a surreal view



Today, Bayer will announce whether it will continue to develop its hemophilia drug.

Produced in Potter Creek the decision will largely determine if Bayer will continue to manufacture here. According to sources, Bayer will need to invest 100m in retooling.

 If the state and Berkeley approve an extension of the Oakland Enterprise Zone Bayer would receive about 18m in tax credits if they remain and retool here. 
Our city council will take up the Enterprise Zone at its next meeting.



Yesterday, Marin County Sheriff deputies attempted to confiscate records at our San Pablo Avenue Berkeley Patient's Group's medical marijuana facility. They were unsuccessful, as according to sources, "no records are kept here."




the foodnet

yesterday, setting up for the taping of "Diners, Dives and Drive-ins" at 900 GRAYSON

photo essay here


yesterday Libby emailed

Hi Ron,
Please give 900 Grayson my congratulations! Tell them I'm envious that they get to spend a day with my celebrity chef crush, Guy Fieri!



post from the past

Carmen emails,


I'm trying to get the email of Jarad & Eva. That's my kitty cat in the picture. I' m at . . . . I can be reached at . . . . My name is Carmen. The cat answeras to "Rosa."


Jarad emails

Hi Ron,

Thanks for sending over Carmen's email & phone number. I spoke with her today about her cat Rosa and found out fun interesting stuff about my cats in the process.

We never would have connected if you hadn't done that "post from the past" on the cat, so I appreciate that.

Carmen, so that you and your husband have our info in case you need to call us if you see one of our cats in trouble, I've listed our info.

We'll give you a call (possibly later this week) to see if you are around so that we can walk over and introduce ourselves.

Jarad & Eva Carleton



Also yesterday, I was offered office-space for a three-years-off mayoral campaign, and independently, a twelve-pack of Pyramid Juggernaut Red Ale.

I took the Red Ale.













According to yesterday afternoon's press release Bayer IS going to make a 100m investment in their Berkeley, Potter Creek site.

Well Ok then.

"East bay officials act fast to keep Bayer jobs" reports Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"Bayer HealthCare said Wednesday that it will spend more than $100 million over the next four years to modernize a biotech manufacturing plant that employs 1,400 people in Berkeley, thanks to a $10 million incentive package crafted in record time by East Bay elected officials."



CEID director, Jill emails


Kubik emails last night

The prostitution is out of control on San Pablo near Pardee and Grayson.

Moments ago I returned home and there were three prostitutes in the one block between Pardee and Grayson.
One was getting in a car with a John, another was at the bus stop, and the third strutting along the block.
My wife told me she had called in a fourth one a half hour earlier. The trash and condoms in the street give further  
evidence of this increase.    
     This is looking like the situation we had in 2004 when we were overwhelmed with prostitutes.  Please help us out here.

Bob Kubik and Carol Whitman, 981-9239


our Chief of Police, Douglas N. Hambleton emails this morning

I have referred this to Patrol for action by the beat officers, to the Special Enforcement Unit for action by our vice investigators, and to Area Coordinator - Officer Karen Buckheit.


Well,Ok then! RP




our David Snipper


relaxes after lunch on 900's patio as the Tuesday taping goes on apace inside


Will Glenn Yasuda be invovlved in Kava's project to-be-built-on-the junk-yard-lot? Well,the lot's right across the street from the Bowl.

Hold this thought.




"California Shakespeare Theater Announces its 2010 Season" is a thorough review of the coming season at losangeles.broadwayworld.com.

"California Shakespeare Theater Artistic Director Jonathan Moscone today announced his plans for his 10th anniversary season, which includes the company's first world premiere in more than 25 years, a return to the provocative comedy of George Bernard Shaw, and brand-new productions featuring two of Shakespeare's most intriguing couples."



"Photo Call: Green Day's American Idiot at Berkeley Rep" by Andrew Ku at playbill.com.

"The world premiere of American Idiot is being produced by Berkeley Repertory Theatre in California.

The show stars John Gallagher, Jr., Michael Esper, Matt Caplan, Mary Faber, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Tony Vincent and Christina Sajous.

