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A young, single employee wants to make the most of their job situation in the city and would easily consider a condominium instead of the grueling commute to and from work. Even those who have gotten a promotion may have gotten used to the convenience of living close to the office.

You could be among the thousands of condo residents who work and live in the city. To get started on your condo hunt, tick these boxes off your checklist:

Keep Flooding at Bay

Quezon City might sometimes be in the news because of the flooding on major thoroughfares, but that doesn’t mean you have to be knee-deep in water if you choose to live here. Houses do have to deal with flooding if our weather takes a turn for the worst, but that’s not something a condo resident in Quezon City will have to worry about. In Katipunan, you just might find the high-rise of your dreams. Feel free to sit back and relax several stories above ground, with flood a distant memory.

Open Spaces

One thing you feel like you’re giving up when you leave the comforts of your suburban lifestyle for the convenience of the city is green space. Well, that’s only true if you go with any of the condo units without a balcony or without rooftop greeneries.

This is why your choice of residence is important. You’ll have a different experience living in the city compared to another person’s experience just because they might have chosen to rent the cheapest place they could find. If you take the time to find a place that will give you the amenities to improve your quality of living, the city can be the most productive place for you to thrive.

Co-working Areas

It’s not just corporate employees who should consider living in the city. Even entrepreneurs and freelancers, whose clients prefer to meet around the area, will benefit from a local residential address. You don’t want to keep going back and forth to your home in the province after meetings.

coworking space

You’ll be stressed from the commute and even if you closed a deal, you don’t get a chance to enjoy the results of your hard work. In and around your chosen residence, there should be plenty of provisions for co-working spaces.

Prime Security

Let’s be realistic here. You can encounter some bad people if you happen to pass by a shady part of the city. Some streets might be prone to hold-ups, and these are not the only things that keep the city busy.

Depending on where you chose to live, you could be far from these stories. The condo you live in should have top-notch security, so you can sleep in peace knowing that you and your belongings are safe. Choosing to live in a place that looks unsafe and is lacking in security might just be the easiest way to invite intruders.

The city is where you’ll find more opportunities for growth in your career. It’s not all about work if you live in the right place, though. Make the most of your location so you can have fun and be productive.

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