¡Celebrando Herencia Latina!

Celebrating Latino Heritage

Sábado / Saturday September 13, 2008
James Kinney Park
1720 8th St., Berkeley
12PM to 5PM

Health Screenings
Family Resources
 Community Information Booths
 Children's Games and Activities

Performances/Music by:
Los Compas
 Teatro Campesino "La Carpa de los Rasquachis"
 Kumaco, Afro-peruvian music
 Danza Cuauhtli Mitotani
Ballet Folklórico de Bahia
 dj mayky

Other Community Events:
September 14th St. Joseph the Worker Multicultural Event
September 14th Oaklands A's proceeds from ticket sales benefit 

BAHIA,INC. Call 510-525-1463 or e-mail centrovida1975@aol.com 

Event Sponsored by:
City of Berkeley, BAHIA, Inc., Mi Tierra, Casa Latina, Mi Ranchito,
Talavera Monte Cristo, Juan's Place
For Disability accomodations, please call 510-525-1463, wheelchair
accessible.  For hearing impaired, please call 711 relay services.







"Betty's Secret Ingredient" is a story in the Leadership Journal by Mark Labberton, pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley.

"On a dark and dismal day a while back, my wife and I went for coffee at a place we like. We each ordered a latté and chose a pastry to split. The clerk, noting the other pastry we almost chose, put it in a separate bag and said, 'Here, I think you'd really like this one too.'

No doubt we would, I thought, nearly objecting. Then I saw in his eyes that he was giving us a gift. That was just the start.

One of this bakery's specialties is their chicken pot-pie, and that sounded like perfect comfort food on such a day. So as we came to the cash register, we told our clerk we wanted to buy one of those as well. He placed a full, delicious looking pot-pie in our bag, and then stepped to another part of bakery. When he returned he had a scrumptious, whole apple pie that he gently laid in our bag as well, saying, 'You will love this. It goes great with the chicken pot pie.' It was a gift, simply and unmistakably.

Welcome to Bake Sale Betty's, an unmarked bakery on an unattractive corner in Oakland. Over the years, their building has been the site of many failed businesses, mostly the check-cashing ilk. Betty's is not failing. In fact, Betty's rules and it has for several years."


For years now, every time I go up 101, I plan a stop at Mike's in Cotati.

"Mike's at the Crossroads" is a review of a great burgwer-joint by Carey Sweet in the Chronicle. "The burger fan has long faced a dilemma in choosing to visit this restaurant.

It's not the location, shoehorned into an awkward, twisting intersection at Old Redwood and Gravenstein highways in Cotati.

It's not selecting the burger, difficult as that can be with 14 options ($8.25-$10.25), each beckoning with a half pound of Harris Ranch chuck (except for the double burger, $10.25, which is a near-ridiculous full pound of meat).
It's not even the crowds, jostling for 10 tables and a dozen bar stools beneath an enormous mural with a bull's head snorting 'One Mean Burger.'

It's that since opening a decade ago, founder Mike Condrin refused to serve fries. His menu listed 11 reasons why, boiling down to, well, he didn't like them. And so, once customers experienced the simple bliss of his grill, they learned to rearrange their habits around his eccentricity, even if they weren't thrilled by the deprivation.

In February, Condrin sold the restaurant to his former manager, Dawn Nunes, and she does like fries. Enough, at least, to offer batches of thin cut, crisp-edged, fluffy-inside spuds on Fridays."




"UC will refit stadium while building center" writes Carolyn Jones, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"A day after tree-sitters gave up their 21-month fight to save a grove of trees next to UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium, campus officials said they plan to jump-start repairs to the stadium in addition to building a sports training center.

The university hopes to start upgrading the 85-year-old stadium before the training center is finished in early 2011, shaving at least a year off the development timeline." 


"With Best, a 'Little Bush' Is Growing in Berkeley" is a story by Eric Prisbell, Washington Post Staff Writer.

"After witnessing former Southern California star Reggie Bush terrorize opposing teams for three seasons earlier this decade, fans of another Pacific-10 Conference school, California, feel they may finally have their own spellbinding running back in Jahvid Best, a diminutive and speedy sophomore who for years has worn the nickname 'Little Bush.'" 