Here is a first look at the production."



"Causes Recruits Message Systems for Enhanced Messaging Capabilities:Popular Facebook application selects Message Systems Momentum to manage up to 40 million messages per day and ability to scale for future growth" is a report at businesswire.com.

"Message Systems, the premier provider of holistic, fast and flexible message management solutions, announced today that it has been selected by Causes, for its best-in-class deliverability, scalability and reliability.

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Causes empowers anyone with a good idea or passion for change to impact the world by mobilizing their network of friends to grow lasting social and political movements. Causes' Facebook application was launched on May 25, 2007. Since then, the community has grown by more than 75 million people, and over $11 million has been donated to nonprofits through the application. Over 290,000 causes have been created by users on every topic from breast cancer research to stopping genocide to supporting local parks."




"Cal centralizes research admin, cuts jobs" is by Steven E.F. Brown, San Francisco Business Times.


"UC Berkeley Launches Investment Unit" is a report at emii.com.

"University of California, Berkeley Foundation has created an investment management unit, UC Berkeley Management, P&I reports. The latter will manage the $738 million portion of the university's $2.3 billion endowment not managed by the University of California regents.

UC Berkeley Management has hired John-Austin Saviano as president and CIO. It will be managed by a five-member board of directors, headed by Janet McKinley, ex-director of Capital Research and Management."


"No. 8 Cal plans early departure to Minnesota" is an AP report.



"California home sales fall 12 percent in August" by Terence Chea Associated Press Writer.


"Why capitalism fails. The man who saw the meltdown coming had another troubling insight: it will happen again" by Stephen Mihm, Boston Globe Correspondent.



"It's taken eight months and some of California's brightest minds. But there are recommendations on the table to overhaul the state's tax code. The so-called commission on 'The 21st Century Economy' met in Berkeley to put the finishing touches on the plan" is a report at abc7news.com.













our fruit tree

is at full bloom in September because


it's magic

I play a lot of Bach on the stereo

I'm not sure, but there's a scientific explanation

no really, it's magic




"Berkeley to be a little less Berkeley" by Doug Oakley, Berkeley Voice. "Organizers of the How Berkeley Can You Be!? event, billed as 'the world's zaniest parade' have canceled this year's festival, which was slated for Sept. 27"

Prolly time. RP



900 GRAYSON gets mentioned again as do others here at mercurynews.com.

"The following are shortened versions of recent full-length restaurant reviews. The date the original review ran and its overall rating is in parentheses. If there are more stars than dollar signs, consider it a good value. . . .

900 Grayson, 900 Grayson St., Berkeley. 510-704-9900. Concealed in a little red building is casual dining with an oasis of scrumptious breakfast and lunch fare. Classic American fare meets pizazz (buttermilk waffles topped with spicy fried chicken and cream gravy) and a few sophisticated touches (salad with omelet). Exquisite soups and salads blend fresh ingredients and new dimensions of texture. Despite a laid-back vibe and harried service during rush periods, the food shows a refined hand in the kitchen. $$. (HHH on 11/14/08) . . .

Imperial Tea Court, 1511 Shattuck Ave. (in the Epicurious Garden food court), Berkeley. 510-540-8888; www.imperialtea.com. Open since 2006, this Berkeley spinoff of Roy and Grace Fong's San Francisco Ferry Building tea shop offers mostly Beijing-style dim sum and other dishes that serve as tasty accompaniments to the high-quality house teas. Choose from more than three dozen, ranging from delicate white teas to earthy puerhs, served in traditional lidded gaiwan cups. Much of the cooking incorporates tea in some form. Delicate Hong Kong-style shrimp dumplings, one of two southern dishes, contain jasmine tea leaves, while pork-filled Dragon Well dumplings include a refreshing spoonful of green tea. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Full bar and delicious wine list. $$. (HH on 6/13/09)."



"California's Bancroft Hotel Embarks On Eco-Friendly Renovation" is a story at hotelsmag.com.

