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The weather is warm, and gardens are sprouting as more Americans are likely moving to new places. Therefore, you may be inspired to renovate your space or prepare for a new one. Whether in a home you’ll be here for a while or planning a move, here are some home renovation resources you should consider.

Drain Cleaning

It’s common for your drains to get clogged at some point. However, it can be annoying when you’re taking a shower and it takes forever for your dirty water to drain out. When cooking in your kitchen, you don’t want your kitchen sink to be clogged with food, grease, and other particles. That’s why it may be time to contact a local drain cleaning service. If you don’t have a plumbing snake for DIY work, a plumbing or drain cleaning service is the best option to use. By relying on these professionals to get rid of unsightly clogs, you can avoid the temptation to buy risky over-the-counter chemical cleaners.

Over-the-counter drain cleaning chemicals may be convenient to use. However, they can damage your drains, pipes, and even your septic system. After all, these chemicals are corrosive and can cause leaks and cracks in your pipes that lead to repairs or replacement. If it reaches your septic tank, it can seep out and contaminate your soil and municipal water supply.

Drain cleaning professionals are essential home renovation resources because they keep your water flow healthy and strong. Thanks to your drains and piping system, clean water can come into your home and dirty water can go out. When your drains are clogged, it can affect this flow, which can create a sanitation problem.

Home Cleaning

A clean home is essential for sanitation and health. Professional cleaners are among the top home renovation resources because they make your home safe to live in. A clean home is comfortable and encourages you to invite family and friends over to socialize. You can prevent the spread of germs from the flu to the common cold to COVID-19. Proper home cleaning can keep surfaces sanitized. Then germs aren’t lingering for days or weeks on end.

Get started with a major cleaning overhaul when you call upon a dumpster rental contractor. A dumpster rental can get you started on making your home a more open, spacious, and clean place to be. After all, you may have years of clutter buildup in your closets and other aspects of your home. Before you can do a major renovation, you should have a good idea of the space you’re working with. It’s hard to do that when you have tons of boxes, clothes, and discarded items you’re not using. With a dumpster rental or two, you have enough containers to get rid of such items. After all, waiting on your municipal trash truck may not be helpful when doing a true spring cleaning project. Being able to get rid of items as you box them up, can give you more motivation to keep going. However, if you’re waiting for your biweekly trash pickup, you may end up losing track of your cleaning project and forget about it.

Once you get rid of clutter, by way of trash dumping and recycling, you can schedule regular home cleaners to help more. For example, you may have a carpet that no longer looks as beautiful as it used to because of all the deep stains from coffee, tea, and other drinks you couldn’t get out of. Professional home cleaners know how to clean your carpet efficiently and remove those unsightly stains pet smells, mold, and other contaminants making your carpet look and feel unsightly. According to Good Housekeeping, a carpet can harbor over 4000 times more bacteria than your bathroom toilet. Imagine how your space would look with professional carpet cleaners.

Siding Experts

Your siding is one of the most visible aspects of your home. After all, it’s your exterior and makes up most of your outside space. If your siding is becoming worn down, paint is chipping, there is mold or it’s an outdated material, call your local siding service for a revamp. Siding experts work in a variety of materials from brick to stone to wood to vinyl. The choice of material depends on your style preference and the climate you’re in. For example, homes in New England often use brick siding, which you’ll see on many historical homes. Many homes in Montana use stone, as that material is highly available in that mountainous region. Vinyl is easy to install and replace while being easy to paint. If you want a home you can fool around with different paint colors, then vinyl siding may be ideal for you.

Garage Specialists

Your garage door makes up about a third of your exterior. When it’s old, looking unsightly, and making a lot of noise, it can be quite a distraction, regardless of how well your other exterior elements look. Contact local garage door repair companies who can help you with a noisy garage door that squeaks and creaks every time you open and close it. If your garage door isn’t lining up on its track, repair professionals can help. A garage door that can’t completely close is a safety hazard as someone or animals can get inside your home.

While looking into garage door repair, you may even want to consider a new installation. A garage door can be custom-made to fit your overall home design. These home renovation resources can ensure all aspects of your curb appeal match and look beautiful. A garage door can consist of fiberglass, metal, wood, etc. If you want a standalone garage, consider an Amish garage, which can come in three different sizes from sturdy wood. Much like their furniture, an Amish garage is known for its quality of wood used and good workmanship.

