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You can change the condition of the house you buy. You can even change the size of the house, but one thing that will remain constant is the location. Location is so vital that real estate agents advise homebuyers to purchase the worst house but on the best block. Why? Because fixing a home in a great neighborhood offers the best ROI. But how do you evaluate an area?


A good neighborhood is near top facilities in the city. Any parent wants their kids growing up in an area where they can live active lives and socialize with other children. Be on the hunt for neighborhoods that are occupied by families and that have a great mix of indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Also, if you are looking for luxury homes for sale in Kansas City, consider the schools near the houses you’re interested in. Living in a good school district is vital even if you don’t have kids. Families with school-going kids will be on the hunt for homes, increasing the value of the surrounding houses.


Other than amenities, the safety of an area is a top consideration for most homeowners. Nobody wants to live in a dangerous area, making a secure area a prime spot. You can also consider buying into a gated community as an extra precaution.

Resale Value

If you are on the hunt for luxury homes for sale in Kansas City, you should stop and consider factors that could affect the resale value. First, if you want to buy in a new development, ensure you are buying long term. Otherwise, you may have trouble reselling the house in one or two years as people are interested in new homes. If you are buying in an established neighborhood, look at previous sales and only buy in areas where value has increased or at the very least stayed the same.

Commute Times

On top of resale value, safety, and amenities, you should evaluate a neighborhood based on commute times. Be wise when picking an area, to avoid spending hours stuck in traffic. Before you settle on your new home, determine how far you are from major highways and public transit. How much traffic are you willing to deal with? By and large, ensure you find the perfect balance.

Environment-friendly Features

Park in neighborhood

Finally, you want to avoid living in areas that compromise your health or that of your family. Pick an eco-friendly area, one that is not surrounded by factories or polluted bodies of water. Moreover, ensure the neighborhood is strict on waste management and that they have activities that promote healthy living, such as clean-up drives and tree-planting initiatives.

Location does matter, especially when you want to invest a lot of money into it. However, there are a ton of factors to consider when evaluating an area that it can be overwhelming. But always make sure the budget fits your financial situation, your house has all the insurance, and the location is perfect for your professional and personal plans.


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