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If you’re looking for a living space that offers the most actual space available, the best to go for are loft style apartments in Scranton, Pennsylvania. That added luxury of tall, bright windows is complemented by one of the most beautiful cities in the State.

If you’re looking for a quiet, convenient, and still a modern place to plant your tent poles, Scranton is worth considering. Here are fascinating facts about Scranton.

School Spirit

The University of Scranton is one of the older and more respected institutions in the State. It’s been around for over 128 years and still provides one of the widest range of courses that you can go for.

Its education is pretty well respected, and you can rely on it as a great step to a brighter future. The university is very passionate about its sports team — the Wolves. Additionally, they’re very warm and welcoming toward its student body.

The Office

If you’re wondering why Scranton sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the setting for the American remake of The Office. The popular series’ fictional, eponymous Dunder Mifflin office is located in the city’s Mifflin Avenue.

That’s actually pretty close to many loft style apartments in Scranton, Pennsylvania! The actual office itself is pretty ordinary looking and unassuming—and they don’t really encourage visitors, but it’s worth a look if you’re a fan.


Many major teams from the most popular franchises in America operate their farm systems in Scranton. You have the Yankees from the MBL and the Penguins from the NHL. Many cite the great, dependable climate of the area as well as the presence of many talents in the area.

It’s pretty easy to watch training sessions on the farms, and it’s a perfect visit for anyone who’s looking to indulge in their sports passions. Speaking of sports, the University of Scranton football team has been unbeaten since 1960.


There are many famous names associated with Scranton. For one, the inventor of mini-golf comes from the area. Walter Bobbie, best known for acting in Grease — and also a Tony Award-winning theater director — is also a Scrantonian.

In fact, even Ryan Howard who starred in The Office hails from Scranton. Perhaps the most famous of the famous is Jason Miller. He was the one who starred as Father Damien in the horror classic, The Exorcist.


woman in her home office

The University of Scranton prides itself on producing successful adults. According to the New York Times, the average income of a student graduating from the “U” as it is called comes to USD 134,500 annually. On the other end of the line, 1.6% of students might have come from poor families but ended up being rich and successful adults.

Scranton has much to offer its residents. The city itself has a quiet but warm and welcoming vibe that’s sure to win you over.

Provided that you invest in a developer with a track record for great apartments, you can easily live comfortably in the area. Just make sure to get one in the loft style to maximize enjoyment.


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