"The Latest Jonathan Keats Emanation" is a report at wired.com by Bruce Sterling.

"Berkeley Erects First Temple for Worship of Science.

Four millennia after Abraham fathered Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and 150,000 years after hominids introduced burial rituals to the Mediterranean, religion has finally been rendered wholly compatible with science.

Beginning on September 27, 2008, a two-story downtown Berkeley building dubbed 'the Atheon' will provide a spiritual home for rational people in California, and guidance to acolytes worldwide.

Establishment of an Atheon has been a high priority in the scientific community for the past several years, rivaling even enthusiasm for the new Large Hadron Collider. 'When you listen to people like Nobel-laureate cosmologist Steven Weinberg, or Oxford biologist Richard Dawkins, you hear a lot of talk about how god-based religion is out-of-date,' says conceptual artist Jonathon Keats. 'The leading minds believe that science can and should provide a spiritually satisfying replacement. But until recently no one bothered to consider what form that alternative might take.' 

Raised a Christian Scientist, you'd think that since childhood I've embraced this concept. But, . . . Mark Twain said of Christian Science "It's neither Christian nor scientific."




"Lehman must convince Wall Street it can deliver" reports the AP's Joe Bel Bruno.

"Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. has presented its rescue plan. Now it has to convince Wall Street it can make good on its promises.

On Wednesday, the 158-year-old investment bank outlined a blueprint to sell off its well-respected investment management unit and spin off its commercial real estate assets. The strategy is part of a last-ditch effort to rescue the investment bank from bad bets on real estate-related holdings that have already laid low other storied Wall Street firms."












Our Cindy Dickeson of CEID emails a link to a story that features some of our CEID neighbors.

"Good Question: Is There A Universal Sign Language?" is a Ken Bastida feature on CHANNEL 5 CBS NEWS.

"Linguists estimate there are thousands of languages spoken around the world. But is there a universal sign language?"


These residential units on 7th are being built smack-up against a fine Edwardian and beautiful Victorian on 8th--with a splendid view into the yards, houses, and lives of the behind-homes.

How 'bout some set-back now-and-then, huh?



"Trying to shine more light on Bay Area streams" is a story by Sam Whiting, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"About 25 years ago, a short stretch of Strawberry Creek in West Berkeley was daylighted - meaning taken out of an underground concrete culvert and brought to the surface in a streambed.

Bay Area planners believe that this zigzag waterway banked in riprap was the first creek to be daylighted in California, and maybe the nation. The motivation seems obvious: You couldn't really call the greenway it cuts through Strawberry Creek Park without seeing Strawberry Creek."


Cafe Zeste is adjacent to Strawberry Creek Park. In fact their terrace tables overlook its beautiful green. Check it out.



"Thugs, Nerds Rumble in Berkeley Rep's Nightmare `Yellowjackets'" is a review by Stephen West of bloomberg.com.

"High school is a horror show for most kids, and Itamar Moses's new drama ``Yellowjackets'' captures a lot of it, from the inanity of the classroom to the physical risk of muggings or worse.

The play, in its world premiere at Berkeley Repertory Theatre in California, unfolds as a series of short episodes, some lasting only a minute. They show life at Berkeley High School in 1994 as an urban jungle not unlike prison, with ethnic gangs -- blacks, Latinos, the nerds at the student newspaper -- in continually tense relations (sometimes even within their own group)." 



" 'Clean money' too scarce to fund campaign, ethics panel says" reports the LA Times.

"The state's top ethics watchdog has a bone to pick with a proposal to finance a future California election with "clean money." The problem? There just isn't enough of the stuff to go around, according to the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

The panel agreed this week to ask Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto a bill asking voters to approve an experiment in which candidates for secretary of state could receive public funding of their campaigns. AB 583, proposed by Assemblywoman Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley), would provide so-called clean money to campaigns, thus keeping special interests at arm's length.

However, Commission Executive Director Roman Porter said the bill would provide only a fraction of the money his agency would need to oversee the program, so a veto is in order."



"Award-winning Novato weekly paper to shut down" is a story by Victoria Colliver, Chronicle Staff Writer.
"Novato residents and business owners were saddened by the surprising announcement by the city's weekly newspaper, the Novato Advance, that it will cease publishing after Sept. 24 due to financial losses.

