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For somewhere that is just as well developed as Metro Manila is, Cebu is proving to be a great place to live in. With many green spaces abounding the area and even more amazing destinations offering unique experiences, it’s enough to make you want to grab that condo for sale in Cebu.

But is it truly worth it? Here are the top experiences you can have in Cebu that will only be a hop and skip away should you choose to live in the city.

Hike Mount Bagbag

Living in Manila, if you wanted to take a hike, it usually means hours-long drives to the far off mountains. In Cebu, Mount Bagbag is within easy access of the city. This means you can easily go over for your fix of healthy hiking any time the fancy strikes you. The mountain offers a full range of experiences, whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner. The views are spectacular and breathtaking. The air is fresh and it makes for a relaxing escape from the city.

Shop Near the Cube

SM Seaside City houses what is fast becoming the most photogenic spot in Cebu—The Cube. This modern art installation outside the mall is a wonder of geometry melded with art. While that isn’t enough, the mall is certainly worth a visit. It is located right next to the sea, giving shoppers a taste of cool, fresh sea spray as they roam around the mall’s collections of stores and dining establishments. It helps make a condo for sale in Cebu more appealing as you aren’t far from conveniences that you’re used to.

Visit the Temple of Leah

Empty temple hallwayThis Grecian-inspired architectural wonder has started to grow in popularity over the years. What mainly draws people in is the sheer uniqueness of the structure paired with stunning views overlooking the city. It’s a great quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Called the Taj Mahal of Cebu, the structure is also an expression of love for a husband to his wife. It shows in the care given to the construction of the Temple dedicated to Leah Adarna.

Escape to the Westown Lagoon

Most of the time, you need to drive far to enjoy cool and relaxing waters. Westown Lagoon, a man-made water hole, is right in the heart of the city. It has many great attractions that are perfect for families, especially those with little kids. Pools and swimming areas offer unique adventures that you can enjoy together. Because it’s within the city, it’s easy to access when you need a break—it’s just a short drive away.

Other than these great sites to visit and experience, there are many more destinations in Cebu just waiting to be discovered. More than that, Cebu also offers all the conveniences that any modern city dweller is used to and will miss. A condo in Cebu offers the comfort of city life without the strangling feeling of being in a too urbanized area. Start looking for the best property to buy in this thriving city in the south.


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