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When you decide to live somewhere in Metro Manila, you have to be careful in choosing your home. While notorious for its traffic condition, the Philippine capital provides both locals and foreigners with lots of space for entertainment and travel. You will be able to find restaurants and recreational establishments near the places you work and live. As the business center of the Philippines, Metro Manila is witnessing a rise in condominium buildings for the past decade. If you are trying to find a house for you and your family, here are five reasons why you should search for a condo unit instead.


Condominiums are somewhat of a cross between an apartment and a hotel. You will be experiencing the living condition of being in an apartment room while enjoying the perks that hotels provide you. A condominium will provide you with lots of amenities like swimming pools, gyms, and event rooms. However, the most important aspect that the condo got from its cousin hotel is the security team. You will have no problems with your neighbors and thieves. The receptionists and the guards will always be available for your protection.


You can find a lot of available condominium units in the heart of business centers. Restaurants, parks, cafes, and entertainment areas make up the surroundings of commercial buildings and bank establishments. You will often find those privately-owned companies near public malls and schools. Condominiums make the most of their location and put them to good use. You will experience convenience when everything you need is only a few walking steps away.

Useful Space

Homeowners often have problems with assigning rooms, especially when they have a huge house. The unused space might make you think that the purchase is not worth it. When you decide to buy a condo unit, every space of the living area will have its purpose. You will be able to do a lot of tasks when you can reach each of your rooms with ease. Studio and one-bedroom units are suitable for bachelors, while two- and three-bedroom spaces can accommodate whole families.


apartment interior

Buying a house will require you to make a considerable downpayment. If you add the monthly mortgage, you will notice that you have to pay lots of money for years. You might also notice that the houses in Metro Manila are far away from business centers, where most people work. Buying a regular condo unit is less expensive and more convenient, which will bring up its value. You can find many affordable condo units in Katipunan, Mandaluyong, Taguig, and Makati to give you an efficient living space.


Houses and apartments may not come with important pieces of furniture, which will cost you more. When you decide to search for condominiums, you will notice that the property already has designed units ready for use. You will be able to use the furniture that comes with the unit. Coffee tables, sofas, refrigerators, bed frames, dinner tables, and chairs are only some of the pieces you will find inside a condo unit. You will not have to worry about buying a lot of furniture if you decide to go with a condominium.

The modern lifestyle continues to evolve in Metro Manila. People are thriving in smaller spaces and more efficient devices. The condo unit might be significantly smaller than a regular two-story house, but it can provide you with a better option for living inside the Philippines’ capital.


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