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The search for the perfect condominium unit starts with the perfect location. Where exactly your home will be situated will make a huge impact on your lifestyle, finances and well-being, among others. It’s, therefore, important to put “best location” at the top of your non-negotiables.

But the question is what exactly makes a location “best”? Here are the signs you’re buying a condo in the best location.

It offers lots of recreational activities

Condo living is all about work-play balance. It doesn’t just allow you to be near schools or offices but also recreational amenities. But of course, not all condos are equal. Some only have the bare minimum: swimming pools, fitness centers and green spaces. Others, meanwhile, have spas, sky lounges, rooftop pools, game rooms, libraries and even mall connections.

Of course, you know that only a few provide access to beaches. It’s a good investment to go for a beachfront condo in the Philippines, which top property developers offer. You’re not only ramping up your lifestyle but also seizing the potential for better returns when you decide to sell later. When looking for the best location, don’t forget the aspect of recreation. Remember, when you work hard, you also play hard.

It allows you to have everything within reach

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The ideal location is one that’s close to key commercial establishments. If you’re a professional, your priority, of course, is to be near offices so you can expand career opportunities. If you have kids or planning to have some soon, you want to be close to the top schools in your locale. Do note, though, that the market price of a condo goes up when it’s close to good universities and business districts. But the good things is should you plan to resell the condo later, you’re guaranteed to get bigger returns on your investment.

Another consideration in terms of accessibility is proximity to public transportation systems. A good strategy is to single out train stations in your locale, then from there, identify condo complexes within the 10-kilometer radius. Be on the lookout for transportation systems that are under construction, too. That usually triggers development in the area, and may just be the next hot neighborhood in your locale.

It gives you peace of mind

You want to come home to a place you feel safe. So, when checking out a condo complex, pay particular attention to their security services. Do they have CCTV cameras in entrances, exits and shared areas? Are there guards patrolling the area? Are there strict security protocols for visitors? Are the lights in common areas functioning?

Observe the residents as well. Are they confident to let children roam around swimming pools and outdoor spaces? Do they participate in community events? Don’t be afraid to ask around. Don’t forget to research the crime rates in the town or city itself, too. Check out recent news or visit the local police station.

Other than safety from criminals, you also want to assess safety from natural disasters. Learn how likely the floods are in the area. Make sure that the association also has a comprehensive, effective earthquake response plan.

It’s not just the unit you should be looking at when searching for the perfect condo. Location matters. Take note of these three crucial factors, and it’s a guarantee that you will land on the home of your dreams.


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