VERY SERIOUS irritant, burning mouth, throat, wear mask. 11:49 AM--irritant in front room, leave.

8/23/09--~3:15 PM--VERY SERIOUS irriant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, light head, burning throat. 4:00 PM--similar, wear mask, Marsha is nauseous. Irritant off-and-on late afternoon/early evening.

8/26/09--3:35 Pm--irritant in front room. 5:02 PM--irritant in front IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, guest has nose run, sneezes, eyes begin to water, leaves.

8/29/09--1:35 PM--SERIOUS irritant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, leave--see 8/23/09

8/30/09--6:56 AM--"bleach" odor IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse.




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