"The Bancroft Hotel, a National Registered Landmark and a premier boutique hotel based in Berkeley, California, has teamed up with The Refinishing Touch to update furniture as part of a large-scale renovation project.

The Bancroft Hotel was built in 1928, was designed by noted Bay Area architect Walter T. Steilberg, and has come to be known for its historic charm, personalized service and eco-friendly practices. Located directly across the street from the University of California at Berkeley and next door to the Berkeley Art Museum, the Bancroft is part of the rich and diverse history of the Bay Area."




"California must go bankrupt. The only solution from the inevitable is the inevitable" opines John Dvorak at marketwatch.com.

". . . . But will the all-important tech firms abandon the state if the situation continues to deteriorate? This should be a major concern.

I was quite alarmed visiting the once-bustling 4th Street corridor in Berkeley, where the largest restaurant in the area was shuttered, along with numerous boutiques and small shops. This has driven all the stores to adopt shorter hours, so by 6 p.m. on weekdays it's like a ghost town.

Except for the University of California itself, the city of Berkeley seems as if it's decaying. I'd advise a drive along University Avenue from the freeway up to the campus. I've been on dirt roads in Mexico that are in better condition than much of University Avenue. In fact, the entire street looks and feels more like the outskirts of Henderson, Nev., than anything in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's scary.

This is due in part to the antibusiness policies long employed and revered by Berkeley. The resulting mix of businesses includes tattoo parlors, fortune tellers, check-cashing joints and struggling small storefronts. A couple of strip clubs would fit right in.

UC Berkeley has one of the greatest engineering departments in the world. Now name one high-tech company in Berkeley. You can't; tech companies scramble out of there as fast as they can. (There is a burrito place called 'High Tech Burrito.' That's about it.)

But the city is a microcosm of the state's larger problems and of the great catch-22."

underlining mine RP











Here's part of an email I sent this week. Originally a "ps" to an email exchange, it seems a good summary of my editorial policy and what's behind it.

Lest I gave the impression that I  support mindless change in west-Berkeley, I should mention I was raised in Socialist Milwaukee under a German-American Mayor-- a socialist who built a modern infra-structure, including a wide-spread, beautiful park system, and successfully encouraged business and manufacturing development.
 I brought Communist/Radical speakers to the University in the McCarthy Era,  not because I agreed with them but because I'm a passionate believer in Free Speech--my memory is that the early feminist, Elisabeth Gurley Flynn was the most interesting.
Today, I regularly see and meet with community members, activists, builders, developers, and neighbors as well as politicians and city people.
I don't have much of an agenda except "Use common sense and 'make it real.' "
Ron Penndorf


our Jarad emails in response to my agenda "Use common sense and 'make it real.' "


Your comment on common sense made me think of my grandmother who was a big fan of common sense (what she also called mother's wit).

Her favorite saying was "common sense is the sense without which all other sense would be nonsense." Opal Carleton

In the spirit of remembering her and fully agreeing with the need for more common sense in Berkeley, here are a few more common sense quotes.


"Common sense is in spite of, not as the result of education."
Victor Hugo

"It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense."
Robert Green Ingersoll

"Common sense ain't common."
Will Rogers

"Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense."
Gertrude Stein

"Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done."
Harriet Beecher Stowe


Jarad Carleton

So, . . . I'm wondering how much common sense was used by our Chamber of Commerce in picking a new CEO. After their long sifting and winnowing the choice quits before he starts. Waz up Chamber guys and girls? Your quarter-back bailed before the game began.


And, . . . common sense and the west-Berkeley Plan will be a theme explored here sooner-than-later.




"Solar power and your business" is a report in LA Business Technology Examiner by Lindsay Holloway.

". . . while costs for other energy sources continue to rise, experts say the costs for solar materials and installation are on the decline. 'Since the 1970s when the solar energy market was virtually nonexistent, [it's] seen 100-fold price decreases,' says Gary Gerber, who's been in the industry for more than three decades and is president and founder of solar contractor Sun, Light & Power in Berkeley, California."




posts fron the past


The Washington Post reports China's Hippies Find Their Berkeley. Oh, . . . well.



