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It’s hard to escape the traffic. With the congestion of city roads, even if you are taking an alternate route, you’ll still be met with blockage of various kinds. Things get even worse when rain floods the streets, rendering them impassable. Road accidents further escalate the problem. All of these, however, don’t take away from the convenience of living in the city.

In fact, looking for a way to escape traffic while enjoying modern conveniences in the city might come in a neat package. Here’s why you should consider living in the city:

You Save Hours of Being Stuck on the Road

You may be in your own car, in a Grab ride, or on public transport vehicles. The level of comfort varies, but no one magically reaches their destination faster when you’re all taking the same route. If that route is coming from provinces surrounding the city, you’ll have to wake up early and get used to coming home late because of the heavy traffic during rush hour. Now, imagine the convenience of finding a Pasig condo for rent that is within walking distance to your office. You won’t need hours to get to work; all you need is a quick ride if you’re feeling too lazy to walk.

You Enjoy Your Surroundings

As you’re already considering a move to the city, why not make it a good move? Choose an area not because it’s cheap; find a place that makes you want to go out and explore. There are plenty of interesting spots in the metro if you’re not too tired to go out with some friends and take a break from your busy schedule. Others are only too eager to leave the metro when their workday is done because they associate staying late with the pains of commuting. You, on the other hand, have an accessible place of residence, which means you can stay out late and still get home without the traffic-induced stress.

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You Appreciate Your Hometown

Wherever your family is from outside Metro Manila, you’ll appreciate going back there every once in a while. You love your location in Pasig and it lets you meet up with your friends with ease, but nothing beats home and your mother’s home cooking. These are simple joys you get to appreciate more when you have time to miss them. You may think you’re saving money by still living at home, but the trade-off is you’re tired from traffic and you’re feeling cooped up in your surroundings that have been the same since you were a child.

You Learn to be Independent

Getting lost in the city is not just meant to be romantic or therapeutic. It’s also meant to teach you some street smarts. You learn where each road leads, and you might even discover a new hangout spot to take your friends next weekend. You also learn to be on your own and survive. Unless you’re living in a serviced residence, you’ll need to tidy up after yourself. There’s no parent or grandparent to dote after you and while that may sound sad, it will help you be a more productive and independent individual.

City living may come at high prices, but they also come with high rewards. Live and learn as you enjoy your stay.


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