After 86 years of uninterrupted operation, it seemed like the paper would always be there to cover the high school sports games and chronicle the happenings at City Hall."



"Garden railroad shows mix minis of both worlds" is a report by Ron Sullivan and Joe Eaton at sfgate.com.

"What impulse is it that gets people to make miniatures?

We've heard it called the 'dollhouse instinct' and analyzed as a means to control at least part of one's environment, but that seems dismissive of something that's no less an art than any other representational effort - painting, sculpture, maybe even gardening.

One kind of representational gardening is abstraction: the Japanese style, for example, of showing 'all of nature in a single branch,' of finding, asserting and growing the essence of a wild landscape. Most of us agree it's beautiful.
The other extreme of representational gardening, though, can get a less respectful reaction. On the fine art and courtly end, we see penjing, the Chinese art of miniaturized landscapes that was featured in a spring Conservatory of Flowers show. However improbable it might seem, these creations are said to originate as faithful landscape portraits, three-dimensional photographs; the story is that they were presented to emperors who preferred not to travel to the farthest reaches of their empire. They're specific to place, and they can include miniature buildings, animals and people.

It's a slippery slope from penjing to the lowly home hobbyist. (For the record: That would include us.) Every gradation on that slide is disputed and hotly defended at the expense of the currently perceived next lower form. Adults might build dollhouses, with or without the excuse of a granddaughter to indulge, but they rarely play with them. Maybe it has something to do with that stigma of girlishess.

Model trains

The boys' equivalent though, model railroads - now there's a faintly disreputable guy creation that actually moves and makes noise. It is 3-D, real-world Sims. Given that it's still more exercise than video games and less loudly annoying than toy blasters that scream boodaboodaPOWPOWPOW till the batteries run out, it's got that faint whiff of adult approval about it, which doubtless puts off a lot of the juvenile demographic.

The two of us, being certified AARP-grade old farts, find model railroads irresistible."



"Tomatoes' Sweet Comeback" is a Wall Street Journal report.

"It's the peak of tomato season in the Bay Area -- mid-August through September -- and the Berkeley Farmers' Market is full of favorites, from bright yellow cherry tomatoes to odd-shaped heirlooms to big juicy beefsteaks. Another perennial fixture: chef Paul Canales, here to pick up about 1,000 pounds of tomatoes for his annual series of tomato dinners, for which every dish features tomatoes, even the desserts.

Such events are a cause for celebration in the tomato industry as it recovers from a disastrous summer." 



"Living Long and Strong" writes Vera Tweed of redorbit.com.

"Jack and Elaine LaLanne share their secrets to health and longevity At age 93, fitness pioneer lack LaLanne is going strong, exercising two hours a day, eating only nutritious food, and continuing to inspire and teach others how to live more healthful lives. His wife Elaine, 82, has been following lack's principles and working with him on TV shows, videos, books, personal appearances, and radio shows throughout their 54-year marriage.

Jack, what drives you?

When I was 15 years old, I was a full-blown sugarholic, and I dropped out of school because I was a troublemaker. I had headaches every day, and I was thinking of suicide. I attended a health lecture, and that night, I cut out all white flour and sugar products. The next day I joined the Berkeley, California, YMCA and started exercising. Within 10 days my energy doubled, and I've never had another headache since. If something saves your life, wouldn't you be enthusiastic about it? That's exactly what happened to me, and I want to help other people feel better and look better so they can live longer." 


9/13/08--~6:00 AM--VERY SERIOUS irritant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, cough, slight bleach/chlorine odor.



Jarad emails about the 2400 block of 9th (btwn Dwight & Channing) during last weekend

