some thoughts on my thirty-fourth year in Potter Creek



The Plan, begun in 1985, proudly proclaims on it's first text page

"This vision and the approaches used for realizing it were not the result of a typical urban planning process. While [professionals and desicion-makers played a crucial role] the work was done primarily in the community by an informal committee. . . . "

Well Ok then.


Among the original West -Berkeley Plan participants, Denny Abrams, Rick Auerbach, John Curl, Jon Norheim, and Don Yost (and others) remain active in west-Berkeley.


Ops, go boom!


Can you spell atomized?

A thought after last night's--12/20/06--earthquake.

In rethinking the west-Berkeley Plan I'd sure-as-hell severely restrict the hazardous materials allowed in the Mixed Use Residential area.

to be continued




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