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Real estate investments are considered the most lucrative in today’s markets. Even after buying a property, you might want to sell it at a later date. The sale might be informed by the promise of high returns, or it might no longer be viable for you to hold onto the property. Selling real estate even in a market that is doing very well is unfortunately not a walk in the park.

Those who choose to forego the services of a realtor  often remain with their properties on the market for an extended period. At this time, the value of their properties unfortunately decreases, and they have to contend with eventually selling it at a loss. One element that sets the selling of a property through a realtor apart is the number of buyer leads the professional has that you do not.

The following are some of the buyer leads a realtor will have that guarantee a quick property sale:

Referral Leads

Experienced realtors will ordinarily get client referrals from their previous clients who had an exceptional experience working with them. Most property buyers will ask for recommendations from their loved ones. This is the best quality lead a realtor will have in store since more often than not, these people have made up their minds on buying a property.

To guarantee you benefit from these leads, you should work with the best possible realtor rather than the cheapest one.

Organic Leads

Online marketing is one of the best platforms for real estate currently. Organic leads are those harnessed from the digital marketing efforts a real estate agent will use.

Organic leads are generally high-quality leads that will contact a realtor when they are convinced they can deliver what they are looking for. They ordinarily do not need much convincing to invest in a property and thus make quick buyers.

Portal Leads

Real estate agencies often have portals from where they can buy quality leads. The portals in this instance are giant property search websites that employ vast resources to reach out to the people looking for a property within a specific locality. Unlike referral and organic leads, portal leads can settle for any realtor on their website. To this end, savvy agents will generally work with portals trusted by most property investors and with a high number of leads.

Direct Mail Leads

Receiving am email

Real estate agencies have a mailing list for clients they have sourced using different means. They will keep in touch with them and notify them in case a property comes up that meets their desires. Though direct mail leads are generally not the strongest of leads, you are bound to get one or two people from them interested in your property.

With the above leads, you are guaranteed that your property will be visible to a broader market compared to using billboards and signs to advertise your property for sale. The commissions and costs of a realtor might seem high initially.

The relator’s service will nonetheless save you a good sum and guarantee your property sells for its highest possible value. Simply put, you cannot afford to ignore a realtor’s expertise and input when selling a property.


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