Reuters reports that Bayer stock rose after the Baycol court decision in their favor.








Never much a believer of "the accidental" as an explanation of life and always fascinated by syncronicity, this morning I opened Hannah Arendt's monumental "Origins of Totalitarianism" to its first chapter "Antisemitism as an Outrage to Common Sense."



Go Bears!


"Cal's victory a passing fancy" by Jonathan Okanes, Oakland Tribune.

"Just when it appeared it might be 2008 all over again, No. 8 Cal demonstrated Saturday why this season could be different."



"Marin home sales slump along with sales in rest of Bay Area" by Jim Staats at contracostatimes.com.

"A drop in Marin single-family home sales last month marked a halt in the continuous growth of sales activity over the past several months."





"Washing your hands doesn't stop Swine Flu" by Bin Du at ethiopianreview.com.

"Most of us were raised as children to wash our hands after doing some of the most basic of things such as using the rest room, handling money, or going out and playing with other children. However, washing your hands is no defense against Swine Flu."










Fall in west Berkeley



posts from the past


"Yah pays ya money and takes ya choice!"

"Bubble won't burst--Study finds Bay Area housing prices in line with economic growth" reports Kelly Zito,of the Chron. Read her story at sfgate.com


"GreenCity Lofts, Oakland/Emeryville--Theme is green at East Bay condos" writes Valerie Fahey at sfgate.com

And, Valerie also reports "Building green always made sense -- now it's beginning to pay.

So Kava, . . . how about less concrete and MORE GREEN!


"Berkeley Train Stop Gets $2.4 Million Upgrade" reports Matthew Artz of our Daily Planet.
"Amtrak passengers no longer have to leap onto commuter trains at Berkeley's rail stop."


The Potter Creek Berkeley Bowl Environmental Inpact Report will NOT be ready on September 28th as planned.











Yesterday, the average reading time per reader was 57 minutes.


Traffic is now being metered on streets into and out of the Bowl--see the cables on those streets.



"White House taps LBNL scientist to head DOE advanced energy unit" is a report in the San Francisco Business Times.

"The Obama Administration said it will tap a local scientist to be the first director of the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, better known as ARPA-E.

Arun Majumdar is the Almy and Agnes Maynard Chair Professor in the College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, and head of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory."



"Sungevity Powers Up With New Funding" is a report at nytimes.com.

"Sungevity, a Web-based solar panel installation company, said Tuesday it raised $6 million in a second financing round led by a new venture firm called Greener Capital.

The company, based in Berkeley, Calif., also said that it hired three executives, including a chief financial officer and chief operating officer, and that Charles Finnie, Greener Capital's managing partner, would join its board of directors."



"Population growth driving climate change, poverty: experts" by Marlowe Hood at google.com.

"Unchecked population growth is speeding climate change, damaging life-nurturing ecosystems and dooming many countries to poverty, experts concluded in a conference report released Monday. . . .

'Continued rapid population growth in many of the least developed countries could lead to hunger, a failure of education and conflict,' said Malcolm Potts at the University of California in Berkeley, which hosted the conference in February."


Worth watching is Charlie Rose' conversation with "Frank Bruni, Former New York Times Restaurant Critic."










on 9/7/09 I posted

"It's like sitting next to a piccolo player I thought to myself." That's the noise, constant during the day, probably coming from the Bayer facility. Carried on the wind, it's like it's across the street. The sound has been noticed by Merryll, Morgan and Tracy, me and Marsha, and Marvin who is four blocks downwind. The noise is REALLY annoying, mostly because of it's pitch. Marvin talked to Bayer security Saturday who said she'd called it in. MW biked around the Bayer property and said you can't really hear it north of Pardee and 7th, but it's REALLY loud on Grayson at the Bayer south gate.

In subsequent email exchanges, Trina Ostrander, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals believed this could be resolved, though it may take some time.

Today, "No 'piccolo!' "



Carol's son Max hits the Big Time with a recommendation of his brittle in this October "Martha Stewart Living."