Did you know there are garage contractors that specialize in storage in this area? Many people use the garage for storage but don’t organize it as well as they could. That’s why you should look into cabinets, shelves, and overhead storage to give your garage a better sense of cleanliness, style, and organization for items besides your cars. If your garage also doubles as a workspace, having it as clean and organized as possible is essential to your productivity.

Paving Companies

Another aspect of your curb appeal is your paving. These home renovation resources can ensure you always have a beautiful and safe place to park and walk. After all, you don’t want your car to drive on a bumpy, unsteady driveway before it reaches your garage space. Even that short space can be enough to wear out your tires. When there are cracks or potholes, you or other visitors can trip in the fall. Even the slightest fall in the wrong direction can cause a fractured or broken bone. Don’t give yourself a potential liability that other people can come at you for by having poor pavement. Plus, calling a paving contractor may be essential for staying within your HOA guidelines.

Which pavement the choice is between cement or asphalt? At least with asphalt pavement, it’s helpful when you live in an area with snow or rain. Since asphalt absorbs heat, it can make snow and ice melt faster. Plus, the dark ash color can contrast beautifully against a green landscape. Cement may take longer to cure, but it lasts longer with good maintenance. A cement pavement can be further customized when cement contractors add color or stamping.

Fire Safety

Keep your home safe with a quality fire sprinkler system design. Don’t risk living in a home without a working fire protection system. A fire alarm can give you a loud warning in case of smoke or fire in the home. You can enhance your fire safety by also adding a sprinkler system. With a sprinkler system, you could put out a fire before the fire department arrives and reduce your chances of injury or death. Depending on how large your home is, and if there are different zones, you can design a fire safety sprinkler system to shut off or isolate a fire and not allow it to spread to another part of your property.

Sewer Line Repairs

A compliant sewer system is necessary for keeping your home sanitary. Your sewer holds all your waste matter after you relieve yourself in the bathroom. Therefore, sewer repairs are not something you should put off. These home renovation resources are essential for avoiding system backup, poor smells, and the pests that may come as they are attracted to waste matter

You know you need sewer repair if you have unexpected clogs. You may have a kitchen clog because you accidentally put food down there or hair in your bathroom sink. If these clogs don’t seem to result from that it may be because of sewer problems on the backend. You may also need sewer line repairs because an overgrown tree root punctured your sewer line. When that happens, those tree roots often gravitate toward the waterline.

Water Treatment

Any home renovation resources related to water are worth checking into. After all, water is essential to life, hydration, bathing, and other aspects of home sanitation. In addition to drinking clean water, you need good water to bathe in. After all, if you’re washing in contaminated water, it can seep into your system. According to Healthline, your skin is your largest organ. Therefore, anything you put on your skin doesn’t just sit there and go away. Even if your water isn’t contaminated with bacteria, if it’s compromised due to hardness, it can reduce the comfort level in your home.

Signs of hard water include scale buildup around your fixtures. You may notice it’s hard for your skin and scalp to fully feel clean after washing. Dishes may also have an invisible film on them. You may notice certain appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, operating at reduced capacity due to the hard water flowing through them. Luckily, you can solve this problem by contacting a water softener professional. They can add a water softener and filtration system to your home. The system will remove those mineral and calcium scales that are building up. As a result, you and your family can comfortably drink purified water again and bathe in comfort. You can also end up extending the lifespan of your water-based appliances.

Shed Building

Shed building is certainly a part of home renovation resources as it provides additional structure on your property. This new structure can bring value as it can be functional for many reasons. A new wood or steel building can provide shelter for several animals. You can renovate it and turn it into a workspace. Some people may even renovate it enough to double as an Airbnb rental. Use the outdoor shed storage for your emergency food supply. Therefore, if you don’t have a large enough pantry or basement in your main home, the shed can be your emergency unit.

Professional Movers

When it comes to home renovation resources, look no further than your local moving companies. After all, movers are the professionals who can help you move from an old space to a new one. Movers can help you pack your existing belongings and unpack your new space. Some movers can even help organize your layout in your new space. In other words, instead of just precariously putting furniture in any spot, they may help arrange it in a way that adds to the interior design aspect. Plus, if staying in your existing home, you can have professional movers temporarily move things out so you can do a massive renovation to your floors and walls without damaging existing items. They can move those items back in when your renovation is complete.

As you can see, you have several home renovation resources to consider. From upgrading your garage door to building a shed to ensuring you have updated drains and other water features, these contractors can help you create the ideal space you need. Whether staying in your current home or moving to a new one, these home renovation resources can help you. Use this guide to ensure you can add value and comfort to your space in 2024.

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