Here is a summary of  events from 10:00 P.M. Friday evening until noon Saturday:
Beginning 10 P.M. Friday evening groups of men and women begin to congregate.  The focus area is bound by the empty "playlot" just east of the intersection on Channing going around the corner South on Ninth for about four houses.  The numbers in the group range from a few to a dozen.  The police presence in the area is noticeable;  the group disbands and reforms within minutes of the police passing by.  
Midnight:  The numbers increase and again disperse as the police cruise through the neighborhood.  
3:20 A.M.  Saturday morning:  There is a significant disturbance centering on a youth in a long white T-shirt who is slamming a large piece of metal against the stop sign.  The noise is considerable;  the action clearly menacing.  The police are notified.  The youth was apprehended.  It is unclear whether he was taken into custody.
10:30 A.M. Saturday morning:  A vehicle parked in a driveway on Channing just west of Ninth, has been keyed sometime in the night.   Scratched into the trunk was the word "snitch".  It appears that the residents were the ones to call the police.  
12:30 P.M. Saturday:  Several police cars were parked on Channing just East of Ninth.  They appeared to be apprehending a middle aged man who may live in the white building on the corner.  
In general, this area of Ninth and Channing is a well used hangout.   During the late afternoon hours to about 8:30P.M. nightly the neighborhood children hang out in the area.  It does not seem innocent as drugs appear to be stashed during this time and drug dealing does seem to occur.  The continued use of the area suggests that it is "hang-out friendly".  
It is apparent that any group in this area should be treated as suspicious.  Great caution needs to be exercised as the violence potential is very high.



"Neighborhood brothels in S.F. hard to stop" is a story by C.W. Nevius of the Chronicle.

"Art Tom knew something was up at the house near his in the Sunset District.

Unfamiliar men were congregating on the street at all hours. They'd stand outside, smoking and talking on cell phones. At some point, they'd walk up the steps and in the front door. They'd stay about half an hour and leave.

Sometimes they would even ring the doorbell at the wrong house and ask for a massage,' he said.

Tom didn't need a police detective to figure out what was going on. It was a house of prostitution."



our David Bowman emails

"Potter Creek Neighborhood Association" meeting
on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 6:30 PM
at Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (French School)
1009 Heinz Street (at 9th Street)

Election of Association officers
(and defining our boundaries, meeting schedules, membership)
Berkeley Bowl traffic mitigation and extending 9th Street
Earthquake preparedness
Development and possible rezoning of MUR [Mixed Use Residential Zone]


"How Many Millionaires in Your ZIP?" Check them out here. You'll no doubt see some of them at our meeting.



a bola en la calle

Acme's Ken(ny) just had his 1987 Prosche 911 repainted at our Baron von's--it's a beautuful metallic grey/green. Look for it around The Creek.

The French School had class pictures taken today.

Beautiful wood siding is going up at Merryll's--a wonderful compliment to her buildings exterior. Kudos to Morgan, her architect.

Some Berkeley citizens are talking about making the mayor and council positions full-time with a salary of 100K.


Kimar calls Palin "The Church Lady." Well, Ok then.



Jarad emails, a continuation

Hi Mark,
I read your post and am very sorry to hear that you were the one targeted on 9th recently. Resident / homeowner fear of what is happening in our neighborhood is precisely why we've started this neighborhood watch group and started to encourage everyone in the group to start holding the city responsible.
Many in the city consider my household to be conservative and they feel at times that we are over reacting because we are vocal and not tolerant about the lawlessness in this neighborhood.
I've pointed out that anywhere in the entire bay area outside of Berkeley my household is considered VERY open minded , but we are NOT forgiving of criminal activity and we are not forgiving of the city making excuses for why we've had these problems off and on for 3 decades without the city laying down a zero tolerance policy towards gang activity / organized crime and laying out a short, medium, and long-term strategy to attack this problem so that we don't continue going through this process in an endless circle over the coming years.
I would like to encourage you and your partner to continue to speak up and let the city know that the demographics in this neighborhood are NOT what they used to be in the 1970's and 1980's. We are professionals that are open mined and liberal, but we expect zero tolerance towards organized crime / gangs and expect the city to lay out a short, medium, and long term strategy to kill this problem once and for all in West Berkeley.
 kindest regards,
 Jarad Carleton



"Lehman scrambles to find a buyer" reports BBCNEWS.

"Executives at Lehman Brothers are racing to meet a deadline of Sunday night to find a new owner for the troubled bank, the BBC has learned."











Saturday morning, the guys

check out Ray's rat-rod

Kubik, neighbor and son, and Ray


Ray is a friend of Jeff, a worker at Consolidated Printing who owns Potter Creek's best-known rod.



"Food Banks Finding Aid in Bounty of Backyard" reports the New York Times.