"University of California students, faculty and staff will be holding strikes and walkouts Thursday at all UC campuses, including Berkeley, San Francisco and Santa Cruz, to protest how the university's Board of Regents has dealt with reductions in state funding" reports CBS5 News.

I'm keeping my eyes on this--just might be a measure of social/political temperature. RP



post from the past


"Center for Independent Living Still Strong at 35" writes Judith Scherr in our Planet.





friend Michael Beck's

recent painting


Michaels' work can be seen at the Charles Campbell Gallery, San Francisco








"Man held in two attempted rapes in Berkeley" reports Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer.

"A man with a previous burglary conviction has been charged with the attempted rapes of two women in their homes in Berkeley, attacks that happened within hours of each other in July, police said today.

Berkeley police withheld information about the arrest until today to allow a witness in the case to be interviewed, said Officer Andrew Frankel, a department spokesman."



A fuzzy-warm memory of "The Day" gets real in "Downhome Music at Its Best: Freight & Salvage" by Jane Stillwater, Special to the Planet.




"California chef takes school lunch campaign to D.C." by Monica Eng, Chicago Tribune.

"Congress is rolling up its sleeves to debate new rules involving the Child Nutrition Act, which sets standards for 30 million school lunches a day and is scheduled to expire later this year.

Chef Ann Cooper, who transformed Berkeley school lunches over four years, headed to Capitol Hill this month to lobby for better food. But she also wants to share her secrets - recipes, food-buying tips and strategies to get kids to eat well - with the rest of the nation. "




"Green home insulation" is a story at seattlepi.com.

"An energy-efficient home is an environmentally sound home, of course - and to achieve energy efficiency, insulation is paramount. It must be used liberally, and it must be properly installed. But there are all sorts of insulating materials, and their green credentials vary. . . .

Insulation efficacy is indicated by its R-value, or thermal resistance. R-value refers to the ratio of temperature difference across an insulating material and heat flow. Bottom line: The higher the R-value, the better. Still, the performance of any insulation is at least as dependent on installation as the material or R-value you choose, said Kris Knutson of Berkeley's Build It Green."



"Smokey the bear says 'only goats can prevent forest fires' " a story a blastmagazine.com." 'The goat clearance scheme is one of the key reasons the Bay Area hasn't had a recurrence of a catastrophic fire in decades,' says Tom Klatt, former manager of the Office of Emergency Preparedness at UC Berkeley and the author of UC Berkeley's 2007 Fire Mitigation Program Annual Report."



post from the past


We're back. Check out The Potter Creek Billy Goat Page








" Thousands Pack Sproul Plaza to Protest UC Layoffs, Fee Increases" reports our Planet.

"At least 5,000 UC Berkeley students, faculty and workers gathered in Sproul Plaza at noon Thursday to protest fee increases, layoffs and furloughs at California's leading public university."

on 9/23 I wrote about the rally

"I'm keeping my eyes on this--just might be a measure of social/political temperature."




"Hellman news play: KQED, UC - and N.Y. Times?" is an important story by Chris Rauber at San Francisco Business Times.

"Financier Warren Hellman is teaming up with public broadcaster KQED Public Media and UC Berkeley's graduate school of journalism to create a nonprofit news organization by next year to fill gaps in local news coverage left by the decline of the San Francisco Chronicle and other daily papers. The venture may also include the New York Times Co., which said it has had "fruitful" conversations with the other participants.

Operating primarily online, the Bay Area News Project will be bankrolled by $5 million from the Hellman Family Foundation. Contributions from other local philanthropists and national foundations are also expected, along with ad revenue and money from KQED."






good sense and sound judgment in practical matters



common sense
good sense, sense, native wit, sensibleness, judgment, levelheadedness, prudence, discernment, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, wisdom, insight, perception, perspicacity; practicality, capability, resourcefulness, enterprise; informal horse sense, gumption, savvy, smarts, street smarts. antonym folly.





"Police Dept. Names Interim Chief" reports our Planet.

"Berkeley City Manager Phil Kamlarz announced Wednesday that the city had named Captain Eric Gustafson as interim police chief of the Berkeley Police Department.

