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A key part of our personal development has to do with our ability to mentor and help shape younger generations. For many people, this task comes in the form of parenting.

Parenting is an endeavor that’s as grueling as it’s rewarding. Still, many go on this journey for their own personal reasons.

Parenting as an emotional exploration of dedicating yourself to others

As a parent, you get the opportunity to see your children grow through different stages in their lives. Depending on how involved you are in their rearing, you’ll witness their ups and downs. You have to endure as they experience growing pains, as well.

You’re most likely proud of all they continue to achieve. From proms and graduations to college acceptances. Then, in the near future, you’ll be celebrating their first paycheck with them. Perhaps you’ll also go along their trips as they browse vehicles or new townhomes in Riverton, Utah.

However, that doesn’t stop that twinge in your stomach from acting up as you see them age. It’s understandable, given that most of your life is now theirs as well.

Always a parent, but not just a parent

A person’s life practically divides itself when one becomes a parent. Aside from conventional stages, there’s now pre-children, during-children, and post-children.

Sometime in the future, your children will leave your home so that they can start building theirs. This very idea shouldn’t hurt you, but it does sometimes.

It’s good to acknowledge how lonely it is, but you shouldn’t let the negative feelings stew. Empty nest syndrome

is real, yes. It allows you to explore life, one without your kids every step of the way.

As a person, we have many roles. A spouse, a child ourselves, and even a friend. The time we want to continue dedicating on our children can now be exerted on reacquainting with these roles. It’s possible that some relationships need rekindling, and it’s time to do so.

You can also focus more on your career. If you don’t have one, you can look into jobs that you can start on immediately. There are many ways that parents can reintegrate themselves into the workforce. One way is through home-based jobs, before you move forth with others.

The after: life moves on even without the kids

husband and wife

Some “me-time” is important in this stage of your life. Treat yourself to the finer things that life can offer. You deserve it. After all, you’ve done a great job of raising your kids.

Their decisions are out of your hands now. They’re traversing the world, and you should do the same. Try out new hobbies and recreational activities. Or, pick up some that you had to drop when you became a parent. You can travel to different places if wanderlust kicks in. A great perk of having no kids in the house is that you and your spouse can enjoy yourselves fully. There are also lesser expenses to worry about.

Explore the possibilities. Be kinder to yourself. And allow yourself to thrive as your children do.


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