"Natasha Boissier did not expect an epiphany while pushing her baby's stroller exhaustedly around the neighborhood. But eyeing her neighbors' yards, Ms. Boissier began noticing the abundance of fruit trees - and how much of their succulent bounty wound up on the ground.

'There was all this fruit going to waste,' she said of the apples, pears and plums in her midst. 'It seemed like such a natural way to deal with hunger.'

Thus was born North Berkeley Harvest, part of a small but expanding movement of backyard urban gleaners - they might be called fruit philanthropists - who voluntarily harvest surplus fruit and then donate it to food banks, centers for the elderly and other nonprofit organizations." 



"Cal wakes, then gets raked in Maryland" writes Rusty Simmons, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"Cal had never seen the Maryland team it played Saturday.

Sure, the Bears had studied hours of the Terrapins' game videos and knew their personnel and go-to plays. None of that, however, could have prepared them for what happed in front of 49,527 fans and a national TV audience.

Maryland was good all of a sudden.

Cal sleepwalked as the Terrapins stormed out of the Byrd Stadium gates, appeared shell-shocked in falling behind by 22 points and limped toward a six-hour flight back to Berkeley with the icky taste of a 35-27 loss in its craw."











Ricardo says that today is Central America Independence Day and tomorrow, Mexico Independence Day.

Well, Ok then.



parked on 8th between Grayson and Pardee

some rolling art



15 September 1947 - RCA releases the 12AX7 vacuum tube.



"JFK University Announces The First Fully Accredited Counseling Psychology Program Focusing On Latino/Hispanic Cultural Competence Training" reports marketwatch.com

"John F. Kennedy University (JFKU) announced today it has received final approval of its new counseling psychology master's program from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the accrediting body for California colleges and universities. Effective as of Aug. 20, 2008, the approval makes the JFKU program the first fully accredited counseling psychology program focusing on cultural competence training in mental health and counseling skills for serving the Latino/Hispanic community. Classes begin this fall." 



"Berkeley To Approve Solar Financing Plan" reports sustainable business.com.

"The city of Berkeley, California is expected to approve a new plan on Tuesday that will allow homeowners to pay for solar power systems through their property taxes. 

The city proposed the innovative plan about a year ago, and it has been closely watched by communities around the country interested in creating similar systems. 

The plan creates a new tax district, which residents can join voluntarily. The City would reimburse homeowners for the the cost of solar power systems, and the homeowners would pay the city back at a fixed rate over 20 years. 

The plan has two primary advantages. The city can borrow money at a lower interest than individuals. And the responsibility for payment of the system is tied to the ownership of the house. So, if the purchaser of the solar power system sells the home, the next homeowner takes over payments to the city." 


 "Police have discovered a car in Berkeley they believe was driven by suspects in the Labor Day slaying of 22-year-old Fairfield Councilman Matt Garcia.

A gray 1993 Dodge Intrepid was found by police in Berkeley on Saturday afternoon and is being processed by crime scene technicians, Fairfield police Lt. Bob Bunting said.

Police arrested two suspects, 45-year-old Gene Allen Combs of Suisun City and 33-year-old Nicole Stewart of Fairfield, both of whom were booked early Saturday on suspicion of murder, conspiracy and use of a firearm.

Police are still looking for a third suspect, 32-year-old Henry Don Williams of Fairfield.

'We have a lot of work ahead of us,' said Bunting, who would not comment on whether they have established a motive in the killing or what connection, if any, the suspects have to Berkeley.

The suspects in custody have been interviewed, the lieutenant said.

Garcia, the youngest elected official in the state, was shot in the head as he visited with a friend outside her home in the 5000 block of Silverado Drive in Cordelia" reports the Mercury News.


the Chronicle reports 

"A law enforcement source said the car was found Saturday morning on the 1200 block of Haskell Street, which is several blocks from the intersection of Ashby Avenue and Interstate 80." italics mine

Actually Haskell is more than several blocks from this intersection. It is, in fact, in effect, the eastern extention of Folger.

The full Chronicle story is here.

"Warning sounded on web's future" reports Pallab Ghosh of BBC NEWS.

"The internet needs a way to help people separate rumour from real science, says the creator of the World Wide Web.

