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Selling a house is no trivial decision, except for those who flip houses for a living. More often than not, people who sell their homes have compelling reasons or really have no other choice but to give up the house they have been living in for many years.

In Franklin, Indiana, there are residents who ask themselves “How can I sell my home fast,” because the real estate market is booming. It’s a good time to sell properties and re-invest them in another venture or use the proceeds to buy another home.

Here are the top reasons why people from Franklin and other cities in Indiana are selling their homes.

1. It no longer suits their needs and lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes dictate the need or want to sell a home and relocate.  Perhaps the homeowner received a better job offer in another city or state. In other cases, the long commute has been too tiring, and the homeowner wants to live closer to work. Now that medium and high-rise buildings are being built close to business districts, it makes more sense to move to one of them rather than commute or drive for long hours just to get to work.

2. You find it too small for you and your family.

As families grow bigger, they need bigger places to stay too. With over 400,000 births recorded each year, housing is one major concern for families in the United States. Families sell their starter homes in favor of bigger ones with more room and space for growing children.

At the same time, couples who have kids in college or have already left home to start their own families are more open to downsizing. They need smaller homes which are easier to maintain and are more accessible to their current interests or hobbies.

3. Your financial status changed, and you can no longer afford it.

Small house model over dollars

Obviously, this is the most notable justification for selling a house. People sell their house because their financial condition changed, and they can no longer afford it. There are a lot of unforeseen circumstances that can come in life that can affect your finances and ability to pay for your mortgage, here are some:

  • Medical condition which prevented you from working
  • You got terminated from work.
  • Divorce or legal separation from your spouse
  • Rise in home loan rates

When you find yourself struggling to make ends meet, and you don’t see your future getting any brighter, it’s wise to sell the house sooner rather than later to prevent debt from accumulating.

4. Market trends say it is best to sell.

For those of you who are having second thoughts selling, the market can help you decide on which path to take. When the market dictates that there are a lot of buyers rather than sellers in a specific area, it can result in the price tag of the property to increase as a result of the competition. When this is the case, it is best to sell than to keep your house for a good profit.

For whatever it is worth, selling a home can be a purely personal decision. One must consider what is best for their finances, lifestyle, and future needs. The moment you have balanced all the pros and cons, emotional and practical considerations, and everything in between — then maybe you can finally get down and put up your property for sale.

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