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Life in a condominium can be good when you’re living in an urban area, like Ortigas. For starters, it can be cheaper than buying a house in a location where the rates are high. You’ll also have several options; too much even, given the big growth of high-rise units in the city due to the scarcity of land for houses.

So how do you choose the right condominium?

Details Matter in Every Listing

Pay attention to everything that a condo in Ortigas, ready for occupancy ad states. Look for the important details. For example, find out if the unit is fully furnished or not. Some units sometimes come with some necessary appliances, like the air conditioner, the stove, the fan, and the bed frame. These inclusions will add to the selling price. Although one ad may seem cheaper than another, the pricier one will be able to save you money on buying certain appliances.

Next, find out if it’s a high-rise or low-rise building; the former would offer more amenities, allowing you to make the most of condo life. The latter would provide privacy and may mean fewer tenants. Fewer floors would also mean a shorter elevator ride.

Once you’re done reviewing the details of the condo itself, you can move on to the most crucial aspect of buying property.

The Location Matters More than the Price

The price has a lot to say about the condo you will choose. But you have to consider factors other than the price of the unit, like the location.

Why? The location of your condominium will tell you whether you’ll have an easy commute from home to work. It will also tell you if you can meet up with friends and family without a hassle. A good location also means security, for you and your family.

So when looking for a condo, consider the location and its accessibility. Choose a unit that’s near your work because you will save time and money without the long commute. An even better condo would be one that’s within walking distance to your office. Such a property, even with a premium price, can provide better value over time.

The price of some units may seem affordable at first. But if they’re far from your office and everything else, you’ll eventually rack up expenses.

The Cost of Living in the Condo

Makati city skylineThe condominium’s selling price is not the only cost you have to consider when choosing your property. Apart from the expense of commute, you also have to look into the building’s association dues and other relevant fees. Association dues can be steep. The homeowner’s dues go toward the upkeep of the entire place. It can also pay for repairs and maintenance of common spaces.

Find out how much you need to shell out every month and what other fees you have to pay for before signing a contract.

If you have a car, you may want to ask about the parking fees as well. In general, condos sell parking spaces, but some may offer monthly rental.

Condo living can be ideal. Choose carefully and look beyond the price.


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