Talking to BBC News Sir Tim Berners-Lee said he was increasingly worried about the way the web has been used to spread disinformation." 



a reminder of Bowman's email


"Potter Creek Neighborhood Association" meeting
on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 6:30 PM
at Ecole Bilingue de Berkeley (French School)
1009 Heinz Street (at 9th Street)

Election of Association officers
(and defining our boundaries, meeting schedules, membership)
Berkeley Bowl traffic mitigation and extending 9th Street
Earthquake preparedness
Development and possible rezoning of MUR [Mixed Use Residential Zone]


"How Many Millionaires in Your ZIP?" Check them out here. You'll no doubt see some of them at our meeting.


Recently, I saw a recent satellite map of west-Berkeley. About six-to-eight feet long, it provides a fresh look at our area. Funny how it makes zoning appear real artificial.




And marketwatch reports "Claremont Rug Company Assembles Rare Collection of Tribal, 19th Century Rugs.

An exceptional collection of more than 60 antique Oriental rugs created in the 19th century by tribal weavers will go on display, Friday, October 3, at the Claremont II Rug Gallery as part of an exhibition entitled, 'The Art of Timeless Beauty.'

The collection features rugs seldom available for sale and is believed to be the largest exhibition of rare tribal rugs in the world in recent years.

The opening weekend of the exhibition will include a limited seating lecture, scheduled for 2:30 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 5, at the Claremont II gallery, located at 1813 Fourth Street in Berkeley." 




And "Aloft Group Selected as New Global Corporate Communications Partner for The North Face.

Aloft Group today announced that they have been selected as the global corporate communications partner for The North Face, the world's premier supplier of authentic, innovative and technically advanced outdoor apparel, equipment and footwear. The North Face, currently celebrating its 40th anniversary, recently announced Research,

Design, and Development organizational changes, agreements impacting climate change, and an outdoor participation initiative, was founded in 1968 in Berkeley, California."




"Insight: Who runs Russia?" is a report by Bridget Kendall, BBC diplomatic correspondent.

"Getting to the bottom of the shadowy depths of Kremlin decision-making is tricky. Machiavellian power struggles, dark paranoia of security chiefs and long fingers of corruption can turn seemingly rational and transparent explanations inside out."



Off-and-on all weekend, irritant IMMEDIATELY in front of warehouse, dry eyes, dry mouth, light-head, sneeze, cough."



"Lehman set to go into insolvency" reports BBC NEWS.

"Preparations are being made for US investment bank Lehman Brothers to file for bankruptcy protection.
The firm was pushed to the brink on Sunday after UK bank Barclays pulled out of talks to buy most of Lehman.
If no new financing is found before Wall Street opens on Monday, Lehman will have to seek so-called Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection." 

This could be a big f#&king deal.

Ex Fed chairman, Alan Greenspan was on ABC's Sunday morning show and first said the current market crisis was the most serious in a century-and-a-half and then corrected himself to just a century. He also said that it was the biggest financial crisis in his lifetime and it is worse than the Savings and Loan crisis because it is world wide. Greenspan emphasized that at the bottom of the financial market crisis is our home mortgage debacle and that the financial markets won't stabilize until the US mortgage market stabilizes.

Well, Ok then!











While the western capitalist-financial-system is on the verge of collapse, our "radical-daily" features "Animal Researcher Cyber-Stalking Cited as Long Haul Raid Rationale." Not an unimportant story, but our "free-enterprise administration" has just invested billions and billions of dollars of government money in private enterprise, the US financial model is a world-wide disgrace, and Karl Marx has replaced Groucho as the historically-important "member of the family."

"Trading in Russian shares halted" reports BBCNEWS.

"Trading on Russia's main stock exchanges has been suspended following steep falls in shares prices this week.

The shock developments on Wall Street this week spurred a sell-off in Russian shares, which on Tuesday sank to levels not seen since December 2005.

Following a plunge of 6%, the dollar-denominated RTS index halted trading on Wednesday until further notice. It is down almost 60% since its May peak.

Trading on the rouble-denominated Micex was also suspended.

This comes after shares on the Micex slumped by almost 18% on Tuesday to 888.17 points - its largest one-day decline since Russia's financial system collapsed in 1998." 