Gustafson will replace Chief Doug Hambleton who is retiring today (Thursday) after serving the City of Berkeley for 34 years."



Kava has already cleaned up the sidewalks surrounding the junkyard, now his property.



Tom is selling his duplex on Grayson just west of Tippett. He's asking $599,000. Yesterday's open-house was well attended. Jeff Goodman of Keller William is the agent. His phone is 510-899-8107 and his web,www.jeffgoodman4RE.com.



I'm told our Cafe Cacao might be closing next month.


Had tomato soup yesterday at 900 GRAYSON. Simple and flavorful, just fresh Early Girl tomatoes, salt and pepper, and served with a touch of Basil oil.



reader Eve Stewart emails

I love those goats!



"City Council Approves Berkeley's First Enterprise Zone" by Riya Bhattacharjee in our Planet.

"The Berkeley City Council's decision Tuesday to expand Oakland's Enterprise Zone into the city may have signaled a new era of tax incentives for companies in West Berkeley, but some city councilmembers remain cautiously optimistic. Berkeley's Economic Develop-ment Manager Michael Caplan told the council in a report ."




"John Hart dies - he played the Lone Ranger" is a story by Dennis McLellan, Los Angeles Times.

"Most TV fans of a certain age know the answer to this question: 'Who played the Lone Ranger?'

Those who say Clayton Moore are correct, at least partially.

There was another actor who played the Masked Man on "The Lone Ranger" TV series, temporarily replacing Moore in the title role for 52 episodes beginning in 1952.

John Hart, 91, the handsome and athletic actor who also starred in the 1940s movie serial 'Jack Armstrong: The All-American Boy' and the 1950s TV series 'Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans,' died Sunday at his home in Rosarito Beach in Baja California, said his wife, Beryl."










"Another not-for-profit news project set for launch in the States" is opinion at guardian.co.uk.

I wrote a couple of days ago about the lack of British news start-ups as the crisis of local and regional journalism deepens. We cannot seem to grasp that commercial press ownership has had its day.

The situation is better in the States, where there are scores of attempts to create a new form of digital journalism on a non-profit basis. Experimental local news organisations are springing up in many US cities.

The latest example is a joint venture between the University of California's Berkeley journalism school and the public radio station KQED. They are planning to launch a not-for-profit news outlet, called the Bay area news project."



our Ryan Lau emails

Commission Vacancies
Recently, we have had a few District 2 commission slots open up.  If you, or someone you know, are interested in serving on any of the following commissions or would like more information about a particular commission, please contact the office.
Commission on Aging
Commission on Labor
Loan Administration Board
Transportation Commission
West Berkeley Project Area Commission
Zero Waste Commissioner


Berkeley Project
· Berkeley Project (BP) is a group of self-organized Cal students who volunteer annually for a day of service with a multitude of agencies throughout the City of Berkeley. Last November, over 2000 students volunteered at 80 different project sites.  City projects were sponsored by Neighborhood Services, Public Works, Parks/Rec & Waterfront, Public Health, Animal Services, and Planning. 
· BP Day 2009 - Saturday, October 10 will expand on the success of last year's event. This year, 1500 students will disperse from Memorial Glade at 9am to project sites citywide, with the bulk of those dedicated solely to projects sponsored by the City of Berkeley. Projects conclude at 4pm with closing ceremonies on Memorial Glade at 5pm.

Examples of projects include:
Volunteering at senior residential facilities for a day of activities including conversation, chess, aerobics, dancing, etc.
Clean Ups, painting, and data collection for repairs/replacement
Graffiti Abatement
Mural repair
Literacy projects
Assisting neighbors with traffic circle plantings
Storm Drain cleaning
Fire prevention - removal of vegetation in the hill
Restorative planting of native flora at various creeks and parks
Shoreline Clean Up and Bay Trail weeding/litter abatement
Distribution of disaster cache supplies
Distribution of food at various shelters
Pedestrian Safety Activities
Distribution of non-smoking info and materials
Sandcombing of tot lots and landscape assistance at various parks
Many many more....
For more information, visit the (fantastic) Berkeley Project website at http://bp.berkeley.edu
Posters and flyers will be delivered to Mayor and Council, departments, and via email to listservs.
Please contact Shallon with any questions or project referrals at 7071 or slallen@ci.berkeley.ca.us.

