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Are you having trouble sleeping at night? If yes, are you aware that work-related stress might be the culprit? Work stress, combined with impaired sleep, can then make you prone to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep is the time when your body tries to restore its energy levels and revitalize itself. Sleep also helps you recover from the stress that you experience at work. Regrettably, stress and poor sleep are linked to each other. If left unsupervised, this combo can lead to other health problems.

Factors that make the job stressful

Recent studies show that work stress is often associated with jobs that have high demand and low control. These are workplaces where the employers demand the utmost quality but deny their employees to make decisions with regards to their tasks and projects.

Working in an environment that provides employees with the opportunity to make their own decisions can help make them feel less stressed even when they feel pressured. On the other hand, working in a stressful situation where you do not have any power over anything can negatively affect your health.

How to know if you are stressed at work

Stress affects all aspects of a person’s life. It includes your emotions, behaviors and even the way you think. Your body is also not immune to stress. But since every person has his or her own way of handling stress, its symptoms may vary.

Some people may experience fatigue while others become easily agitated or frustrated. They can also feel overwhelmed by the simplest of things as if you are losing control over them. Some find it difficult to relax and often feel bad about themselves.

Stress can also affect cognitive behavior. Some may experience forgetfulness while others find it challenging to focus on specific tasks. Stressed people tend to either eat too little or overeat, as well. Even worse, some rely on alcohol or drugs to cope.

If the stress that you feel on the job is already interfering with your performance and overall health, then it is time to act. There are several things that you can do to relieve yourself from stress and regain control over your life.

Help is always available

Man working under stress

Although stress is a part of everyone’s lives, it does not mean that you must succumb to it. The best thing that you can do to alleviate its effects is to come up with ways to release the stress. If you feel like looking at vacation packages for northeast Oklahoma, for instance, go ahead. Getting involved in sports is also another way to relieve yourself from stress. Even more, it is a perfect getaway for a solo retreat.

Everyone is prone to stress. It is up to you how you will protect yourself from its effects. If you or any of your loved one feel overwhelmed by stress, it is about time to speak with a doctor about it. Your doctor can properly evaluate your condition to know the root cause of your problem.


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