"San Pablo store owner kills would-be robber" reports Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer.

The owner of a San Pablo gift shop shot and killed one of two robbers during a holdup attempt Tuesday, the latest in a spate of heists at the business, police said.

The shooting happened shortly after 5 p.m. when two men stormed into A&L Posters at 14650 San Pablo Ave., said San Pablo police Lt. Mark Foisie.

One of the assailants jumped over the counter with a shotgun and was shot dead by the owner, Foisie said. The man's name was not immediately released."




"Over 200 Apress Titles Now Available on Kindle; All by End of 2008" reports webwire.com.
"Berkeley, CA-Tuesday 16th September 2008-Technology publisher Apress today announced that over 200 Apress books are now available direct from the Kindle Store as Kindle Editions and that it is committed to making its entire catalog available on Kindle by the end of 2008.

About Apress: Apress Inc., based in Berkeley, California, is the fastest-growing publisher of technical books in the world today. It is dedicated to meeting the needs of IT professionals, from novice to expert. Apress is devoted to publishing titles of the highest quality and has compiled a team of authors that is a 'Who's Who' of the high-tech industry."

Apress: http://www.apress.com/info, 549-5930, 2560 9th Street.



"California almond growers contest pasteurization law" reports Carol Reiter at mercedsunstar.

"The nut is being targeted by the USDA to prevent future salmonella outbreaks.

A group of California almond growers and sellers is suing the U.S. Agriculture Department over a year-old rule that requires them to pasteurize almonds. The pasteurization was called for after two cases of salmonella poisoning came from almonds in 2001 and 2002.

Growers and sellers who are suing say it's ruining their business by driving organic- and raw-nut enthusiasts to unpasteurized foreign imports.

Dr. Jesse Schwartz, president of Living Tree Community Foods in Berkeley, said his organization has been buying organic almonds for their almond butter for 30 years. "There has never been a case of salmonella poisoning in organic almonds," Schwartz said.

Organic almonds can be treated by steaming, and non-organic almonds are treated with propylene oxide. Schwartz called propylene oxide a known carcinogen."



"Tesla Motors to build electric sedan in California" reports Marcus Wohlsen of the AP.

"When Tesla Motors Inc. began taking orders last year for its all-electric sports car, celebrities lined up to purchase the sleek zero-emission vehicle with the six-digit sticker price.

But with plans in the works for a new headquarters and factory, the Silicon Valley startup hopes it's taking the first step toward making electric cars a presence in the driveways of average Americans.

Tesla expected final approval Tuesday of a deal with the city of San Jose to lease nearly 90 acres of city-owned land for a plant to build the Model S, an all-electric sedan.

According to Tesla's chief executive, the planned $250 million facility shows Tesla aims to do more than simply produce eco-friendly status symbols for wealthy drivers.

'It is our intention to service the entire market,' CEO Ze'ev Drori said in an interview with The Associated Press. 'We are not a niche player.' "



a bola en la calle

Kruse has installed surveillance cameras.

Last night's, 8th and Dwight water-main rupture has been "repaired"

900 continues to do a more than a solid lunch biz--go figure!





Eternally useful links

Bay Area home prices from sfgate.com


Bay Area foreclosures from sfgate.com


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You can find more information about our current weather conditions than is good for you at www.wunderground.com

Want to see weather coming in, going out, beautiful sunsets, and much, much more? Check out http://sv.berkeley.edu/view/ This very hip site was in an email from reader and contributor, Tony Almeida. Read Tony's Jimi Hendrix story on the only page that routinely gets more hits than Scrambled Eggs.


Best gas prices in 94710, as well as all of US and Canada, are here at gasbuddy.com

Kimar finds Costco routinely has the lowest price.


Richmond Ramblers' motorcycle club member, Cliff Miller emails a very

useful link

If you ever need to get a human being on the phone at a credit card company or bank, etc., this site tells you how to defeat their automated system and get you to a human being within a few seconds.



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Angela Gallegos-Castillo, City Mgr Off - 981-2491 agallegos-castillo@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Ryan Lau, aid to Darryl Moore - 981-7120 rlau@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Darryl Moore, City Councilman dmoore@ci.berkeley.ca.us


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Journal of Recorded Music 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11



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