Ryan Lau
Council Aide
Councilmember Darryl Moore, District 2











"California Unemployment Highest in 70 Years" reports jobjournal.com.

"Although payroll job losses slowed significantly, the state unemployment rate continued to climb in August, rising three-tenths to 12.2 percent, its highest level since 1940's record 14.7 percent. From a survey of 5500 households, the state Employment Development Dept reported that 14 California counties now have jobless rates of 15 percent or more, and nearly 30 percent of the state's unemployed workers have been jobless for over six months. However, EDD's employer payroll survey showed substantial improvement, with 12,300 jobs lost in August, compared to 38,900 in July and an average of 73,700 for the previous six months."



"Don't bank on your home as an ATM" is opinion at latimes.com.

"The coming decades won't repeat the dramatic rise in real estate values that previous generations experienced, economists say. It may be time to return to viewing the home simply as a place to live."


"A Life of Its Own. Where will synthetic biology lead us?" asks Michael Specter at newyorker.com



"Testing the Waters with Open-Access Funds (University of California at Berkeley and the University of Calgary)" is a report at resourceshelf.com.

"In a move to encourage researchers to make their work open to the public, the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Calgary established funds that faculty and graduate students could use cover publication charges for open-access journals. Berkeley and Calgary are two of several funds established in recent years, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Wisconsin ­ Madison, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, the University of Oregon, and other sites in the U.K."


"Two young UC Berkeley faculty members receive MacArthur 'genius' award" by Robert Sanders & Sarah Yang at berkeley.edu.

"A 35-year-old molecular biologist and a 37-year-old computer scientist from the University of California, Berkeley, are among 24 new MacArthur "genius" Fellows announced Tuesday, Sept. 22, by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation."




Eternally useful links


Bay Area home prices from sfgate.com


Bay Area foreclosures from sfgate.com

Our City Council update is here.


Our Planning Commision update is here



You can find more information about our current weather conditions than is good for you at www.wunderground.com

Want to see weather coming in, going out, beautiful sunsets, and much, much more? Check out http://sv.berkeley.edu/view/ This very hip site was in an email from reader and contributor, Tony Almeida. Read Tony's Jimi Hendrix story on the only page that routinely gets more hits than Scrambled Eggs.


Best gas prices in 94710, as well as all of US and Canada, are here at gasbuddy.com

Kimar finds Costco routinely has the lowest price.


Richmond Ramblers' motorcycle club member, Cliff Miller emails a very

useful link

If you ever need to get a human being on the phone at a credit card company or bank, etc., this site tells you how to defeat their automated system and get you to a human being within a few seconds.



Markets is not just a reference for Berkeley-Hills radicals with 1.5 mil homes and considerable portfolios.


Our City of Berkeley Boards and Commissions page is here--redone and friendly.



Berkeley Police reports at insidebay area.com are here.


Our Berkeley PD Site with crime statistics and more is here.

Crime Log for 94710 is here

This site is NOT affiliated with Berkeley PD.
Take time to report crime!


All reports of crime-in-progress should first go to Berkeley PD dispatch--911 or non-emergency, 981-5900. THEN make sure you notify EACH of these City people.

The contacts are below:

Our new Area Coordinator is Officer Karen Buckheit, Berkeley PD - 981-5774 kbuckheit@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Angela Gallegos-Castillo, City Mgr Off - 981-2491 agallegos-castillo@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Ryan Lau, aid to Darryl Moore - 981-7120 rlau@ci.berkeley.ca.us

Darryl Moore, City Councilman dmoore@ci.berkeley.ca.us


More Scrambled Eggs & Lox, here


Stories about Berkeley and stories about recorded-music

are at

Journal of Recorded Music 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11



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